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11 Wedding Bathroom Sign Templates

One can never be too meticulous when planning a wedding. In fact, the more you pay attention to tiny details of the wedding, the more successful the event will be. And one of those tiny wedding details that you should keep in mind is the creation of wedding bathroom signs.

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These printed signage serve as a reminder to guests that they are still in a wedding even if they are inside the restroom. To some, this reminder is phrased in thoughtful and witty ways that will surely catch the reader’s attention.

In this article, we have compiled 15 different bathroom sign templates that will match your wedding stationery design, making them usable for any wedding reception event. Browse through our list and pick out your favorite wedding bathroom signs.

Beach Wedding Bathroom Signs Template

The Beach Wedding Bathroom Sign  Template pictured above works best for destination or beach weddings due to the clear blue background color that is reminiscent of a sunny day at the beach. This wedding template may also suit those who are planning a mainly floral-themed wedding.

This bathroom sign template prints on 1-inch by 4-inch premium paper or card stock. It follows the CMYK color model and has a 300 DPI resolution. It is also available in various formats like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher.

Burgundy Floral Wedding Bathroom Sign Card Template

To make sure that your wedding motif stands out, make sure to use the same floral design elements from the wedding place card templates to your wedding website. The Burgundy Floral Wedding Bathroom Sign Card Template is another template that features burgundy flower patterns that you could use for a floral-themed wedding.

This printable template is best printed out on heavy paper or plain cardstock. But wedding planners may also use colored papers as long as these will match the official wedding color. This sign prints out on paper measuring 5 inches by 7 inches in size. Its download file includes formats for various image editing and compositing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher. Need a refresher course on image editing? Check out this article for easy-to-follow Photoshop tutorials.

Calligraphy Wedding Bathroom Sign Template

The Calligraphy Wedding Bathroom Sign Template featured above is a template that may appeal to couples who love good typography designs. This template relies on well-lettered typography fonts and a good layout. As with other bathroom signs, they will look best if they are framed and placed in a conspicuous place in a restroom. Otherwise, the piece of printed paper will look too boring and the guests will just ignore them.

This bathroom sign template includes a version for ladies and gents. It may also be printed out on 5-inch by 7-inch paper or on 8-inch by 10-inch paper. It follows the industry standard CMYK color model and has a 300 DPI screen resolution. You will need to have either Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop installed on your computer before you can open and edit the file template. If you wish to change the template’s white background color, make sure to adjust the colors on the text elements accordingly.

Fall Wedding Bathroom Sign Template

Floral Wedding Bathroom Sign Template

Garden Wedding Bathroom Sign Template

Couples who are planning a garden wedding should take a look at the Garden Wedding Bathroom Sign Template shown above. This sign template will work well with other floral templates especially those that contain vibrant floral patterns. This kind of wedding motif is typically used for weddings held during the late spring or summer months as it is the best time for flowers to bloom.

To create more impact for your bathroom sign choice, you may print out the template on heavy card stock. You may also choose colored card stocks as long as they match your wedding colors. To determine if a color complements your official wedding color, try to use a color chart. This bathroom sign card template measures 5 inches by 7 inches when printed out. It is fully editable in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Word, and Publisher.

Minimalist Wedding Bathroom Sign Template

As its name implies, the Minimalist Wedding Bathroom Signs Template (shown above) will fit couples who love to have a low-key and uncluttered wedding motif. This bathroom sign template may be set up near the bathroom mirror so that guests will be able to see it as they come out of the bathroom stalls. Enclosing the template in frames will also help give this sign a sophisticated look.

This template may be printed out on either 5-inch by 7-inch paper or 8-inch by 10-inch paper. Also, remember that all the image and text elements, as well as the layers in this template file, are editable as vector images only. You may need to learn Photoshop and Illustrator before you can be comfortable in editing these vectors and images.

Nautical Wedding Bathroom Signs Template

Planning to use beach wedding templates for your own wedding? Then try out the Nautical Wedding Bathroom Signs Template embedded above. This bathroom sign template is designed to help create a memorable destination wedding. Aside from that, this wedding card template may also be used alongside other floral wedding templates.

Also, remember that when planning a beach wedding, you really need to make sure that there is a designated restroom for your guests. This aspect is often overlooked and it may cause guests to not thoroughly enjoy the event. By using a wedding bathroom sign just like the one shown above, you can guarantee that almost all your guests’ needs are addressed.

This sign template prints on cardstock measuring 5 inches by 7 inches. It is also fully customizable and you can change all the graphic and text elements on the template to match your preferences.

Rustic Wedding Bathroom Sign Template

Planning a wedding will not be complete without considering rustic card designs for your wedding stationery. The Rustic Wedding Bathroom Sign Template featured above will go well with other printable wedding card templates that follow a rustic or vintage theme.

When ordering this sign template, you will get three download files. Two will be in PDF and JPEG formats with a size of 8 inches by 10 inches, while the third one will be in PDF file format with a size of 5 inches by 7 inches.

Summer Floral Wedding Bathroom Sign Card Template

Vintage Wedding Bathroom Sign Template

The Vintage Wedding Bathroom Sign Template featured above will complete any vintage wedding template used by couples who want wedding papers that have an enduring appeal. This template will look best when printed on Kraft paper as this creates a rustic look. If you have used a rustic wedding invitation template, then this bathroom sign will match your wedding theme well.

This sign template is available as a digital download in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop file formats. The files are also available in 5-inch by 7-inch and 8-inch by 10-inch card sizes, with a CMYK color mode, 300 DPI file resolution, and 0.25-inch printing bleed.

The main advantage of using the Wedding Bathroom Sign Template featured above is it shows a newlywed couple’s extraordinary attention to detail and care for their guests. Seeing signage like this on a wedding reception bathroom will surely light up their faces and make them enjoy the wedding more. This sign template is available as a digital download and stored as a JPEG file. When using this template, make sure that it also matches your wedding reception program template design.

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