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Traveling to a far place once in a while diverts our attention and gives us a chance to enjoy life at its best. The world holds so much beauty for us to see and appreciate. We should make the most out of our youth to see what the world offers. And every time we come home, it is almost impossible not to bring a souvenir with us. These are in the form of travel postcards.

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Travel postcards are sold in souvenir shops. It has different designs that will surely make you feel like you’re on the right path. If you plan on selling postcards and still looking for a good design, our collection of templates are up for a first look. You may also see sample postcards.

Vintage Retro Travel Postcard Denmark

vintage retro travel postcard denmark

Austin, Texas City Travel Postcard

austin texas aka bat city postcard

Paris, France Flag Postcard

paris france flag postcard

Designing The Travel Postcard

If you opt to make a postcard instead of getting a template online, then you should not skip reading this part. Postcards have different sizes. If you want to go for a small one, then go for it. What you have to do first is set the size of the Photoshop document to the size that you want. Find images of famous places online and study its details. France’s Eiffel Tower and Britain’s Big Ben can be used as design inspirations. You may also see event postcard templates.

Make your own version of the tourist spot by creating your own digital drawing. You can put it in the center for it to gain attention. Use colors properly. Remember to prevent overcrowding your design. Just put enough details. A postcard with so many details can overwhelm the eyes and have higher chances of not being purchased. If you opt for a real photo of the tourist spot, you can search for free images and use it in your design. Put in relevant phrases to attract the attention of a potential buyer. As always, do not forget to make some finishing touches to your design and save your work every now and then. You may also see vintage postcard templates.

If you choose to get a pre-made design online, make sure it has the right size. Big postcards tend to occupy a fair amount of space. Choose a design that’s classy, minimal, and less flashy at the same time. You don’t want to overwhelm your eyes of a postcard that bursts with too many colors. When designing, it’s better to keep colors to a minimum. Learn how to use the bright and the dark ones in a balanced way. You may also see old postcard templates.

Travel postcards are usually designed with a tourist spot on the front. It is some sort of an advertising campaign to have the postcard designed in that way. It is easy to make and convenient for postcard collectors. These kinds of people feel more at ease when they collect a tangible remembrance of their travels.

Explore More Postcard

explore more postcard

Malaysian Travel Postcard Set

malaysian travel postcard set

Ha Long Bay Vietnam Vintage Travel Postcard

ha long bay vietnam vintage travel postcard

Uses of Postcards

Postcards may be little pieces of thick paper but they can be used in so many ways. Its purpose has been established and they are widely used since the previous century. Below are the uses of postcards in the old and new times:

1. Greetings.

Postcards can be used to say hello to someone. The front part of the postcard is the main design, while the back usually has a lot of space for the people to write their message on. Postcards carry only short messages so the writing is direct to the point and convincing. You may also see save the date event postcards.

2. Souvenirs and collector’s item.

If postcards are designed with the country’s tourist spots on the front, it can be bought as a collector’s item. It can also be kept as souvenirs when you visit a place. Collecting postcards are the hobbies of some people and it never gets old until now. You may also see free postcard templates.

3. Thank you and appreciation cards.

Postcards can be used as a thank you card to express your gratitude. Another use of it is writing an appreciation for someone that you have been dying to reach out for a long time. In giving best wishes for the newly married couple, a postcard is used to write that heartfelt message. You may also see corporate postcard templates.

4. Announcement.

Postcards are used to announce a new product or an event in its most compact edition. The writing should be straightforward and direct. It only has a limited space and there some sort of magic to it. It can also be used to advertise a certain product.

5. Propaganda.

During times of war, postcards were used as propaganda by opposing parties to encourage people on their respective sides. It was also used for politically motivated activities. What is amazing is they write their message effectively by maximizing such a small space. You may also see advertising postcard templates.

Norway Lofoten Islands Vintage Travel Postcard

norway lofoten islands vintage travel postcard

Illustrated San Diego Map Postcard

illustrated san diego map postcard

Reasons Why People Travel

People travel for various reasons. Once they decide on it and start packing their things, there is no going back. Traveling to a farther place happens for these following reasons:

1. Relax and unwind.

People travel to another place, most especially the beach, to relax and unwind. The daily city life can take so much toll on someone’s mental health. It makes people feel more stressed and uneasy. Some contributing factors to these are toxic workplaces and poor relationships with other people. Low self-esteem can also contribute to stress. Traveling to relax and unwind is a good way to get away from stress.

2. Appreciating yourself.

When you travel alone, you get to know yourself even more. You discover things you have never seen before. It also helps in carrying out a side of you that you see for the first time. Traveling makes you appreciate life even more. They say that when you are stuck with the grind of daily life, you easily lose sight of the most important things. Traveling helps you gain more appreciation for yourself and everything you have. It makes you feel “at home”. You may also see holiday postcard templates.

3. Building relationships.

Sometimes people travel with someone. It can be a family member or a friend. Traveling with a person enables you to build and strengthen your relationship with each other. You get to make new memories that you have not done before. Since there is only the two of you, or a group may be, you only get to talk to each other. You become more open and comfortable with them. By traveling, it also helps you in opening up to them like you haven’t done before. The relationship gets even more tight and strong. You may also see sample thank you postcards.

4. Meeting new people.

Whether alone or with friends, traveling enables you to meet new people. It can happen by just asking for a direction or talking casually to them when you meet at a certain place. Just a simple hi and hello, and you could go a long way from there. After the travel, there could be a possibility of maintaining the friendship or seeing each other again after a long time. You may also see sample photo postcard templates.

5. Learning new things.

When you travel, you get to learn new things that are way too different from what you see every day. Sharing stories with locals will teach you a lot about how they live their everyday lives. It is not learned in classrooms. It is a combination of the history of their locality, how they interact with their fellow locals and a crash course in their cuisine and dialect. Learning about life is quick and changes your perspective. You will feel lucky to live the life you have now and think about how it is to be in other people’s shoes. You may also see powerpoint postcard templates.

Hello From Oregon Postcards

hello from oregon postcards

London Postcard

london postcard

6. Challenging yourself.

The daily routine can mindlessly make you do the same thing over and over again. It’s pretty tiring. Eventually, you’d love to give yourself a challenge and travel away from home. It pushes you to your limits and gets you out of your safe zone. Doing that will make you discover things about yourself and capabilities you thought you never had. You may also see postcard template samples.

7. Go on an unexpected adventure.

Even with an itinerary, you still don’t know what happens along the way. Traveling can take you to places and make you feel things you haven’t felt before. Adventures are best when they are unplanned and unexpected. A whole new wave of memories will be made as you travel farther. You may also see 5*7 postcard templates.

8. Seeing life in a new perspective.

Traveling to another place and learning from the locals helps you expand your perspective on how the world and a better view of how diverse people can be. When you come home from traveling, you will come back as a fresher and more renewed person. Seeing life from another perspective makes you evaluate your own and start the change you need. You may also see birthday postcard templates.

9. Celebrate victory.

A travel incentive is offered by companies to its employees once in a while after successfully achieving a seemingly hard goal. Parents often take their children to a place away from home to celebrate a family milestone. You can also travel to attend a beach wedding and enjoy the blue seas at the same time.


Travel postcards are some of the most noteworthy collections people can ever have. Even without traveling from one place to another, you can already feel like you’ve gone places. These postcards have the power to bring you to places without paying for a fare. Aside from that, travel postcards feel like home, at some point. You may also see printable postcard templates.

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