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In any type of event, there will always be the common people and those that will receive a special level of treatment. While the reasons for this special treatment vary—they may be someone who’s wealthy or someone who’s very well-known—the point is that they are often separated from the common attendees of the event. These people are referred to as VIP, which we will explain in a bit. You can also read free editable ticket templates.

If you are planning to host an event, you will need to make sure that you will also be able to cater to VIPs. And in doing so, you will also need to create a separate line of tickets specifically for them. Below, we have a collection of VIP event ticket templates that you can download, edit, and use. Feel free to check out the templates, and at the end of this article, you will also be provided with instructions on how you can download one.

VIP Event Ticket Example

VIP Event Ticket Template


Multipurpose Event Ticket Template

Multipurpose Event Ticket Template


Modern VIP Event Ticket Template

Modern VIP Event Ticket Template

What Does it Mean to Have a VIP Status?

The abbreviation VIP stands for Very Important Person, which refers to an individual who has been regarded to be of great importance and is entitled to special privileges due to their status. Examples of people with a VIP status include celebrities, political figures, major employers, wealthy individuals, and any person who is socially notable. This special status commonly separates the individual from common people, and they are given a higher level of service and comfort. You can also read how to create tickets in Word.

Oftentimes, there is another status given to individuals who are deemed more important than the VIP and is given the highest level of service. These people are referred to as VVIP, which stands for Very Very Important Person, but this status is not as commonly used as the VIP. You may also like creative ticket designs.

In terms of what VIPs are entitled to, it varies from establishment to establishment. In clubs, the VIPs may be given access to a restricted area that is exclusive to those having a special status. In concert venues, the VIPs may be permitted to go to the backstage and probably meet the performers. The benefits that VIP members can receive for their status will definitely vary according to the establishment, facility, or organization. You can also like ticket invitation templates.

Special VIP Event Ticket Design

Special VIP Event Ticket Template

VIP Club Event Ticket Template

VIP Club Event Ticket Template

Golden VIP Event Ticket Example

Golden VIP Event Ticket Template

Ten Steps to Planning an Event

When planning an event, the most important factor that you should consider is its success. You will really need to make sure that your event is going to turn out successfully for the sake of your attendees as well as your reputation. Of course, it would be much easier on your part if you would plan the event with someone else’s help. Even small scale events require the involvement of more than just one person during the planning phase, how much more with large ones? Here are the steps to take when planning an event, you might find these steps very convenient on your end.

1. Developing the Goals and Objectives of the Event

The first and foremost step that you will need to take when planning an event is to determine your goals and objectives, or what you intend to achieve at the end. Here, you need to make sure that your goals and objectives are tangible. Other than that, you may even use the concept of S.M.A.R.T. here, your goals should also be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Oriented, and Time-Bounded. You can also read PSD ticket templates.

2. Organizing the Team

Build your team, with each committee tasked at handling certain areas of the event. But you can’t just organize any team, you need to get people who you can trust because having a reliable team can help you finish multiple tasks in very little time. The team should at least involve the following committees: venue management, sounds, publicity, sponsors or partners, and volunteers. You may also like excellent show ticket templates.

3. Scheduling the Event

The date for the event should be planned carefully, you should take into consideration the holidays and the availability of the key participants. Give yourself enough time to plan the schedule of the event, the most ideal would be between four to six months of planning time, though this will still depend on the nature of the event.

4. Naming or Branding Your Event

Make your event stand out by creating a name for it. This way, you will be able to set your event apart from the competition. When making your name, make sure everyone in your team is involved and that it reflects the nature of your event. And aside from just the name, also create a tagline that briefly describes the event. You may also like service ticket designs.

5. Devising the Master Plan

Gather insights from the different committees of your team and make a single master plan for the event. This should involve the various aspects of the event including the venue, presenters, activities, promotion or publicity, registration, sponsors and partners, and volunteer management. You can also like printable tickets.

6. Determining the Administrative Processes

In terms of administrative processes, this involves keeping track of the planning, registration, simple budget, guests, presenters, and other aspects. In other words, this is the process of overseeing the entire event from start to finish.

7. Seeking Partners and Sponsors

In any event, the involvement of partners and sponsors is necessary to increase the likeliness of participation as well as distribute the expenses for the event. When other groups and organizations are involved, there is a higher chance of spreading the word and making the event successful. You may want to seek sponsors to fund the event, or you may also want to seek assistance from community organizations in terms of looking for a venue or with organizing the staff. You can also chech out free tickets.

8. Creating a Publicity Plan

Another term for a publicity plan is a promotional plan, which refers to the plan of how to promote the event to the general public. Regardless of how big or well-known the presenters of the event are, you will still need to publicize it effectively in order to spread the word. Create an event web page, email potential leads, create advertisements on the media, etc. There are actually various ways you can do this, what matters is the word goes out. You may also see meal ticket templates.

9. Establishing the Budget

Well, how much are you willing to spend for the event? And this already encompasses the expenses or funds shared with you from the corporate sponsors. The budget plan incorporates estimates or a ranged amount to be flexible, and this should have already included the key items identified in the master plan.

10. Determining the Success of the Event

What is your determinant in terms of the success of your event? Is the number of attendees a factor or is it the amount of the profit from the ticket sales? During the development of the goals and objectives, you should have already considered how you will evaluate the outcome of the event to determine whether it is successful or not. You can also like dinner ticket templates.

Simple Music Event VIP Ticket

Music Event VIP Ticket Template

Retro VIP Event Ticket Template

Retro VIP Event Ticket Template

Anniversary Event VIP Ticket Sample

Anniversary Event VIP TIcket Template

How to Download a Template?

The event ticket templates that you have just seen are technically not from our website, they are taken from separate third-party websites that are intended to provide various templates to users. The instructions for downloading a template may vary between one website and another, so make sure to read the instructions below carefully.

1. Every article showcases a collection of templates, check out each and every design before downloading one. If you wish to take a closer look at a template, click on the Download or Buy Now button provided (this button won’t download the template right away, it will only redirect you to its source website).

2. Once you’ve already been redirected to the source of the template, you may check out more images, samples, or mock-ups of the template either by clicking on the thumbnail or by scrolling down, you will be provided with an alternate color scheme or design for the same template.

3. If you have found the perfect event ticket template that really works for you, here are the various ways of downloading it depending on the website:

  • If you’re downloading from GraphicRiver, registering for an account is required before you can download any template from the website. After doing so, click on the Buy Now, choose your payment method, and you’ll now be able to download that template.
  • If you’re downloading from Creative Market, signing up for an account is not required and you can download a template even without an account, all that’s required from you are your card details. After providing those, simply click on the Purchase button and the ticket template should then be downloaded. In this website, they also allow payments through PayPal, simply click on that option.
  • If you’re downloading from Shutterstock, registering for an account is also required. After doing so, you will be given a choice to download the template in Small, Medium, or Large format. The best option would be to download in the largest size and simply resize it from there. Click on the Download button and choose your payment method.

4. After the download process is complete, it is time to edit the design of the ticket template.

Black VIP Event Ticket

Black VIP Event Ticket Template

Rustic VIP Event Ticket Design

Rustic VIP Event Ticket Template

How to Edit a Template?

After you have downloaded a ticket template as instructed above, you will need to edit the design before you can actually use them. These templates come in various formats which include PSD and AI, and these templates are all impressively high in quality and fully editable. You can also like

But to be able to fully edit the design of the template according to your preferences, you will need to use the right editing tool for it. For example, if you have downloaded a PSD template, the right editing tool would be Adobe Photoshop or GIMP; or if you have downloaded a template in the vector format, then you will need to use either Adobe Illustrator or Corel DRAW. Be sure to familiarize the format of the printable ticket template and the editing tools compatible with it.

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