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9+ Drop Vectors

Graphics design is such a tiring yet amazing type of art because ideas are projected via images. Vectors in graphics are images created through the use of mathematical statements and commands together with lines and shapes in a two or three dimensional space. Drop vectors, on the other hand, are vectors created when the graphics are designed to resemble a water drop.

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For designers who are resourceful yet imaginative with photo-realistic ambitions, indulge in this collection of vectors to save you time and provide inspiration for this small but tricky element. Aside from liquid drop vectors, we also lay down lots of free vector arts here in our site to cater to the needs of pro, hobbyist, and beginner graphics and web designers alike.

Water Drop Vector


Blood Drop Vector


Oil Drop Vector


Tear Drop Vector


Paint Drop Vector


Uses of a Liquid Drop Vector Concept

Because these drops only have to change color, texture, and opacity in order to represent a variety of liquids—from water to paint, ink and even blood—liquid drop vectors are versatile design elements that can be incorporated into different graphic projects. How dynamically you pull this off is limited only to how far your imagination can bend.

  • Liquid drop vectors in the business setting can be used as logo designs to help promote a business centered around the concepts of purity, flexibility, life, versatility, charity, environment and ecology, as well as creativity and dynamism.
  • Following from the company logo, such vectors will come in very useful for designing business cards with this iconic silhouette.
  • Such drops can also be found in greeting cards and invitation cards, should you be using a related theme, although they should work well with retro graphic vectors.
  • Events like birthday parties that are adopting seaside, mermaid, or other underwater concept can use a water vector design in their event flyers.

Again, the versatility of these vectors can only be hindered by a lack of imagination. Play around with them and see what interesting effects they can add to your design projects where texture and liquid concepts feature prominently.

Ink Drop Vector


Milk Drop Vector


3D Pin Drop Vector


Drop Shadow Vector


Drop Vector Shape


Things You Must Know about Vector Graphics

Vector graphics is the representation of images through the use of of polygons in computer graphics. Vectors work by locating nodes or control points, which determine the directions of paths assigned to various strokes of shape, curve, stroke, thickness and fill.

In other words, it’s not an image fixed in pixel, ratio or dimension. You can infinitely stretch this image without losing its quality.

Thanks to this scalable quality, they follow a specific standard, the SVG (scalable vector graphics). This concept is a little bit slow and and only establishes low commercial interests. SVG is also very independent when it comes to rendering devices such as monitors and printers. This is used commonly for maps, illustrations, flags, photographs, coats and toned images. SVG is also favorable for making abstract vectors.

With regards to printing process, vectors are very ideal. Since they are created through mathematical commands, images can be automatically resized accordingly.

Operations-wise, vectors are extremely flexible and versatile for they can be zoomed in infinitely while remaining smooth and clean. The image’s parameters are even stored and modified, which means scaling, moving, filling, and rotating is easy without affecting the quality of the drawing.

Is it any wonder they are so popular in the graphics industry?

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