15 Wedding Banner Templates


Want to announce your newly wedded status in a creative way? Then perhaps you should incorporate wedding banners as part of your wedding decorations.

In this article, we provide 15 different wedding banner design suggestions. We have included both printable banner templates and ready-made banner designs. This way, you can choose which one would best match your wedding motif and your personal preferences.

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Best Day Ever Whimsical Rustic Wedding Banner

Starting the list is the Best Day Ever Whimsical Rustic Wedding Banner (shown below). This wedding banner is best placed at the wedding reception where the couple and guests can pose for pictures with the banner as a background.

best day ever whimsical rustic wedding banner

This wedding banner exudes a rustic and whimsical feel. It will work well if you are already using vintage wedding templates for your other wedding stationery cards. As shown above, the phrase ‘Best Day Ever’ is printed on a plain-colored natural canvas. It measures 6 feet by 2.5 feet. You may also opt to choose different colors, font styles, wording, banner size, and fabric for this banner design. Just message the creator of this design and your request will be discussed. This wedding banner is hand-painted using gray acrylic paint and may take up to two weeks before it can be completed.

This wedding banner is best used as a background for taking wedding photos outdoors. It may be hung between trees, against a wall, or even held up in an archway.

Blossom Wedding Banners

Need your wedding banners to follow the same floral wedding template design you are using? The Blossom Wedding Banners featured below may work for you.

blossom wedding banners

The Blossom Wedding Banner is a pre-made wedding banner template. This means that it is available in various banner formats—from website ad banners to billboard mock-up banners. Choose this wedding banner design if you intend to use your wedding banner design for different purposes. You may set up a different wedding ad banner in your wedding website or you may also announce your upcoming nuptials by printing it out on a piece of tarpaulin and then displaying the banner on a public bulletin board.

This printable banner template is available as a downloadable PSD template and will include different versions of the same banner design. Among them are the skyscraper, leaderboard, and billboard standard banner size dimensions.

Doodles Wedding Banner Design

Next on the list is the Doodles Wedding Banner Design. As shown below, this banner design features a colorful pattern using wedding design elements. This kind of wedding banner design template can best be used for wedding websites or as the focal design element in your wedding stationery design.

doodles wedding banners design

This wedding banner template is available as a vector file. This means that you may easily customize and incorporate this design into any wedding banner template. In addition, the entire file may also be downloaded as a PSD document. When using this banner template, make sure that the colors used in this template will match your actual wedding colors. If not, you may use a color chart template to find complementary colors you may use instead of the original ones.

Fall Wedding Banner

Fall is one of the most romantic and aesthetically-pleasing seasons. And by using the Fall Wedding Banner design shown below, you will be able to recapture this effect timelessly.

fall wedding banner

This wedding banner may be customized depending on your preferred banner color. The creator of the banner design will also change the name and date on the banner to match your own wedding reception. Note that this wedding banner is printed on microfiber material. This allows the paint colors to truly shine. Also, you may choose between two banner sizes: 68 inches by 80 inches (medium) or 88 inches by 104 inches (large).

Choose this wedding banner if you are having a fall wedding. It may also work best as a backdrop for a photobooth or as a wedding stage decor item used in outdoor wedding events. This wedding banner will complement a fall wedding invitation template if you have used one for your own wedding invitations.

Floral Rustic Wedding Backdrop Banner

Need a wedding banner that will match your floral or rustic wedding invitation cards? Then you may like the Floral Rustic Wedding Backdrop Banner pictured below.

floral rustic wedding backdrop banner

This wedding banner template features colorful flower patterns as borders against a chalkboard design background. Use this banner design if you want to create a focal point for an outdoor wedding. This banner may serve as a mini stage backdrop and will work well for both informal indoor and outdoor wedding receptions.

This wedding banner design is available as both a ready-to-use banner and as a digital download. If you prefer the latter option, you will have to make the necessary arrangements to get the banner template printed out. If you choose the ready-to-use banner option, you may further choose between these two banner sizes: 68 inches by 80 inches and 88 inches by 104 inches.

Greenery-Themed Wedding Backdrop Banner

If you consult a Pantone color chart, you will learn that greenery is the official color of the year. And if you are using this color as your official wedding motif, then you are in luck because you may also use the Greenery-themed Wedding Backdrop Banner (shown below).

greenery themed wedding backdrop wedding banner

This wedding banner is large enough to fit in most wedding venue stages and it may also be used as a makeshift stage background for outdoor weddings. And if you are already using the color green as your wedding color, you will find that this banner will complement any greenery wedding templates that you may already be using.

All banners are printed on polyester oxford cloth that is very lightweight. This means that it will be easy to ship to your wedding reception venue and will also be easy to set up. The couple’s names and their wedding date will be edited by the creator of the banner before it is shipped. As a suggestion, you may still reuse this wedding banner for your subsequent wedding anniversary events. Or, you may also ask guests to sign the canvas after the wedding and keep the banner as a form of wedding souvenir.

Happily Ever After Wedding Banner

Want to take a handmade approach to your wedding banners? Then you will certainly love the Happily Ever After Wedding Banner pictured below.

happily ever after wedding banner

Just like handmade card designs, this handmade wedding banner is 100% made with mad paper crafting skills. Vintage music sheets were used to create every letter in this banner design. Each letter measures about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide while the entire banner measures 4 and 1/2 feet long. This wedding banner may be used as a wedding stage decoration, as a guest book table decor, or even as a photobooth backdrop design.

It Was Always You Large Wedding Banner

it was always you large wedding banner

Portrait Ad Wedding Banners

portrait ad wedding banners

Silhouette Multipurpose Wedding Banners

silhouette multipurpose wedding banners

Vector Horizontal Wedding Banners

In the digital world, banners do not only refer to the actual physical tarpaulin or canvas banners we see in front of store and venue locations. Banners may also be used to refer to an image or a set of images and logo designs that will greet you upon your arrival at an online site. An example is the Vector Horizontal Wedding Banners shown below.

vector horizontal wedding banners

This wedding banner template will best suit couples who choose to use flat vector illustrations as the main graphic design element for their wedding stationery. The banner template above may also be used for weddings that use light blue, teal, and peach wedding color combinations for the motif.

Vintage Wedding Hand-drawn Banners

vintage wedding hand drawn banners

Wedding Bouquet Banners

Another type of of wedding banner design comes in the form of wedding save the date templates like the ones depicted by the Wedding Bouquet Banners design embedded below.

wedding bouquet banners

This wedding banner is best used if you have just gotten engaged and are sending Save the Date cards to your friends and colleagues. Also, note that this banner template is available as a vector file. This means that as a printable banner template, you may add this in an announcement ad or use it on your actual wedding cards.

Wedding Roll-up Banners

wedding roll up banners

Wooden Wedding Banner

wooden wedding banner

The Wooden Wedding Banner embedded above is another handmade banner design that those dreaming of a beach or outdoor wedding will love. This wedding decor idea may also be used in well-lighted indoor locations. Note that this wedding banner is fully handcrafted using plywood, twine, and paint. It will suit most rustic-themed country weddings. Each of the letter squares (including the square with the heart icon) measures 4 inches by 4 inches. So if you want your wedding to be truly unique, you may use this wedding banner for your own wedding.


Wedding banners are not mandatory wedding decoration items. But if you want your wedding stage or photobooth corners to have a tangible sign that will show what event is going on, it is best to use them. Sure, using digital photo editing software may allow you to add watermarks and labels to your wedding photographs. However, having a real banner marking the event makes things different.

Wedding banners help create cohesion during the event. Guests will know where to direct their gazes during the reception party. Banner signs also serve as an informational touchstone, especially when you look back at the photographs captured during that event somewhere down the road.

If you approve of using wedding banners and have found this article helpful, do not hesitate to bookmark the article and share it with your friends.

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