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People nowadays are obsessed with traveling. They obsess with the destination, how to get to the destination, what to do once they arrive, and finally, when all is said and done, they obsess with where their next destination will be. Do not miss this opportunity. Do your part and feed the tourism industry by marketing and advertising your own travel agency with your tourism roll-up banner.

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Steps to Make a Tourism Roll-Up Banner

Step 1: Use a tourism roll-up banner template

Travelers come and go as the seasons’ change. Using a roll-up banner template will cut the time you spend making your tourism roll-up banner in half. You can even have multiple banners prepared for every time the seasons change, or even when traveling is at its peak. Having multiple roll-up banners ensures that you are prepared for any season.

Step 2: Market to the right travelers and vacationers

Know who the frequent travelers are in your locale. Know where they like to travel, where they have already traveled to, and where they may want to travel next. This way you can market the best travel destinations. This way, if they have friends or family that want to travel, your customers will want to point them your travel agency.

Step 3: Collect and compile information on the destination

Travelers and vacationers are picky about where they go. Be sure to collect and compile all the information they may need during their stay there. Provide a brief description of the destination, and perhaps even a short list of what to do while they are there.

Step 4: Choose an appropriate color scheme

Choose an appropriate color scheme for the destinations. Remember, you will be using plenty of images on your tourism, choose a color scheme that will pair well with those images. If you create roll-up banners for seasonal destinations, make sure to use the proper color scheme to represent those seasons as well.

Step 5: Display images of the destination

A very subtle difference can make the picture. Pick and choose the best images you can get for your roll-up banner. There are plenty of high-quality and royalty free images you can use that are available online. Using images that you personally took and edited, however, adds a personal touch that your clients will surely appreciate.

Step 6: Test print your tourism roll-up banner

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. Make sure that your banner is the way you want it by having a smaller test print made. This way you have an idea of how the banner will look once printed. You can then make the necessary changes. Remember, even perfection has room for improvement.

5+ Tourism Roll-Up Banner Templates

1. Travel Agency Roll-Up Banner Template

travel agency roll up banner template
File Format
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Entice everyone from frequent flyers to casual vacationers to seek out new destinations with your travel agency roll-up banner. With the tourism industry booming, be sure to take your slice of the pie. Download this easy to edit banner in Adobe Illustrator, Pages, or Photoshop.

2. Tourism Flyer Roll-Up Banner

tourism flyer roll up bannerDownload

With spring and summer vacations right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start advertising popular tourist destinations. Use this tourism flyer roll-up banner to do just that. Downloadable and editable in Photoshop file type for your ease of use. What are you waiting for? Grab the closest travel brochure and check it out.

3. Tourism Roll-Up Banner

tourism roll up bannerDownload

Tourism is beyond just the destination. It is bound just the sights and attractions. Tourism is about the sharing culture of the world. It is a way to show tourists not only the sights and local cuisine, but a way to show different ways of life. see a different world through tourism. Go to your nearest travel agency now and go see the world.

4. Tourism Banner

tourism bannerDownload

Summertime draws closer and closer. You know what that means right? Travelers and vacationers will be looking for the best vacation spots. Showcase your popular travel destinations with this tourism roll-up banner. Make sure everyone has a chance to have their dream vacation. Download this template now!

5. Travel Roll-Up Banner

travel rollup bannerDownload

Travelling has become the obsession of everyone as of late. with more and more people looking for new places to visit each year, the tourism industry has never been better. Do not let the opportunity pass you by. Advertise your travel destinations with this travel roll-up banner!

6. Holiday Travel Bundle

holiday travel bundleDownload

Experience the culture that other countries have to show. Immerse yourself in the local sights, cuisine, and attractions. Traveling has, and will always be a source of growth, inspiration, and enlightenment. Life is a collection of memories. Create cherished memories by traveling as much as you can.

7. Holiday Travel Roll-Up Banner

holiday travel rollup bannerDownload

The holidays are always a good time to go on vacations. Take advantage of these holidays and showcase your popular travel destinations with this holiday travel roll-up banner. Download in multiple file types such as Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and other similar file types. This template will surely have vacationers lining up at your doorstep to find their dream holiday.

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