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25+ Vector Artworks Download & Use Instantly

In the designing world, you will come across two types of computer graphics. One will be vector – made of paths, and the other will be raster – made of pixels. Usually, bitmaps are created with pixels whereas various sorts of Cool Logos, page layouts, line art and other illustrations are made with vector graphics. Vector art is nothing but lines interconnected with each other. A vector image can be used in various places – clothes, billboards, buildings and the web, of course. Designers tend to stick with vector images because raster images like JPG and GIF will lose their standard, the moment you expand them. You can also see Geometric Artwork.

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Man and Woman at the Bar Vector Artwok Download


Watercolor Vector Landscape Vector Artwork Download


Abstract Digital Painting Artwork of Doodle Owl


5 High Detailed Bird Vector Artwork Illustrator Download


Watercolor Heart & Brain Vector Artwork Download


Mountain Watercolor Vector Artwork Download


Earthphone Abstract Vector Artwork Download


Watercolor vector bicycle Vector Artwork Download


Designed Vector Artwork Download


Vector Underwater Artwork Free Download


Oscars Winner Vector Artwork


Tropic Flamingo Watercolor Artwork Vector Download


Colorful Abstract Watercolor Butterfly Vector Artwork Download


Mother’s Day Vector Artwork EPS Download


Native American Watercolor Hat Vector Download


Elf Warrior Vector Artwork Download


Professional Vector Artwork Download


Vintage Style Ink Floral Heart Frame EPS Download


Watercolor Set of Parrots Vector Artwork Download


Water Gun Vector Artwork Download


Doodle Vector Artwork PSD Download


Buddha Meditation Vector Artwork EPS Download


Superstition Vector Artwork Download


Watercolor Set of Peacock Download


> Photoshop? A big No

Vector images are mainly drawn in Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Both of these programs are ideal for graphic designers who want to have the freedom to use their imagination and create vector art. Besides saving these images in the EPS format, you can also save them as a PSD, PDF or AI file.

> Vector Graphics – Pleasing to the Eye

Have you ever wondered why logos look so visually appealing, no matter what their size? Logos are always created with vector graphics. When it comes to vector images, the lining and other details are always crystal clear. If you observe a bitmap image, you will find that the moment you resize it, you will not be able to figure out most of its content. Also, if you are a anime/Cartoon Sketches, you must have noticed that the graphics are smooth and clear-cut. The due credit for such distinct and coherent pictures goes to vector graphics.

> Easily Customized and Reedited

Irrespective of its size, a vector image will always retain its quality. Enlarge this image to use on a School billboard or make it super small to design a logo; the image will maintain its originality. This is why a vector image is a huge lifesaver for any designer, since you get to use it for various mediums without having to worry about its quality. In case of a vector image, you can play around with colors, outlines and other editing stuff. Also, if you want to edit a certain part and keep the rest of it intact, you can easily do it.

> Print Friendly and Ideal for Minute Visual Art

You can easily print them without distorting their quality. The images will stay inch-perfect and as striking as their online counterpart will. If you are drawing something, which requires a lot of detailing, then always, go for vector images. Vector plays with lines and you can use this to your utmost advantage when you work on detailed illustrations. These images are perfect to display at presentations and demonstrations. Also, most people opt for vector graphics because they are every easily viewable, they do not take much time to get loaded.

> Vector Art and Its Various Patterns

Depending on the theme of the website, you can get free vector art online. These images come in various patterns and motifs. If it is a textile related business, then go for Triangle patterns. If you want to keep it mysterious, then choose abstract patterns. When it comes ot free vector art, options are a galore and they are always cheap compared to a photograph clicked by a professional photographer.

> When Do You Use Vector Graphics?

If you are illustrating something with very few colors, always go for vector in Adobe Illustrator. What happens in Adobe Illustrator is that once you start drawing, the vector formulas start working by themselves and help you to create letterheads, logos and various sorts of graphic pieces. Sometimes you need to design something which requires both vector and raster images. Say for instance you are making a logo with a picture of a human being, you will have to use both Photoshop and Illustrator. At times like these you have to use your graphic design skills and make sure that instead of one design overpowering the other, there is some kind of balance between the two.

> Raster Images Vs Vector Images

While it is true that raster images have the ability to present multiple colors in a single image and they also allow you to tweak the colors, vector images outperform them in image size. Once you blow up a raster image, its original quality gets degraded and the image either becomes blurry or somewhat distorted. And, vector images are more often than not small in size while the raster images have huge dimensions. But, you should know if you are using Photoshop, then you have no other option except raster images.

> Categorization of Vector Images

  • Vector Illustration: This kind of illustration is hand drawn and removed from all complexities. With sparse use of colors and some color merging, you make a vector image. Since you have merged colors, it will no longer be a vector image, hundred percent but it should fulfill your purpose.
  • Photo-realistic Vector: With the use of several colors, you can make it look like its original. This kind of vector image can be utilized I for not only Digital Printing but also CYMK.
  • Vector Lineart: Unlike the above two, this one is completely vector. Here, there is no question of blending colors. The wireframe is supported in all the processes.

> Few Things You Need To Keep In Mind

  • While working with vector images, make sure that there are absolutely no gaps between the lines of your drawing. Also, avoid rushed drawings as clients are not that naïve and will definitely notice them.
  • Always ensure that your hand is steady while drawing. Sloppy work will fetch you negative marks. Uniformity and smoothness is a must while dealing with Vector graphics.
  • You need to be certain that your source photo is or high quality, otherwise, your vector image will suffer because of it.
  • Avoid playing too much with the proportions because if you are inexperienced with this type of designing, you might end up making a total mess out of it.

With enough practice, and patience, you will become a pro at this. In case you have a tight budget and a deadline to attend to, you can always go to sites like where artists tend to make and share vector illustrations, and you don’t have to spend a single penny to have access to them.

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