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Wedding advice cards are not a traditional wedding stationery design requirement. In decades past, the only and most important wedding paper is the wedding invitation card. However, the use of advice cards has gained slow traction over the years as couples come up with more innovative ways to spice up their respective wedding reception parties and take away something useful from the event.

So if you want to add something unique to your wedding without putting up unnecessary and additional effort into it, just look into using wedding advice cards. In this article, we provide multiple examples of wedding advice card templates that you may use for your own wedding. Not only that, these card examples are available in various design themes that will match your own wedding motif.

As promised, embedded below is a collection of both formal advice cards and funny/creative advice cards. Feel free to browse through them and use the one that best appeals to you.

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Beach Wedding Advice Card Template

beach wedding advice card template

Burgundy Floral Wedding Advice Card Design Templates

burgundy floral wedding advice card design templates

Copper Glitter Lights Wedding Advice Card

copper glitter lights wedding advice card

Choose the Copper Glitter Lights Wedding Advice Card (shown above) if you are having a formal wedding reception or if you are using vintage wedding templates. This advice card is available in both portrait (3.5 inches by 5 inches) and landscape (5 inches by 3.5 inches) layout orientations. It is fully customizable using Zazzle’s built-in text editor. It can also be printed in different paper types and sizes depending on your preference.

Fall Wedding Advice Card Template

fall wedding advice card template

Why use wedding advice cards?

Before anything else, let us first provide you with practical reasons why you should add wedding advice cards to your wedding checklist. Hopefully, these reasons will help convince you to make your wedding reception party a more memorable one.

  • To get useful pieces of advice from your guests. As is obvious from its name alone, wedding advice cards are printed cards used for asking wedding guests for tips, pieces of advice, and even warnings for the newlywed couple. Of course, you may always ask for advice from your wedding sponsors or family members at any time before or after the wedding. But human memories can be faulty and with the added stress of wedding planning, you may forget about what was said. Instead, using advice cards lets their sage thoughts about marriage be put into print and forever be memorialized. You can refer back to these wedding cards even after your wedding day.
  • To provide guests with another form of entertainment during the reception. Yes, we all know that the wedding reception should be all about the couple. But that does not mean the newlywed should hog all the attention. Enough care should still be put into making your wedding guests comfortable and entertained enough. Giving away wedding advice cards for them to write on during lulls in the wedding program is another mode of entertainment for less active guests like the elderly or those who are in the same age group as the couple. Besides, some wedding advice cards are funny enough that they could count as a source of comedic entertainment for the guests and for the couple who will get to read them later on.
  • To have a physical memorabilia of the event. As mentioned earlier, wedding advice cards may be bound together just like a book. This then becomes a good memorabilia for couples who can use the advice for their married life together. The compilation of wedding advice cards may even be designed to match your wedding invitation template designs. This way, you will be reminded of your wedding day and how all your wedding decorations and stationery looked.
  • To have something to read during the long honeymoon plane ride. On a lighter note, couples may take all the wedding advice cards with them during their honeymoon trip. We are not talking about reading those advice notes during the honeymoon night itself. But you may use them as reading material during the long plane ride. Couples who are planning honeymoon trips to faraway places may like this idea.
  • To show your creative side. Artistic couples who want to personalize all their wedding stationery may also opt for using creatively designed advice cards. In a world of mass-produced wedding card samples, couples who choose to create handmade card designs for their wedding will feel a deeper sense of involvement in planning their wedding as it provides an imaginative and highly original outlet for their talents. Wedding guests will also appreciate a wedding more if they see personalized and handcrafted decorative and practical items used during the ceremony and reception. If you are planning to use handcrafted designs for your wedding, make sure to plan ahead and learn how to create handmade cards efficiently before committing to such a task.

Floral Wedding Advice Card Design Template

floral wedding advice card design template

Funny Wedding Advice Card

funny wedding advice card

The Funny Wedding Advice Card featured above is an example of a Madlibs style advice card. Guests are required to fill in the blanks and even doodle pictures in the card space. The card will surely be a hit among the elders since this is something not done in typical weddings. This card design is printed on plain white paper measuring 6 inches by 3.5 inches. Also, note that this advice card is available as a pre-printed card and is sold in sets of 50.

Garden Wedding Advice Card Template

garden wedding advice card template

Gold Sparkling Wedding Advice Card

gold sparkling wedding advice card

Choose the Gold Sparkling Wedding Advice Card featured above if you want a truly elegant-looking advice card. Card designs like this will suit other elegant wedding invitations so you will not have to worry about having mismatched wedding stationery designs.

This card measures 3.5 inches by 5 inches. Its focal image orientation may be adjusted if you want to have an advice card in either portrait or landscape layout orientation. This card may be bought as a standalone card if you want to see a sample card before actually using it for your wedding.

Nautical Wedding Advice Card Template

nautical wedding advice card template

Personalized Advice for Bride and Groom Card

personalized advice for bride and groom card 788x787

We all know that wedding receptions can get hectic and the newlyweds cannot always talk to all the guests. Using wedding advice cards is a good way to help bridge that gap. The Personalized Advice for Bride and Groom Card pictured above boasts a simple floral design that will work well with other floral wedding templates or it may also be used for summer weddings.

This advice card is available as a digital download and will include templates for the 3.5-inch by 5-inch advice card and the 8-inch by 10-inch display sign. All download files will be stored in both PDF and JPEG file formats.

Pink Floral Wedding Advice Card Design Template

pink floral wedding advice card design template

Rustic Wedding Advice Card

rustic wedding advice card

If you have used a rustic wedding invitation and all your other wedding stationery follow the same motif, there is no reason for you not to also use the Rustic Wedding Advice Card featured above. This printable card template includes pre-written advice prompts. This way, guests will not have to rack up their brains to think of sensible pieces of advice for the newlyweds.

On the other hand, if you are having a formal and traditional wedding, you do not have to use the same formal wedding design template in your wedding advice cards. After all, you will be keeping the advice cards so do the things that you like to.

Simple Advice for the Bride and Groom Wedding Advice Card

simple advice for the bride groom wedding advice card

Use the Simple Advice for the Bride and Groom Wedding Advice Card embedded above if you wish your guests to write down serious pieces of marriage advice. This advice card template relies on a gold foil typography design used as the header. It is simple enough that the guests’ attention will not veer away from the task at hand.

This sample wedding card template prints out on 4-inch by 6-inch paper or card stock. Two cards will come out of one letter-sized or A4-sized paper. The text elements in the template are fully editable in Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. If you want to personalize this card template, you may add your own wedding logo design when editing it.

Summer Floral Wedding Advice Card Design Template

summer floral wedding advice card design template

Vintage Wedding Advice Card

vintage wedding advice card

For those who want to incorporate a touch of fun and laughter into their wedding reception festivities, try using the Vintage Wedding Advice Card shown above. This advice card design may also work well with other vintage wedding templates. If using this advice card template, make sure to print it out on heavy brown card stock. It also helps if the card is arranged on each guests’ table like a rack card. This way, guests will see and be more inclined to fill out the advice card.

This advice card listing is available for sale in sets of 10. The card measures 11 cm (4.33 inches) by 22 cm (8.66 inches).

What wedding advice card to choose?

Let’s admit it. Wedding planning can be exhausting. And choosing wedding templates for different wedding stationeries that will be needed for a wedding can be overwhelming. To ease the couple’s burden, they may always hire a wedding planner. But not everyone has the desire or budget to do that. And here comes the prospect of choosing a wedding advice card template.

Couples do not really have to use a wedding advice card anymore. But if you wish to add one item to your wedding reception stationery, let it be a wedding advice card. The advice card template you choose may not totally match with your other wedding invitations but it is something that you will treasure for the rest of your married life.

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