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An integral yet often taken for granted part of proper wedding invitation etiquette is the sending of thank you cards to guests and other people who have helped the couple and the wedding along. In this article, we focus on the different aspects of wedding thank you cards for any bride-to-be out there who is preparing for her big day. We have also included 15 examples of wedding thank you card templates in this article.

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Chalkboard Wedding Thank You Card Template

chalkboard wedding thank you card template
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Free Wedding Thank You Card Template

free wedding thank you card template
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Couple Wedding Thank You Card

biking couple wedding thank you card

The Biking Couple Wedding Thank You Card pictured above is another thank you card template for couples who want to make use of their wedding photos. When designing a card template around a single photo, make sure to choose a photo that is both looks good and showcases the newlywed’s relationship with each other. The latter may be difficult to capture but candid shots often work best. Check this link to read more about what to write on a wedding thank you card.

Confetti Wedding Thank You Card

blue confetti wedding thank you card

The Blue Confetti Wedding Thank You Card embedded above is part of a wedding invitation suite that includes different wedding stationery like invitations, RSVP cards, menu cards, table numbers, and even place cards. Despite this card being part of a set, you may still use it as a standalone printable thank you card.

This card design template works best for those who are planning a formal or traditional wedding ceremony. By using a thank you card design that matches your wedding motif, guests will feel that the event has been planned well. Using matching thank you cards also speaks of a couple’s manners and willingness to stick with proper etiquette and traditions—something that most elderly guests and relatives will appreciate.

Creative Wedding Collection Thank You Card

creative wedding collection thank you card

Choose the Creative Wedding Collection Thank You Card shown above if you want a simple yet creatively presented thank you card for your wedding. The personal card template shown above may have used a white cardstock as a base, but you may change this up and use card stock of a different color. However, this thank you card template works best with pastel-colored cardstock especially if you are using floral patterns as an additional design element.

Just like other thank you card templates, it is fully customizable and you may edit the typography font sizes, and images that you wish to add to the card’s cover design. To add a more personalized touch to this thank you card design, it may be best to personally write a few lines on the back of the card.

Doodle Wedding Thank You Card

doodle wedding thank you card

Pictured above is the Doodle Wedding Thank You, Card. This card template best fits weddings with a minimalist floral motif and it may be changed to match the color scheme that you wish to follow. To transform this thank you card template into something that is truly your own, make sure to add your own wedding logo design or monograms. Adding these little things to all your wedding stationery will help give the entire wedding its own identity.

Elegant Wedding Thank You Card Pack

elegant wedding thank you card pack

Almost all weddings strive for elegance in one way or another. One way brides and wedding planners could achieve this is by choosing a thank you card design that will best showcase this goal. For instance, you may choose the Elegant Wedding Thank You Card Pack shown above. As part of an elegant wedding invitation suite, this card template will allow you to create matching card designs without having to create or use different design templates.

Floral Watercolor Wedding Thank You Card

floral watercolor wedding thank you card

Choose the Floral Watercolor Wedding Thank You Card if you want your thank you cards to have a handmade touch, but without actually making them yourself. This card template is available in sets of 10—a good strategy especially if you intend to use one card design for all your wedding thank you cards. By purchasing this card template, you may also choose between using a plain white or Kraft envelope design.

Fun Wedding Thank You Card Set

fun wedding thank you card set

For those who want a more lighthearted take on their wedding thank you cards, the Fun Wedding Thank You Card Set embedded above may suit them. This card template uses a vibrant color scheme, cartoon design elements, and handwriting font styles. This combination gives off a cheerful and fun vibe that will remind its recipients of the fun times they had during the wedding.

To recreate this modern thank you card design, you first need to know how to use image editing and compositing software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. To help make this card design more realistic, you may also use matching envelope design templates that bear the same cartoon design elements.

Hand-drawn Floral Wedding Thank You Card

hand drawn floral wedding thank you card

The Hand-drawn Floral Wedding Thank You Card pictured above is an example of a thank you card printed on a chalkboard design base background. This card design will look its best when you use plain white cardstock for printing. This way, the chalkboard base will be printed just like how it appeared in the original template.

Just like other weddings thank you card templates, you may edit the wording, font styles, and font colors of the text in the template. If you wish to change the font style or typeface family used in this template, select a standout one. This way, your thank you card will truly shine.

Hand-lettered Wedding Thank You Card

hand lettered wedding thank you card

If you are planning a simple wedding ceremony and reception, using the Hand-lettered Wedding Thank You Card shown above may suit your tastes. This handmade card design relies on a minimalist typography message on its cover page. And as a card design template, you may edit the text to match the couple name. And if your wedding is following a different color scheme, you may choose to change the text’s font color or use different colored cardstock instead.

Wedding Thank You Card PSD Template

5x7 wedding thank you card psd template

First on the list is this Wedding Thank You Card Template. This thank you card is available as a PSD file and anyone who purchases it will need Adobe Photoshop to edit the template. This card measures 5 by 7 inches and it will look well when sent as a postcard template. Newlywed couples may write personalized thank you messages at the back of each card. What is great about this card template is that it makes use of any engagement or actual wedding photos on its cover page. As illustrated in the mock-up template pictured above, you may use a collage of your favorite wedding photos. This is a good way for recipients of the thank you cards to also see some photos from the wedding.

Polaroid Wedding Thank You Card

polaroid wedding thank you card

The Polaroid Wedding Thank You Card (pictured above) boasts a unique take on wedding thank you card designs. This card template heavily relies on a couple’s wedding images formatted to look like a photo-booth picture. At the back of the front cover is the option to write or print out a typed message of gratitude. This creative wedding thank you card template is something that is not often done in weddings so it will be a good move if you want your guests to remember your wedding for a long time.

This card template is available in sets of 20 and is printed on 300 gsm paper. Note that if you wish to purchase this design on pre-printed cards, you will need to submit a copy of your wedding pictures, too. You also have the option to add design elements like sparkling gems, ribbons, envelope liners, and monogram envelope stickers for an additional price.

Rustic Wreath Wedding Thank You Card

rustic wreath wedding thank you card

The Rustic Wreath Wedding Thank You Card featured above will suit those who are following a vintage wedding motif. This vintage thank you card design works best when printed on Kraft paper. This card template is part of a wedding stationery package. It includes card designs for invitations, save the date, RSVP, menu, table, and escort cards—all stored in editable Photoshop document layers.

When sending out this thank you cards, make sure that you use Kraft or coffee-colored envelope designs, too. This way, the thank you cards will match the envelope designs and will not look like generic thank you notes.

Simple Wedding Thank You Card

simple wedding thank you card

The Simple Wedding Thank You Card embedded above is another example of minimalist thanks you card design. This card template shows a cutely designed front cover without images. This format for a thank you card is helpful if you do not want an overly decorated card design. For card designs like this, it may be best to add your own wedding badge designs or the couple’s monograms as this helps give personality to the card design. This card template is available in sets of 10.

When printing out this card design, it is best to use either Kraft, brown, or plain white paper, or card stock. However, you may also use any card stock color if you want the card to match your wedding’s motif.

Space Wedding Thank You Card

space wedding thank you card

The Space Wedding Thank You Card shown above is another creative variation of a thank you card. This card design will suit couples who love astronomy or the outdoors. It is also suitable those who are planning an evening garden wedding. By using this card design, guests will be reminded of the fun night wedding they attended. This thank you card design is also available as part of a Space-Themed Wedding Invitation Pack.

Vintage Wedding Thank You Card

vintage wedding thank you card

Last on the list is the Vintage Wedding Thank You Card. This card design is part of a vintage wedding invitation set. Despite that, you may still use the wedding thank you card separately if you wish to do so. All the card designs included in this set are printed on one side only. So for the rustic thank you cards, you may need to personally adjust your printer settings if you want to type and print a message on the card’s reverse side. On the other hand, you may also just write a message if you want to appeal to the recipient’s sentimental side more.

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