9+ Wedding Voucher Templates – PSD, AI, Vector EPS

Vouchers are always a great gift to give. It allows your receiver to redeem or purchase something for free or with a discount. A perfect time to give vouchers are during weddings. Either it is the couple who will give away free vouchers or it is the guest that will present a voucher as a gift, the benefits are the same. If you are looking for wedding templates to edit and customize, then you have come to the right place!

In this post, we have collected samples of wedding voucher templates for you to download and print hassle free. For travel-related vouchers, you can check out our Travel Voucher Templates that we offer on our website.

Wedding Gift Voucher Template



Wedding Drink Voucher Template



Wedding Anniversary Voucher Template




Wedding Package Voucher Template



Wedding Album Voucher Template



What Are Vouchers?

First things first, here is a summary of what vouchers are and what they are used for. Vouchers are almost similar to receipts in a way that vouchers document and prove that the holder is eligible to obtain the specified goods and services stated on the voucher. They are great as gifts because the receiver can redeem discounted or free items or services. However, be reminded that they don’t last very long as they also have an expiration date.

Coupons versus Vouchers

You may be wondering, Which one should I give? Here’s a rundown of the differences between a coupon and a voucher.

With vouchers, the holder can only use it once to redeem. Coupons can be stacked and used multiple times until all the credits in it are used up. They are usually issued and distributed by manufacturers or retailers as part of sales promotions. While vouchers, on the other hand, are purchased by a person for them to give to someone else. It is like a receipt except you cannot redeem items and services.

If you are looking for regular gift vouchers, you can check out our collection of Gift Voucher Templates to find more samples.

Wedding Discount Voucher Template



Wedding Thank You Voucher Template



Personalized Wedding Voucher Template



Wedding Travel Voucher Template



Printable Wedding Voucher Template



Gift Card versus Vouchers

Gift cards and vouchers are both really similar. With gift cards, however, you can purchase or acquire any type of product or service. They are usually a certain amount of money. An example of this is when you receive a hundred-dollar gift card from your local grocery store. You can use the gift cards to buy groceries up to a hundred bucks. If you do not reach the amount given on the gift card, then you can use the remaining amount the next time to receive more.

Vouchers entitles you to receive a certain product or service such as a trip to the spa. Although vouchers are limited to one thing, it is not the same to gift cards in terms of redeeming. While gift cards allows the holder to purchase any products they want, vouchers are more specific and direct. This is why vouchers are perfect as wedding gifts.

If your voucher gives them an all-expense paid trip for two, it helps the couple to know what they want instead of having them think of what they want. It is also considerate to think of how tired they must be after the wedding day. A honeymoon voucher is perfect for the two to enjoy the first day of the rest of their lives.

For business-related vouchers, you can also check out our Business Voucher Templates, which you could also find on our website.

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