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20 Beautiful Mobile User Interfaces for Your Inspiration

How do artists create ridiculously breathtaking art? It is like their minds and hands have wills of their own that just magically whip up amazing concepts without breaking a sweat. The imagination and creativity of artists virtually have no limit, and there is so much talent in them that they need to express it constantly through the process of creation. And, in this modern technological world, artists have found new mediums for creating masterpieces. So, we now have a new breed of modern artists known as digital designers.

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Digital design has a wide scope. It encompasses graphic designs, motion graphics, user experience (UX) designs, etc. There are also numerous software tools that can help users create stunning digital art. For mobile apps, user interface (UI) design is an important aspect that dozens of professionals specialize in so that mobile phone users can have the best experience. In this list, we have curated some great examples of mobile user interfaces that could inspire you to create one of your own.

1. Orangery App

This app lets you use a planner that will help you take care of your family of greens. The pastel colors are the perfect match for this UI and they evoke such a cute vibe. Just look at those squishy little plants! It is hard to resist wanting to hug them all, even the cactus!

2. Pro Timetracker App

If you are time-conscious, this app can help you log your work and rest periods. The colorful cards look like sticky notes and you can edit the details for each of them. If you explore further, the design lets you drag a card to where the stopwatch is and it automatically replaces the details with the data from the card. It even changes the font color based on the color of the cards.

3. Flash Garage App

The time will eventually come when gasoline will be replaced by electricity. And when it happens, an app such as this will be extremely useful to everyone. This application lets you keep track of the electric parts of your machine. The design is intuitive and the animations run smoothly. The buttons are the perfect size for finger presses and the colors complement each other.

4. Taxico App

A taxi for kids? That would be such a unique concept. The UI shows a map where you can track the taxi driver and the location of your kids. Also, when you book a ride, there are options to have additional passengers, set the pickup and destination points, and specify the type of baggage that you will be carrying. Of course, the fare will be displayed, too.

5. Chat App Design

If you’re looking for a simple but animation-filled design, then this would be it. You can seamlessly navigate between your messages and contacts. The messages are placed inside the cards and you can just scroll up to read the older messages. To access more options for each message, just swipe up and extra details will easily appear. To show more of your contact list, scroll down. A small orange dot on your contact’s bubblehead indicates a notification. There are also additional options when you long-tap the add button.

6. Dating App

Want to make the next Tinder app? If so, this design might help you with that. This is the design for the messages. It is a clean and simple UI but it definitely looks classy, too. If you swipe down, it will reveal all the online users of the app. When you tap the user’s bubblehead, it will smoothly transition to a window that displays the user’s information and also show the option of liking the user and starting a conversation. It is a perfect design for your dating app!

7. Radio App

Who says radio is not a thing anymore? In this world full of fancy music players, radio still remains significant. It will always remain a classic medium that people will look for from time to time. In this UI design, you can easily switch between tabs such as News, Live, and Shows. The color scheme changes depending on the color of the featured image. Get inspired by this radio app’s design and start styling your own!

8. Healthcare App

An app that helps you take care of your health? Definitely a check! The UI displays your heart rate and body temperature, and accompanying the measurements are images showing the scale. The sophisticated dark theme nicely emphasizes the images and other details.

9. Furniture Design App

This is like the classier version of Amazon that only sells furniture. You can scroll up and down the screen to browse for more furniture and, when you swipe left, it shows a detailed description of each item. This is as neat as it gets for a furniture-selling app.

10. Food Review App

Want to determine the food quality of the dishes that a restaurant serves? This app can help you with that. The UI displays the most popular dish based on user votes. It also shows dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And when you tap on the restaurant, it displays the options to look at the menu, your friends who have gone there, and its address. If you want to add a review, you can freely do so by tapping the add button. You can also search for a certain review.

11. Wallet App

This app lets you keep track of your monthly expenses. You can also categorize your expenses so you would have a better idea of where your money goes. What is great about this UI is that it includes a graph with your budget and expenses as the parameters. That way, you can compare how much you spend on every budget category.

12. Weather Forecast App

The cute animations for the temperature and the image elegantly change depending on the weather condition. You can swipe down to refresh the page and have the latest data for the weather. And since this is a weather forecasting app, you can look at different dates to know the weather conditions for the following days.

13. Player App

There is only one word that will surely come out of your mouth when you see this UI, and that would be “wow”. Look at how clean and neatly placed the elements are. There is also an awesome circular progress bar timer for the duration of each song that is played. You can actually dub this as the neatest music player design out there.

14. Thermostat App

Neat and clean designs are always the go-to concepts. This app lets you view the thermostat information in different areas and displays the current temperature on your mobile phone. You can swiftly turn the dial to switch between rooms and check the temperature. The numbers then change smoothly to the exact temperature of the selected room.

15. Event Search App

No one wants to get left behind when it comes to attending the hottest parties. This UI uses a map to show you the exact location of the events that are currently happening. The theme for the map changes its colors depending on the time of the day.

16. Banking App

This app does not only let you keep track of your finances, but it also lets you make payment transactions. The simple UI lets you pay for services using your bank information. If a user has requested for a fund transfer to his or her account, you can do so with just a simple tap.

17. Taxi Report

This is the design for a report that will be received by a taxi driver through an email. The plain design shows all the necessary details for a taxi app. The details are well-placed so it would avoid confusing its users.

18. Travel App


Traveling can be both fun and stressful. So, to avoid the hassle, this app will help you locate destinations depending on your budget. You input a general destination, set your travel date, specify the number of your companions, and the app will search for places that will fit your budget. It is an easy-to-use UI for your traveling needs.

19. Postal Service App

Worried about your shipment? This app can track your shipment’s delivery time and give you the options to calculate the price, call a courier, and locate a post office. This UI can also let you check your delivery status. The light colors produce a calming effect—perfect for people who are anxious about their shipments.

20. Blog App

It is helpful for a blog if the UI is intuitive and makes the users feel comfortable. This design lets you create a new blog post for your account and you can skim through your timeline to look for other bloggers’ posts. You can like, share, and comment on each post. There is also an option to browse through new posts. You cannot ask for a better blog design than this one.

These designs are but mere inspirations for you so you could create one of your own. It is better to have an original piece of art created by you so you could freely express your artistic side. So, get that pen working and start designing now!

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