9+ Discount Voucher Templates

In today’s market, prices of products and services just keep escalating along with the demand of goods. Not everybody has the luxury to afford all the things they want and need. So this is where a voucher can come in handy. But what exactly is a voucher? Vouchers are a type of redeemable transaction bond. In simpler terms, it is a document that allows you to buy something or proves that you paid for something.

So if you are looking for templates for discount vouchers, we have samples for you to download and customize without the hassle. But if you are looking for coupon-related vouchers, you can also check out the samples for Coupon Voucher Templates we have on Template.net.

Shiny Discount Voucher Template



Classy Discount Voucher Template



Discount Gift Voucher Template



Discount Hotel Voucher Template



Discount Code Voucher Template

Discount Code Voucher Template


What Is a Voucher For?

Vouchers are actually similar to receipts. They are evidence that the holder is eligible to acquire certain goods. Examples for this include housing, travel, and food vouchers.

There are different kinds of vouchers. Here is a list of vouchers and what specific purpose they are used for:

  • Tourism. Vouchers in the tourism sectors are primarily used as proof of a customer’s right to receive service at a specific time and place. They are collected by service providers and returned to the tour agency that has sent that customer to let them know that the customer has redeemed the service. Providers customarily require this voucher to be presented before the customer redeems the services provided.
  • Accounting. An account voucher is a document that represent an internal intent to create a payment to an external entity such as a service provider or vendor. This voucher contains detailed information regarding the payee, the amount of the payment, a description of the transaction, and more.
  • Mobile. Vouchers used for mobile phones are recharge numbers that allow customers to reload their SIM cards with money. By doing so, the customer extends their card’s availability period. This type of voucher is usually sold at retail outlets like phone stores, gas stations, grocery stores, and mobile operators.
  • Internet. Vouchers that are used online are called an e-voucher. These types of vouchers can be used to shop online as a form of payment for the transaction. E-vouchers can take the form of a code.

You can also check out more Free Voucher Template samples on our website if you couldn’t find what you were looking for here.

Modern Discount Voucher Template



Discount Movie Voucher Template



Food Discount Voucher Template



Colorful Discount Voucher Template



Printable Discount Voucher Template



What Exactly Is a Discount?

Discounts are a deduction of the usual cost of something you purchase. This is usually given to convince the buyer to buy a product in which the price is reduced, thus allowing the customer to save money.

By doing so, it is an effective marketing technique to increase sales of a certain product. This also helps in drawing in new customers to your store which they often purchase items on an impulse.

The Difference between Coupons and Vouchers

The simple difference between the two is that vouchers can only be used once, even if it is a discount voucher or a voucher to redeem a free product or service. While coupons, on the other hand, can be used multiple times until its credits are used up.

Looking for vouchers to give to someone? Check out our Gift Voucher Templates that we offer on our website.

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