Things to Know About User Experience Design

User Experience Design (UXD or UX) is the process of making sure that you enhance user satisfaction by improving usability, pleasure and accessibility which is commonly provided in the interaction between the product and the user. UX brings together the traditional human-computer interaction design and extends it through addressing all the key components of a product to fulfill the customer’s wish. [Animation Techniques for UX Designer]

Some designers think that UX design is what they do from the day they got into the design career but on the contrary, UX designs need to be accurate and kind to the user. Being arrogant and missing the points simply means that one is not qualified to be called a UX designer. To be a good UX designer, you need to know the following: [Free UX Design Tools]

> Understand what UX Design is about

Understand-what-UX-Design-is-aboutThe most important thing about UX is having the knowledge on how to design, not all designers are able to do UX design. This is because they are careless and arrogant towards their clients. Secondly, creating useful and functional design is important. If one is unable to create something that is helpful to the user, they do not qualify in the field of UX designing. Many designers debate on what to do to make something more appealing to the end-user but there is always one answer- make it simple. It’s better to work with less stuff as the end product will be attractive and appealing.

> When to Starting Deliberating about UX

When-to-Starting-Deliberating-about-UXYou don’t have to consider any project that doe that does not have UX as part of it. This could be because the client has no knowledge on what user experience design is about. UX being a part of your project is almost the same as a design mentality. This makes it operational from the word go and not something that you do after your work has been completed.

> Guiding the Client

Guiding-the-ClientNot all clients are conversant with designing activities and with that, they might ask questions emanating from the things they have seen on their products. For a UX designer, it is good to have a conversation with the client to help them understand the brief changes that have occurred. It is also good to explain to the client in case you come up with something that might seem good for the product. It could be a sketch that makes sense to the product and once it is well put you can show it to the client for approval.

> Learn that Change only is Constant

Learn-that-Change-only-is-ConstantIn real sense, products never get completed as more changes are made day in day out. It is not the product itself that changes but the process used to achieve the product. As you try to develop the product by yourself, there are continuous improvements that are being done to improve the process itself. The most fundamental thing is self improvement: It is upon you to improve yourself. Doing retrospective helps one look back at what went wrong or what was not so good in the product processing and know what to change or improve going forward. User Experience Designers do this for themselves as a way of improving their processes.

> Test your Assumptions

Test-your-AssumptionsUsability testing is not rocket science. Asking your fellow designers questions like, “do you think this thing is right?” or “Would you spare some of your time to go through something I am working on?” won’t hurt. Remember you are not getting paid to design the product for yourself so getting a second opinion will guide you to achieving that appealing product. Successful UX designers do this and it makes them feel as part of the ever changing process.

> Make it a Habit

Make-it-a-HabitAlways have an idea on how a particular product is designed. User Experience designer above all other designers should have an idea on how to go about a particular process. Building support with product managers, customer support among other people should help you relax and work accordingly. If you don’t have a well planned work frame, you are likely to fail or do a shoddy job. Even great musicians do not just sit down and start writing or singing, they plan. User Experience Designers also should also do the same because their job to transform UX process into an exciting story that can narrate to everyone.

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