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14 Glamorous Wedding After Effects Templates

Video coverage is another wedding staple that couples typically include in their wedding plans. This is because a video record of one’s wedding is a good way to preserve a couple’s and their family’s memories of that fateful day. But, for couples who are on a budget, they may readily forgo having one due to the high costs associated with quality wedding video coverage.

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But if it is really your dream to have your wedding ceremony and reception captured on film, you may take a look at using wedding after effects video templates for your wedding coverage. This route is often taken by couples who already know how to use Adobe After Effects or know someone who is willing to capture the video, and then edit the footage later. This may sound like a lot of work because it is; but what are family and friends for, right? You may ask them for their assistance during this special day and make it easier to plan your DIY dream wedding.

What is After Effects?

Before we proceed, let us provide a brief explanation of what After Effects is. Adobe After Effects is a video compositing and editing software developed by Adobe Systems. It is mainly used for creating digital effects and animations. To illustrate, footage of a wedding ceremony is edited in After Effects by adding transition effects, elaborate filters, and other visual effects. In addition, a simple wedding footage may be augmented by adding animated graphic design elements to the video template. All these are possible using Adobe After Effects.

Note that you will need to have Adobe After Effects installed on your computer before you can successfully open and edit an After Effects template. This software program is available under a monthly or yearly plan under Adobe Systems’ Creative Suite.

This software program requires a high learning curve. That is why if you are a beginner, it is best to practice using Adobe After Effects templates first. In this article, we provide 15 examples of downloadable wedding video templates that you may use when editing your own wedding videos.

What is an After Effects template?

In this article, we will focus on After Effects templates. These templates are document files created using Adobe After Effects and will bear the file extension AEP (short for After Effects Project). They are pre-made by professional graphic designers and video editors so that any person with basic knowledge of After Effects may easily open and customize the templates.

Also, these templates work like regular wedding templates in a sense that any user will just have to open the template file on a compatible software program and he or she will then be able to edit the template. This functionality is very important for those who are looking to edit their wedding videos but may not have an extensive knowledge of video editing.

As with all kinds of templates, users will only have to fill out the text, image, or video placeholders on the template without having to manually edit the entire thing. Most video templates will already have a pre-determined wedding timeline for the entire video, so it will be easy to follow along. But if you want to veer away from this set timeline, you may easily do so since each template file will provide instructions on how to make these simple edits on your own. Still, it is better to have a basic background knowledge of Adobe After Effects before you try out this approach. If you do not have ample time to learn the ropes of Adobe After Effects, it may be best to delegate the task to a friend or family member who may do a better job at it. This way, you will be less stressed while planning the other details of the wedding.

What follows next are different examples of downloadable wedding video After Effects templates. They may be used singly or in combination with each other depending on your wedding theme and video production design goals.

Beautiful Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template

The Beautiful Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template (shown above) lives up to its name because it allows users to create beautiful and elegant wedding slideshows. This After Effects template primarily follows a vintage wedding template theme, but it is versatile enough to suit other wedding themes. In addition, this video template is easy to render since you do not have to install any plugins to make it work. Also, if you wish to expand your wedding slideshows, you may check out these tools on how to create a wedding photo slideshow.

Bokeh Wedding After Effects Template

Take advantage of the bokeh effect trend and use this Bokeh Wedding After Effects Template. This wedding video template features 40 different bokeh after effects HUD element overlays that will surely help transform your wedding videos into works of art. This template download works well with both video and static textures. It contains more than 20,000 textures; 30 color presets; and five visual control options. The video template is also available in full HD 1920 by 1080 format.

The description above may sound daunting, but you do not need to worry. The template download file will include different tutorials for you to get the hang of editing the template.

Circle Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template

Choose the Circle Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template featured above if you want dramatic focal elements in your wedding video. This video template makes use of the circle visual effect trend that you may commonly see in music videos and films nowadays. Apply this to your own wedding video to make it more visually appealing. As with any After Effects video template on this list, this template is easy to edit and easy to color correct.

How to use Adobe After Effects Templates

Are you unfamiliar with or have you forgotten how to use Adobe After Effects? There is no need to worry. We have created a step-by-step guide on how to use After Effects below. Read on and take some notes.

  • Download and install Adobe After Effects on your computer. This step is self-explanatory. Whether you are editing your own wedding video yourself or have delegated this task to a friend, you should first make sure that you have downloaded a legal version of Adobe After Effects on your computer. For as low as $19.99 per month, you can access a legal version of the software program. This is a good investment in terms of price and you may easily cancel the subscription after a month once the editing has been completed. Tip: Make sure that your laptop or PC has enough hard disk space to make room for easy editing on After Effects. And, just like the proliferation of free Photoshop tutorials, you can easily find free tutorials for After Effects online, too.
  • Download the Adobe After Effects wedding video template of your choice. The next step is, of course, to download the After Effects template of your choice. There are different kinds of video templates available online so you need to be discerning about what kind of wedding video look you want to achieve. You may choose from promo video templates, wedding video intro templates, or even Youtube video templates. Choose the video template that will best match your wedding theme and accurately capture your own feelings and emotions on your wedding day.
  • Open Adobe After Effects on your computer and locate the After Effects Project file (AEP). After purchasing your own wedding After Effects video template, it is now time to start editing your wedding footage. To do that, you first need to open the Adobe After Effects software program on your computer. If it is your first time opening the program, you may be asked to create an Adobe account that you will use to access the online features of your Adobe Creative Suite subscription. After opening the program, locate the After Effects design project file on your computer to open it. You may also go directly to the folder where you saved the project file and double-click the file to open it on After Effects.
  • Then, the After Effects timeline panel will be auto-populated with the project file you just opened. Click the “Text” tool and edit any text. Explore different functions and add your own images, audio, video files, animated loaders with spinners, etc. Be creative and feel free to experiment with the video template. At this part of the editing process, you have the option to preview any edits you have made. So, if you do not like a certain portion of the customization, you may always undo or remove this part.
  • Once you have made all the necessary customizations, it is time to save and render the video. To do this, do the following steps: Select “Composition” on the menu bar, and click “Add to Render Queue”. After that, go to the Render Queue panel, and then click the “Output to” option to enter the filename and destination folder of the project. After that, click “Save”. Next, select the “Output Module” option to choose the video format and quality. Save your desired settings by clicking the “OK” button. Then, finally, select the “Render” button to stitch together and synthesize the entire video. Note that rendering time will depend on the desired quality and size of your video.

Voila! You have now successfully edited your wedding video! Pat yourself on the back and go enjoy your honeymoon (if you have been tinkering with After Effects instead of enjoying your trip with your spouse).

Elegant Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template

If you want a memorable wedding video or wedding slideshow to be shown during the wedding reception, you may like the Elegant Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template shown above. This After Effects template is available in high-quality resolution. It is also easy to customize to match your own wedding motif.

Gallery Wedding Story After Effects Template

If you want your wedding video to tell a story, then the Gallery Wedding Story After Effects Template showcased above will definitely suit your wedding. In this video template, you may customize 30 different pre-formatted video and photo frames, one introductory text placeholder, one closing logo placeholder, and rearrange 23 different modular scenes. It also includes free font styles that you can download to your own computer. The music used in this video template’s demo version is available for an additional fee.

Invitation and Love Story Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template

The Invitation and Love Story Slideshow Wedding After Effects Template featured above is another wedding After Effects template that follows a storyline. Use this video template if you want to capture your guests’ attention at the wedding reception. And, since this template is in a storytelling format, it will serve well as a wedding souvenir that couples will frequently look back to.

This video template uses flat vector illustrations and is available in full HD 1920 by 1080 format. In this template, you may also add between 32 to 52 images or videos, and even add your own wedding icons. Reminder: Audio files are not included in this video template download file. You may purchase the music used in the demo version or you may use any free version that you can download online.

Romantic Opener Wedding After Effects Template

The next video template is the Romantic Opener Wedding After Effects Template. This is another no-plugin-required template so it will be easier to customize the template on After Effects. With this video template, you may add an opener video or slideshow title and twelve other title images. Use this video template if you want simple yet elegant wedding video effects that will be shown during your wedding reception.

Royal Wedding After Effects Template

Want a wedding videography that resembles a royal wedding? You are in luck because we found just the right video template for that. It is the Royal Wedding After Effects Template (shown above). In this After Effects template, you may customize 24 or more video and image placeholders for photos or video footage, and four or more paragraph placeholders. You may also easily edit the frame and background color elements used in the template. The template renders to full 1920 by 1080 HD quality. If you wish to add your own music effects, you may also check this article on music after effects templates.

Wedding Book After Effects Template

With the Wedding Book After Effects Template (shown above), you may create a visually appealing wedding video since it incorporates a wedding book as its main video design element. This is a comprehensive After Effect project file that includes 24 image and video placeholders, 79 background image and video placeholders,  26 text placeholders, and two placeholders for your wedding logo design or additional design elements.

The book texture background used in this video template has already been pre-rendered to make it easier to edit the entire template later on. The audio, sound effects, and fonts used in this video template are all included in the download file. Tutorials on how to use them are also included.

Wedding Cinematic Slideshow After Effects Template

Wedding Fireworks After Effects Template

Wedding Names After Effects Template

Wedding Reel After Effects Template

Wedding Slideshow After Effects Template

Wedding video coverage: Professional or DIY?

We have listed different wedding video After Effects templates above and hope that this article has lifted a little burden from your shoulders as the wedding planner of your own wedding. Still, it may have dawned on you that editing your own video, no matter how simple you want it to be, will still take a significant portion of your time—time that could otherwise be spent doing other wedding-related things. If you are concerned about this aspect of the wedding video coverage, you may look into having a professional wedding video team do this task. Yes, it may cost a lot, but if you do not want to sacrifice your time, it will certainly be worth the cost.

However, if you are confident enough that you (or a trusted friend or relative) can do the job, then there is no reason for you to not take this route. Perhaps the most important part of going the DIY wedding video coverage route is picking who to entrust with this particular task and who is willing enough to take the responsibility. But, once that is taken care of, you are free to enjoy the wedding planning process and your own wedding.

Let this article enlighten you on what a wedding video coverage entails. Refer back to it from time to time and make use of the different video templates here to make your own wedding video more amazing. Best wishes!

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