8+ Beautiful Unicorn Silhouette Vectors


Everyone wants to live in a fantasy world where there is only happiness and no sadness, where magic exists and impossible things happen, and where all of your hearts desire can come true. Fantasy is a make-believe tale set in an imaginary universe. They are characterized by the use of magic and supernatural elements in its plot, theme, and setting; and magical creatures are often the characters of their stories.

Speaking of magical creatures, one of the many favorites are unicorns. Unicorns are legendary and mythical creatures that are usually depicted with a horse body and a single large, pointed, spiraling horn from its forehead. We have gathered some of the most beautiful unicorn silhouette vectors in the world of the Internet, together with other Animal Silhouettes on this website, for use in any creative project.

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Unicorn Head Silhouette

unicorn head silhouette Download

Unicorn Silhouette Clipart

unicorn silhouette clip art Download

Unicorn Silhouette Vector

unicorn silhouette vector Download

Black and White Unicorn Silhouette

black and white unicorn silhouette Download

Free Printable Unicorn Silhouette

free printable unicorn silhouette Download

Unicorns in History

Although many believed that unicorns are only make-believe creatures, there are several accounts of them recorded in history.

  • Lascaux unicorn. The first ever depiction of the unicorn was the Lascuax unicorn found in France, which many people believed as the mythical creature until they realized it has two horns that are drawn close together.
  • Greek history. There are no mention of the unicorn in the Greek mythology but rather in accounts of natural history. The Greek historian Ctesias wrote that the creature had a white body, purple head, blue eyes, and a multicolored horn.
  • Marco Polo. Marco Polo was made to believe that he has stumbled upon unicorns in one of his travels and claimed that they are very ugly brutes to look at. Later, people actually realized they were rhinoceroses.
  • Genghis Khan. Genghis Khan reportedly turned his army back on his way to conquer India as he met a unicorn which he believed to be a sign from his dead father.
  • Dark ages. During the dark ages, bestiaries included unicorns in their list of biological properties and medicinal use of known animals. This is the time when science was taken over by illogical hunches.
  • King James. Aside from the King James version of the Old Testament, which has nine accounts of the unicorn, King James III of Scotland uses the beast in his heraldry as well as currency in the 15th century.

Free Unicorn Silhouette

free unicorn silhouette Download

Magical Unicorn Silhouette

magical unicorn silhouette Download

Rearing Unicorn Silhouette

rearing unicorn silhouette Download

Set of Unicorn Silhouettes

set of unicorn silhouettes Download

Unicorns in Symbols

This enchanting animal is believed to have the ability to bestow magic, miracles, and wisdom to people who have pure hearts and virtues of good deeds. There are three basic symbols embodied in a unicorn.

  • The horse. A unicorn is believed to be a spiritual horse that has the ability to travel anywhere and whenever it wishes as well as the ability to appear in any realm and dimension. Therefore, it is a symbol of travel and movement.
  • The white color. This magical creature is usually depicted as a white horse, and white is the color of innocence, purity, and perfection. To kill a unicorn is to destroy a divine incarnation of purity and perfection.
  • The horn. The spiraled horn is a symbol of the endless cycle of time as well as the sword, which also symbolizes the mind. So, a unicorn’s horn signifies unity of thought and purity of reason.

Whether your art project needed to project these reasons, the unicorn is a beautiful artwork in itself and is deserving of glory in any design aesthetic, such as these Silhouette Photography vectors. So, download your choice of unicorn silhouette in this collection now.

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