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Top 25 Animated Logo Templates

A logo for a company or web site is like a calling card. It is usually the first thing your clients or visitors will see. In order to stand out animated logos have started to become the norm. We have compiled a list with 30 of the most stunning animated logo designs available to date. The are listed below in no particular order.

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1. Extruded 3D Logo Broadcast Intro Animation

A clean 3D logo with Full HD support without the need for additional plug ins. This logo works with any text or logo image and comes with an easy to follow help file.

2. Logo Particle Formation Intro Animation

An animated logo featuring high quality animations. The logo works with any text and image file. The logo is compatible with After Effects and most other applications.

3. Loading Logo Animation

Well designed animated logo with light and water ripple effects. This logo is compatible with After Effects 6

4. Glossy Logo

Clean and professionally designed logo with full HD support. The logo is compatible with all editors and requires no additional plug ins to function properly.

5. Clean Logo

Professionally designed logo with a clean and crisp layout. The animation supports full HD and comes with an easy to follow help file.

6. 3D Logo Animation Intro

A nicely designed animated logo capable of running in full HD without additional requirements. This logo is compatible with all common editors and all files are included.

7. Simple Spin Logo Animation

A simple, clean spinning logo animation with Company name and a tag line. The total running time of this logo is 0.10 seconds.

8. Speed Logo reveal

An impressive animated logo with lightning fast sequences. In this animation there can be up to 25 images. This logo can be customized in all common editors.

9. Logo Animation

Excellent clean logo created with After Effects. The animation runs in full HD and comes without music. Total running time of the animation is 0.8 seconds.

10. Extruded Logo

Professional animated intro created in After Effects. No third party software is required to run this animation and customizing it is easy.

11. Logo Animation – Bubbles

A beautiful animated intro for use with any company logo. The animation runs in full HD and was created with After Effects.

12. Clean and Simple Logo Extrusion in 2K

A clean animated logo using flares effects. This logo is especially well suited for video introductions. The animation requires no additional software in order to run.

13. Technocolor Logo Animation

A clean and simple logo with techno influences. This logo requires Adobe After Effects for editing.

14. Blue Light Stroke Logo Reveal

A clean and elegant animation for displaying your company business logo in style. This animation offers space for text and images and is easy to customize.

15. Three Text and Logo Animation

A simple 12 second logo animation created entirely in After Effects. Every aspect of this animation can be edited and no additional software is required. However, audio files are not included.

16. Simple Expand Logo Animation

Minimalistic and simple animation with space for the main text and tag line. The animation runs in 0.05 seconds and was created in After Effects.

17. Cloud Animation Logo

A so called “Title sequence” animation with some amazing sound effects. All footage is included in the package. This intro requires no additional software to run.

18. Logo Animation #2269503

A stylish logo animation with easy to edit configuration file. This logo supports unlimited text. This animation was created with Adobe After Effects and is compatible with all common editors.

19. High Energy Logo Animation

An impressive animated logo featuring glass shattering and lighting effects. The animation is easy to customize. This animation comes in two varieties: One which requires the Video Copilots Optical Flares plug in and one version that requires no additional software.

20. After Effects Logo Animation

As the name suggests, this is a logo animation that was completely created in Adobe After Effects. This logo is easy to configure by simply adding text to it.

21. Logo Animation – Crumble

A full HD animated logo intended for creating intros featuring a company logo. This animation was created with After Effects and CS3.

22. Hanging Logo animation

A very clean and simple animation which only needs a company name and will run straight out of the box.

23. Flip Logo Animation

Simple logo with jigsaw effect. Only a company or site name can be entered. This animated logo was created with Adobe After Effects.

24. Logo Animation – Cube Splash

A full HD After Effects animated logo. This logo is easy to tweak and adjust. It can be customized to fit any need or requirement.

25. Lime Yellow Logo Animation

A fresh looking animated logo featuring a lime yellow background, which makes it stand out against more obviously dark logos using a black background.

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