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9+ Beautiful Nativity Silhouette Vectors

Most of us are familiar with the traditional Christmas story, which is the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day in a stable in Bethlehem with the shepherds and three wise men looking on as depicted in countless manger scenes. Though many say this is an inaccurate representation of how it really happened, it is only up to our belief and faith on how we look at it.

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By definition, a silhouette is a view of a person, an object or a scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior. It usually consists of two main things—the silhouette cutout, which is usually black, and its contrasting background, which is usually white. If you are a photographer, you may want to check out our gallery of Silhouette Photography.

Nativity Art Silhouette


Christmas Nativity Silhouette


Free Printable Nativity Silhouette


Nativity Clip Art Silhouette


Nativity Silhouette Vector


The Term Silhouette

During the 1760s, an abusive finance minister of France, Etienne de Silhouette, was hated by his people. Etienne, on the other hand, ignored their protests by focusing more on his hobby of making shadow cutouts.

The protesters only wore black to mimic his black paper cutouts, saying they are “dressing like Silhouette” and that they are “just shadows that are too poor to wear color.” It is believed that this is where the term silhouette originated.

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The Birth of Jesus Christ

  • The first nativity scene was staged by St. Francis of Assisi in 1223 with the permission from Pope Honorious III.
  • The Star of Bethlehem was real but has different theories surrounding it. One of which is that it could be the lights of Saturn and Jupiter combined. Another is that it could be a comet or an aligning of Jupiter with the star Regulus.
  • The Bible has no mention of the real date of Jesus’s birth, and it was only decided by the church during the 4th century to declare December 25 as his birth date.
  • Same goes with the wise men who visited Jesus. There was no mention as to how many there were.

Black and White Nativity Silhouette


Simple Nativity Silhouette


Nativity Outline Silhouette


Nativity Angel Silhouette


Nativity Silhouette Painting


  • In Greek, X, or Chi, is the first letter of Christ’s name, which is how the spelling Xmas came into existence. This alternate spelling has been used since the 1500s.
  • Some believe that the wooden manger where Jesus was born is false, and that he was actually born in a cave-like place. Others even believe that Jesus was born on the lower floor of a relative’s house.
  • Most scholars, including Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, believe that Jesus was actually born before 1 AD or sometime between 7 BC to 2 BC.
  • Many scholars believe that they first met Jesus when he was between one to two years old, and the Bible even mentioned that they visited Jesus’s house, not his birthplace.

Why Choose Our Silhouette Samples?

These samples were selected from among the best all over the Internet and were designed by creative graphic artists. Downloading these samples is easy and free of charge, and you can choose to download it in either PSD (for Photoshop users), AI or EPS (Adobe Illustrator), or Vector format, depending on which one works for you. These samples are in high resolution, which means you won’t have to worry about having blurry or pixelated silhouette images.

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