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Although traveling can be a drag sometimes, reaching your destination is another story. A trip back to your hometown, to another city, or another country is a great way to restore the energy you’ve lost from the physical and mental stress of everyday living. Travel for leisure has been a part of people’s lives since the dawn of time. Ask anyone their list of hobbies, and most of the time, the answer relates to traveling in one way or another.

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Travelling is so popular that airline, ferry/cruise, train, and bus companies have become very aggressive in marketing and expanding their operations to accommodate the demand for travel. Every day, new routes to new places are being added to encourage people to travel.

The most popular airline and cruise companies have also created very attractive ticket designs which have inspired individuals and companies to make travel ticket designs for their own purposes. From business conference templates, to wedding invitations, and even restaurant menus, travel ticket designs can be seen and used in just about any type of event. Here are some travel ticket templates to use for your special event.

Top travel ticket design templates

Vector Boarding Pass


This vector boarding pass design template can be used for any occasion or event. The blue and red versions equally look impressive and resemble a real boarding pass. A world map image can also be found in the boarding pass’ background.

Beach Wedding Invitation

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This wedding invitation boarding pass template incorporates beautiful photography and some nice lights to boot. The Hawaiian-inspired design uses coconut trees and a beautiful sunset to emphasize the beach wedding.

Vintage Train Company Logo Ticket


This is another train ticket template with a vintage look. The central image resembles an old Western train company logo with a calendar to signify the date of the event. Light blue stripes cover the background while vintage Western fonts are used for the text.

Tips for making travel ticket designs for events

Travel tickets are not only limited to air travel. Tickets are also utilized in sea and land travel as well, and transportation companies issue these tickets all the time. Here are some tips on how to design attractive travel tickets.


Get creative

In general, whether it’s for a formal or casual event, creativity is always the key to make any design stand out. Steer away from the usual black text and white background and add a little bit of art in your design. The best tip to bring attention to the ticket recipients is to make sure they are part of the designs themselves. If it’s an invitation, common knowledge is to add the names of the recipients. Don’t just print out the designs and distribute them like flyers on the streets.

For the designs themselves, a simple and straightforward event which doesn’t involve loud entertainment and only includes a few guests will require a simple design. An example would be having a line border paired with a small image of an airplane. For extravagant events, meanwhile, the use of photography and a combination of colors is an option to use for these designs.

Use some nice color combinations

Color is one of the elements that need to be found in any design. Unless it is a pencil-sketched design, using a variety of colors must be on the top of any to-do list for any designer. For travel ticket designs, there is the entire color chart to choose from. If possible, use different colors for the text, background, images, and the borders. Although a minimalist design is preferable for travel tickets due to their small sizes, colors should not be limited when making these designs.

A blue-and-yellow combination is very popular among many designers, as well as the red-and-orange combination. Any color matched with white or gold also produces some very attractive and clean designs. Additionally, get some inspiration from using the colors found in popular airline companies and tourist destinations from around the world. Use those same colors to create designs based off them in your own style.

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Use concepts from tourist destinations

Speaking of getting inspiration from popular tourist destinations, using them in your designs can increase their artistry and allure exponentially. Any design with the Eiffel Tower, Mount Fuji, or the Pyramids of Giza integrated into it is guaranteed to be a hit. Depending on the event’s location or theme, use specific tourist spots that are appropriate for the event. If a wedding will be held on a beach during sunrise, try finding an image of Brazil’s famous Copacabana beach and use it for the background of your travel ticket. For a medieval-themed birthday party, find some images or create designs using famous medieval architecture such as the Notre Dame de Paris and the Milan Cathedral, to name a few.

Add some event-related photos and images

Even if it’s a pocket-sized travel ticket template, try to incorporate images for added visual appeal. One of the best images to use is to add event-related photos to the ticket designs. They signify the importance of the event as well as excite guests. Increase the size of the ticket designs to make the images clearer. Examples would be adding the photos of the bride and couple on a travel ticket wedding invitation or a photo of the guest speaker on a travel ticket seminar flyer. Images should not be limited to photographs, though, as other images related to the event such as a dollar sign for a business conference or a milk bottle for a baby shower can also be used.

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Make the text readable

Often overlooked, readable text should be the most important aspect in creating any design. Designers tend to focus on the style and images too much that they sometimes lose sight of the text that should also be included. Aside from using fonts that are appropriate for the event, take note that they should not confuse the reader. Make them bold and arrange them neatly. You actually want your guests to attend the event, so make it easy for them and make the important details stand out.

Get the hosts involved

Naturally, the event hosts should be involved in every aspect of how the event will be eventually run. This also includes having a hand in the making of event designs. Although they don’t need to make the designs themselves, they should choose their preferred color palettes, images or photos, and font styles. If the hosts are more focused on the other aspects of the event, create a few designs and make them choose before the designs will be printed out.

Get some professional help

Having trouble looking for the right designs to use or lack the skills to make them? Then get a third party to assist in making travel ticket designs. This should be the last option as the hosts should be heavily involved in the design’s final form unless the time prohibits the hosts and other people involved in the event from overseeing the ticket designs. This is also a costly option as third-party designers never charge customers cheaply for their services. There is also a tendency that designs don’t match the organizers’ original concept and might cause problems within the event.

Other travel ticket design templates

Boarding Pass Birthday Invitation


This birthday invitation boarding pass template uses some nice color combinations and images. The world map is again used, but compared to the other template, the map here is colored blue. A darker shade of blue and maroon is used for the text colors to create an engaging combination with the background color and image. Also, maroon is used in the other parts of the invitation to add some color.

Colorful Kid’s Birthday Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 10 17 31 49 e1507628385980

This kid’s birthday party invitation template uses child-friendly designs and colors. Toy airplanes are found in the template together with clouds in a blue background. Multicolored stripes complete the design’s look.

Sketched Wedding Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 10 17 32 03 e1507628394296

Pencil-sketched designs are simple yet attractive. This boarding pass wedding invitation template uses detailed pencil sketches and creates a wonderfully designed travel ticket template.

Pilot Kid’s Birthday Invitation

screenshot from 2017 10 10 17 32 17 e1507628403564

This is another kid’s party invitation boarding pass template which uses child-friendly themes and colors. An image of a pilot and a miniature plane provide the central attraction of the template. The blue colors are spread across the design.

London Travelcard Wedding Invitation


This travel card wedding invitation has more of a modern look and resembles the London Travelcard rail and bus pass. This unique take on a travel ticket template incorporates the best designs of the Travelcard.

Red and Blue Boarding Pass Birthday Invitation


Vintage Airline Ticket


This vintage 1940s airline ticket template has one of the best-looking vintage designs around. Its use of a red, white, and blue combination resembling the plane’s fumes is very attractive and perfectly captures the nostalgic feel of the 1940s. Additionally, the images and background feature a rough surface to add to the design’s old-school feel.

Art Nouveau Train Ticket


This Art Nouveau-inspired wedding invitation train ticket template is beautifully designed and influenced by the Art Nouveau period during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The cardboard surface matches the purple text and vintage train images found on the invitation.

This simple kid’s birthday party plane ticket template uses a minimalist design which contains two colors (red and blue) and an image of a cartoon airplane. The red and blue colors do not fill up the template background but are placed on the borders instead.

With these great travel ticket templates easily available to you, you can easily pick one for your next event!

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