UX vs UI Design Under Scrutiny! What to Choose for Business?

UX design and UI design two most frequently used acronyms in the web design world.
Alas! The usage is still not apt and people are still do not understand the subtle difference between the two vastly different terms. There is no code police to check them or rectify their improper usage or rather their ignorance.

It was just a couple of days ago when if came through mind boggling conversation with my HR, when I asked her to post a hiring for 2 UX designer and 3 UI designers. He answered, “alright 5 designers you need in your team, I ‘ll do it” . All the blood smeared in my stomach and temperature soared to 103 degrees, but very politely I corrected him by adding “no it’s 2 UX and 3 UI designers”. Mockingly he retorted, “How does it makes the difference, they all do the same stuff”. An I was like “seriously, no one knows who I am and what I do”.

As Web Designing Trends is advancing towards new standards, we are now unraveling deeper meaning in the computer science which affects the way we look at the web development. Now providing services is an obsolete phrase , we are now moving forward to refine it ,optimize it, attract users and to maximize our ROI.

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We are Now into Digging Science for Economic Returns!

I have read in many of the articles that we need to follow the Mobile first approach, but I opine that we need to go for user first approach, so as to lead. Let us take an example of a movie which has the worlds most gorgeous and talented star cast, but what will this talented star cast do if the story line is not well drafted and the dialogues are poorly written. People can once fall in trap for the beauty of the actors, but this won’t fetch high box office collections, Oscars’ and Grammies’ to the movie.
Like wise, according to a study from Compware, users want Mobile Apps to be more:

  • Convenient (55 percent)
  • Faster (48 percent)
  • Easier to browse (40 percent)  

 Providing convenience was one of the top priorities of web development world which gave birth to user experience. The term was suggested by Dr. Donald Norman, who is a researches on cognitive science and has impeccably described the importance of user-centric design.

Answering the Moot Question

“User experience design is not limited to the confines of the computer. It doesn’t even need a screen. User experience is any interaction with any product, any artifact, any system.” adds Bill DeRouchey, director of design at Ziba Design.

But these are big words which are not well taken or rather well understood. So, how will you make someone understand, who is still oblivious about the fact that these are two different terms. Question them; have met a person who is good looking, as well as well spoken and behaved. Irrespective of what they answer, you can use this question to explain that the how well an app interacts is the user experience, wherein just the appearances is the User Interface Elements.

Further more, User experience as it is named induces features which makes the user feel the services, not make them just merely use them. Unless they will feel good about it, they won’t come back, use the app again and again and recommend it to the users.

Drawing the Line

UX vs UI Design under scrutiny

I still my remember my first 3-D movie, which made me believe that all the rats are piling on and they are milling towards me. This was a strange difference which I noticed between the normal television or movie theater screen back them. You can also use this example to draw out a line between the thought process which blurs the difference between UX and Android UI designs.
This is what user experience designers do, they engineer apps which can cast an indelible imprint on the users , wherein the user interface designers use their Cloud based UX designing tools and hues to give a concrete shape to the abstract ideas of the UX designers.
UX designers know where to use shadows where to use interactions to make the users feel that they are actually into that current position where your app takes.

UX vs UI-> Announcing the Winner!

(How lame of me!) But yes, if you are the one who believe in reading the conclusion then I would like to inform you that UX and UI are two phases of a coin, but they vary drastically in their intentions. However, no single term can remover or prove to be the sole winner of the contents. For a holistic growth of your web business , be it using a web site or a mobile app, you need to employ both the resources. (Android UX Design Tools and Become A Great App Designer)


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