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9+ Heraldic Vectors


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Nowadays, you can find any number of images that you could use to decorate anything you wanted. One of these possible image designs happens to be medieval heraldic vectors. It is entirely possible to take those kinds of images and make them your own. This way, you can lend your own images some of the same sense of age and dignity.

While there are any number of vector images like abstract vectors, using heraldic imagery can be taken as you using the image to speak a certain language. Most images do something similar, in that each image is a unique image, distinct from any other, which could explain the enduring use of heraldic images.

Heraldic Lion Vector


Heraldic Shield Vector

Heraldic Eagle Vector

Floral Heraldic Vector


Heraldic Banner Vector


Where Can You Use These Vectors?

In a way, heraldic vectors can be classified as retro graphic vectors, in that they are an archaic sort of image that evokes an idea of the past. That said, the modern world has been able to take the images and make them their own in a way that can suit contemporary needs.

  • Some governments still maintain heraldry to represent the nation or offices, which can give those bodies a greater sense of dignity.
  • Academia is another sector that can make use of heraldic vectors, as it is traditional for prestigious schools to do so.
  • Heraldic logos also see use as logos for private companies and organizations, which is no surprise considering that heraldry is a precursor of modern logos.

What Kinds of Heraldic Vectors Can You Use?

Traditionally, heraldry is a complicated language, but nowadays, the system is generally easier for those who want to use the symbolism without being dragged into the complexity. In any case, some of the images available to you include:

  • You can use animal images, perhaps as a representation of something, in which case the animal can serve as a mascot of sorts.
  • You can also use shields, which can be used as a framework for a more complex logo.
  • Aside from that, there are also crests and scrolls. Crests can be used as a framework for images, and you can place slogans and mottoes on scrolls if that is your strategy.

Heraldic Crown Vector


Heraldic Flag Vector

Golden Heraldic Elements Vector

Heraldic Ribbon Vector


Monsters Heraldic Vector


Tips For Using Heraldic Vectors

Like other images, there are some ways that you can make your use of heraldic vectors more effective. After all, heraldry is an effective example of free vector art, and can serve you well in garnering attention for you. Some of these tips include:

  • Since this page gives you many options, you might want to think about combining different images together. This can work especially well if that combination can make a more complete heraldic image.
  • In the interest of generating attention, you might want to choose the most bizarre examples on this page. Many of these medieval images look extremely strange, which can help to make an impression on viewers.
  • Alternatively, you could elect not to make your heraldic design so elaborate. This would make it much easier to produce, and hence easier to distribute to more people, albeit it would not be quite as impressive looking.

If these images are not quite what you need, there are still other designs available all over this website. So even if you needed other designs that differed from heraldic images, you could still hope to find them here.

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