Top 30+ Fashion Patterns for Graphic Designers

They can comprise wonderful combinations of fashion patterns and innovative animation to enthrall the visitor on the first look. That’s why fashion patterns incorporated into graphic designs are getting quite popular among designers. Here we have compiled the top 30 fashion patterns that can serve as an inspiration for your next design.


Remember those old film strips carrying little negative images? Well this fashion pattern captures exactly that nostalgic design and has been cleverly merged with the theme of the website. The background of the design works perfectly as a black slate to compliment the pattern.

Lyndon Wade

The filmstrip pattern used in portfolio design just never gets old; in fact it just gets better and better. And the use of the pattern in this website stands as a testimony to the statement. The clever usage of the horizontal filmstrip with expanding previews is a great use of the pattern.


Doodles quickly gained prominence from just a hobby scribbling to a serious design tool. In fact doodles attract more attention than well written content; so no wonder the use of this pattern is essential.

Daniel Stenberg

The horizontal design pattern may be a bit too simple, but it never fails to perform the function. The clever use of this horizontal fashion pattern enables the viewers to navigate easily through the content with slick previews to keep them engaged.

Domenico Tedone Design

Who wouldn’t love a rotating 3D wheel carousel? It’s a fashion pattern that’s sure to impress your customers on first look. The trendy preview slider also has very important functionality added to it. It allows seamless navigation through the content as well.

Marc Dahmen

The innovative use of keyboard keys for navigation in this clever design is surely top notch. The business cards fashion pattern provides a professional look and adds a touch of style to the design as well.

Super Lover

The grid pattern may be a bit too common these days, especially with the windows OS out in the market. But nevertheless it still continues to be one of the best looking fashion patterns out there.

Aline Carone Portfolio

The periodic table of elements might be a thing of the past, but when you add some colors to it and provide some cool animation along with them, you get a fantastic fashion pattern for your design.

Chris woods

Black and white fashion patterns are really useful when you need to present a simplistic design with more focus on the content. It also provides a very artistic representation of the design.


Black backgrounds always steal the show with their stark presence, and when you merge them with a cool vertical slider, it makes for a perfect fashion patterns for your design.

Dave werner

Collage design patterns truly set a different level to graphic designs. The clever way, in which they are presented, serve both as fashion pattern and media of displaying content.


The fashion pattern is kind of wavy and loosely based on a breadcrumb style icons for navigation through the design. It will serve perfectly for sites with moderate levels of content.


The complete usage of the design space and the thumbnail slider to preview images surely gives an artistic look to this pattern.

The pattern beautifully utilizes the scattered look of the various elements to its advantage to provide a cool new look for the design.

Sid Lee

Sometimes a single row slider just doesn’t cut it, and that’s why this fashion pattern has made use of two. It definitely works though, if you have a lot of content to display.

Nile Inside

The filmstrip pattern used in this design allows the user to navigate through, without having to divert away from the content.


Popup text clouds can be effectively utilized as a fashion pattern for graphic designs as well. They are quite cool and also carry a lot of content as well.


Grid patterns don’t necessarily have to be dull old images that you have to scroll through; they can be interesting and colorful as well. Check out this design and get the idea.


Photograph frames with their classic white borders can make for really good fashion patterns. And they can definitely work for graphic designs as well.

Rock Water Appraisal Icy cool colors, and columnar arrangement of neat and classy images to go along; this brochure design can really serve as a fine lesson for designers of fashion patterns.

Die Neue Modern

Irregular shapes and radiant colors can make awesome fashion patterns as well. Check out this design to see how it has been done masterfully. The perfectly styled icons in their irregularly placed arrays truly stand out of the crowd.

Made Like me

Cartoon strips continue to amaze the web junkies as one of the most successful fashion patterns. And when you merge them together with a fashionable black background, one couldn’t ask for more from a graphic design.

Marius Rossendal

The flipping buttons of this fashion pattern surely give a strong inspiration for a unique graphic design.


This fashion pattern using color swatches is a brilliant way to exhibit your artwork through graphic design and also a perfect setup for showcasing your best artwork.

Dirty Disco Flyer The funky vibes of a disco setting, coupled with the whole rainbow of fluorescence, this ones the real deal for vibrant pattern designing. Have a look, and you are bound to agree.


This fashion pattern utilizes frames to the maximum extent to showcase design.

Serial Cut

Random objects in 3D make this fashion pattern an instant success.

Dawghouse Design

It is a classic pencil sketch fashion pattern for innovative design.

Hot meteor

It is a smooth fashion pattern for UI focused designers.

13 Creative

It is a classic fashion pattern based on a steno pad.

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