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Vines are plants that have slender, long stems that dangles or creeps on the ground or climbs by spiraling itself about a support and holding fast with tendrils or claspers. There are a lot of vine plants out there, and the most common among them is a grape plant.

Our collection offers delightful vine vector pattern designs. Vectors are a graphical representation that use straight lines to create a specific outline of certain objects or things. If you are someone who is looking for a unique layout, this page right here is perfect for you. Go ahead and take a look at the images below.

Vine Border Vector

vine-border-vector Download

Vine Leaf Vector

vine-leaf-vector Download

Swirl Vine Vector

swirl-vine-vector Download

Grape Vine Vector

grape-vine-vector Download

Floral Vine Vector

floral-vine-vector Download

Fine as a Vine

If you look around, you can see that plants are everywhere and in different forms and shapes. And there are particular plants that grow as vines, while a few grow as vines only in a specific time. As an example, poison ivy and bittersweet can grow as low as shrubs when support is out of reach but will become vines when support is ready and available.

Growth Formation

Vines exhibits a growth formation placed on long and slender stems. This has actually two purposes. A vine can use rock exposures, other plants, or other supports for growth instead of investing energy in a lot of supportive plant parts that enable vines to reach sunlight with a little energy used. This has been a great help for a successful growth structure for plants such as Japanese honeysuckle and kudzu, which are both invasive exotics in some areas of North America.

You may look at as a unique type of a plant but vines offer a benefit that people and gardeners sometimes overlook. Those flowering vines attract nature’s pollinators. Planting flowering vines is an enticing and economical way to attract birds and insects to stop by and enjoy the sweet nectar, which gives you a lovely and peaceful feel and liven up your landscape’s view.

You can visit our Vector Elements page.

Rose Vine Vector

rose-vine-vector Download

Vine Branches Vector

vine-branches-vector Download

Christmas Vine Vector

christmas-vine-vector Download

Hand Drawn Vine Vector

hand-drawn-vine-vector Download

Vine Graphic Vector

vine-graphic-vector Download

Vines will do everything to climb its way up—twirling, twisting, turning and curling. They operate landscapes in a creative way. While there are some cover and camouflage parallel surfaces, others twirl vertical walls and fences. Their beautiful vegetation provides visual interest as it makes living screens, softens hardscapes, and transforms almost impossible areas.

Since we all know that some of you really loves this plant. We decided to create a list of vine vector designs that you will surely appreciate. There are a total of 9 designs to choose from.

Ours Are the Best

  • Each contains beautiful and unique design.
  • They are all in a high-quality resolution.
  • You can download them straight to your computer or laptop.
  • All of them come in easy-to-modify formats so that you can edit them if you want to.
  • All can be printed with no worries.
  • The page itself is accessible 24/7.

Other Helpful Uses

  • They are ideal for a pillowcase or bedsheet designs.
  • Good for your website background, especially if you are selling plant products and gardening equipment online.
  • Can be a great book and notebook cover.
  • Can also be a great T-shirt or dress print.

These are all yours to take advantage. Go ahead and download the designs you want. You can also check out our collection of Abstract Vectors if you’re looking for more unique designs.

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