11+ GUI Kits For Creating The Best Mobile And Web Designs

Designing the User Interface (UI) of the web and mobile applications can be a Herculean task without the suitable GUI kits to help you out. The GUI here has been developed for iOS, Android, and even Windows users. These collections include both generic and specialized controls which you can implement into your web designs. Most of the collections come in well-organized, layered PSD files and contain easy-to-use web elements like icons and fonts. You can also see Dashboard UI Template Designs.

Ruthenium GUI kit

ruthenium gui kit

The Ruthenium GUI kit you see here is the ultimate pack of the best GUI objects which can be used to design mobile or even desktop apps and for web designing. The inclusive collection would comprise controls that are both unique and traditional. You would get them in high resolution and in layers that are easy to find and edit.

Routes iOS UI kit

routes ios ui kit

This collection would consist of stunning UI elements which have been segregated into more than a 100 qualitative screens. Here, you would be getting nearly 20 beautiful stroke icons and Google fonts. Also, the UI elements have been organized in a neat fashion and are compatible with Adobe CC+.

The GUI elements in this collection have been developed for IOS 9. While designing the web or mobile apps for IOS, you should use templates that come with pre-developed elements like tab bars, navigation bars, and status. This GUI kit also takes into account the guidelines that were released by Apple.

Android Look a more UI Kit5

android look a more ui kit

Given the dire need for UI kits for Android, this kit is no less than a blessing. It can be used in multifarious ways to design the UI of numerous applications for Android. Also, it comes free of charge and can be used by anyone who’s interested in web designing.

Fair Mobile UI Kit6

fair mobile ui kit

The GUI kit provided here would come in handy if you are developing apps or the UI of a website within a limited span of time. It also makes use of stunning fonts and color schemes. With the help of this GUI kit, creating convenient and modern applications become easier than ever.

Pixel GUI Kit7

pixel gui kit

The Pixel GUI kit comes loaded with high-resolution files which are layered. That makes them comparatively easier to use. The graphic files included would be Photoshop PSD layered PNG etc. You would be requiring an Adobe version of CS to operate this kit.

GUI Components For Project

gui components for project

This 36 MB file for Apple would consist of a graphical user interface for Sketch. Each element that you see in the kit has been vectorised to make it easier for you, including the icons for Apple Watch and clock. You would be able to resize and export these icons accordingly.

Pic Collage App GUI Design9

pic collage app gui design

This GUI kit would enable you to develop a stunning photo editor or collage application. The UI has been created in HD resolution and is fully editable. You would be able to design a default screen having app tiles with this collection. Plus, you get a plethora of choices when it comes to the photo editing options.

EarthShift – UI Kit Free PSD10

earthshift ui kit free psd

This Earthshift UI kit can be used for interaction design, UI/ UX, web design, and the web or mobile applications. It includes PSD files and comes free of charge. The collection allows you to personalize your web design by adding your own touches to the UI.

Light Cloud GUI Kit

light cloud gui kit

This GUI kit comprises of more than 20 different web elements. It includes vector shapes and also vector icons, all of which can be edited and resized according to your needs. The file includes well-organised and neat layers, which are further divided into subcategories. The color schemes that you see in the kit can be altered to go with your theme.

Gamecenter GUI Pack

gamecenter gui pack

The Gamecenter pack would allow you to design your mobile and desktop apps or game applications with ease. It comes with PSD files which make them user-friendly. All the web elements present in the collection (including the fonts and icons) can be resized, edited and regrouped into several categories.

Each of these kits can be utilized to design a variety of mobile or desktop applications. A good graphical user interface would make your apps user-friendly and easy to navigate through. That is precisely why these GUI kits or collections enclose files that can be edited and customized at will. You can also see Best Application UI Designs.

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