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9+ Drawing Vectors

Drawing is a way for some to ease and calm the stress in their mind. Personally, I also draw whenever I feel so stressed out, though it is also a great hobby I consider. Through drawing, people—especially artists—can express what is on their mind and even their emotions. A drawing conveys deep messages apart from being a form of typical art.

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Drawings are a graphic representation of an object or idea through lines and is usually done as with a pencil. It is also a form of a sketch but without reference to an allusion to pigments. Our list of drawing vectors is a great add to your drawing collection. Check them out.

Love vintage? Our Retro Graphic Vectors are yours to try out.

Horse Drawing Vector


Sketch Drawing Vector


Hand Drawn Vector


Doodle Sketch Drawing Vector


Map Drawing Vector


The Early History of Drawings

The earliest known drawings dates back 30,000 to 10,000 BC found on the walls of caves in France and Spain. There were other examples found that were carved or painted on the surfaces of primeval tools.

Ancient Egyptians in 3,000 BC embellished the walls of their temples and tombs with settings of everyday life. These drawings had a flat, straight style. Content written on papyrus (an early type of paper) were illustrated with the same layout in pen and ink.

Drawing as a style

Drawing is one of the major expressive forms when talking about visual arts. It is mainly concerned with the marking of lines and areas onto paper or other canvas. It is where a definite representation of the optical world is expressed on an even surface.

Usual drawings were monochrome or at least had minimal colors, while modern colored-pencil drawings may cross a borderline between drawing and painting. In Western wording, a drawing is unique from painting, even though the same media often are employed in both executions. Dry media id usually connected with drawings, and the materials used range from chalk, pencil, pastel, charcoal, and so on.

Rose Drawing Vector


Food Drawing Vector


Printable Drawing Vector


Ladders Drawing Vector


Cartoon Character Drawing Vector


As time blows past, drawings also evolve. With the advancement of technology, drawings can be expressed in a whole new level.

If you are an artist or someone who is fond of collecting or drawing images, why not add our drawing vectors on your list? There are 9 design choices that you can choose from.

Here Are Some Ways You Could Use Our Designs

  • A great room wallpaper for that artistic feel
  • An awesome layout for invitation cards
  • A cute scrapbook or notebook cover
  • Can be use as a menu design
  • A tarpaulin background
  • Can be a great T-shirt print
  • Inspiration for a new drawing

Why Choose Our Designs?

  • You can download them to your computer or laptop with no hassle.
  • These contain high-quality images for a precise pattern.
  • You can edit them if you want to since they come in a highly editable formats.
  • They are easily printable.
  • Designs are all unique and one of a kind.
  • Designs are not complicated to look at.

Surely, all of them are worth it. So go ahead and download them now. Share this page to someone you know who also loves art. They will appreciate it. You can add our Abstract Vectors page on your choices after this.

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