9+ Shark Silhouettes


Among the interesting designs people can elect to use are animal designs. Many people, whether now or in the past, saw fit to use animal designs in their art or as an interesting design for their belongings.

Nowadays, one option people have for using animal designs is Animal Silhouettes. These silhouettes simply show a silhouette of a given animal, rather than the animal itself. This subtly implies the animal’s presence without being obvious. People use all sorts of animals as decor, depending on their preference. The shark is no exception, being considered in the popular mind a fearsome predator in no small part thanks to popular fiction. In any case, there are a great number of shark silhouette designs that you can use for yourself.

Shark Silhouette Vector

shark silhouette vector Download

Shark Mouth Silhouette

shark mouth silhouette Download

Whale Shark Silhouette

whale shark silhouette Download

Shark Silhouette Tattoo

shark silhouette tattoo Download

Shark Jaw Silhouette

shark jaw silhouette Download

Qualities of Silhouette Art

These templates tend to evoke Silhouette Photography, which is a unique kind of photography which implies the subject of the photo without being so direct as to actually show it. This adds a certain air to the photo and creates a contrast between the lighting of the shot and the darkness of the silhouette. These two types of artwork have certain qualities in common, usually to do with the contrasts between dark and light. These qualities include these:

  • Implied Image. Since the thing in question is not actually seen, the subject of the work is not actually visible but is actually implied by the silhouette. The idea is that the subject is not something seen itself, but rather it is seen through everything else in the shot.
  • Air of Mystery. That the image itself is not seen so much as implied creates this air that something is missing from the shot. However, since the silhouette can still be glimpsed, and seen in relation to everything else, it creates this sense of empty space around which everything else is arranged.
  • Creation of Contrasts. The fact that the subject of the shot is not visible has been established. However, the empty space that the silhouette takes up creates a contrast with the other elements of the shot. The “not subject,” which is more visible, frames around the silhouette, so that it the silhouette seems rather like a void around which the rest of the shot revolves.

Shark Fin Silhouette

shark fin silhouette Download

Hammerhead Shark Silhouette

hammerhead shark silhouette Download

Bull Shark Silhouette

bull shark silhouette Download

Shark Silhouette Clipart

shark silhouette clipart1 Download

Great White Shark Silhouette

great white shark silhouette Download

How Silhouettes Differ from Regular Art

These Silhouette Patterns can be an interesting and eye-catching way of decorating, being that it is a fairly subtle means of decoration. The thing is itself not seen but is only implied, which is already a significant difference from other kinds of designs. Some other ways silhouettes are distinct from other kinds of art include:

  • Lack of Details. Since silhouettes are not meant to be “seen,” per se, there is a lack of detail to them. This is related to the idea that silhouettes are only implied so that there actually need not be detail; in a way, it is up to the viewer to fill in the details himself.
  • Empty Space. A silhouette appears to have more in common with empty space, seeing that it has the appearance of emptiness. It appears less that the silhouette takes up space but appears to be rather like an empty area around which the rest of the shot exists.

Silhouettes are an interesting form of art decor, in that they are more subtle than simply decorating something with an image. In this case, the most significant part is actually that which goes unseen.

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