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For those who like to have a booklet-type wedding stationery that can double as a program guide and souvenir for your wedding, you may consider using wedding brochures. Despite mainly functioning as a marketing tool, wedding brochures can help make your wedding more organized and memorable.

In this article, we provide different examples of downloadable wedding templates. You may choose any of these template designs and customize them to match your own wedding motif.You may also see Brochure Templates.

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Wedding Event Tri-Fold Brochure Template

wedding event tri fold brochure template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: A4, US


Wedding Event Bi-Fold Brochure Template

wedding event bi fold brochure template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: A4, US


Advantages of using wedding brochures

But before we focus on the individual brochure template examples, let us look into the different benefits for using wedding brochures in lieu of or in addition to traditional wedding papers.

  • All-in-one printable wedding guide. When you use wedding brochures, you get a complete wedding stationery package that will help simplify your life. Most wedding brochures will include wedding ceremony details, maps, seating charts, wedding timelines, and even a complete entourage list. If you prefer to have one printed document to showcase all these information, the wedding brochure route is the obvious way to go.
  • Can include lots of pictures. Another practical purpose of using a wedding brochure is the flexibility you get to include different graphic design elements into the brochure template. Photos are the most common design elements that are added to either help enhance the brochure layout or to capture the reader’s attention. Couples may include any engagement photos into the brochure layout to help tell a story of their relationship. These photos work well as the brochure cover photo or as filler photos on the inner pages.
  • Organize all wedding details. As mentioned earlier, wedding brochures may serve as a complete wedding package because they can contain almost all wedding papers that a couple may need for their wedding. But another advantage of using them is that they allow couples to present all the wedding details in an organized manner. Making sure that all your wedding information is formatted and presented in a simple and systematic manner will help allay your fears of having a messed-up wedding. Wedding guests will also appreciate this kind of wedding stationery design since this means that they will have lesser pieces of paper to read and bring with them during the event.
  • It is more affordable. Let us admit it, weddings cost a ton. And if you are on a budget or you are just looking for ways to at least reduce total costs, using wedding brochures for your own wedding is a step that you should seriously consider. By using wedding brochure templates, you will save money by creating and using separate templates for wedding program guides, wedding invitation cards, escort cards, wedding detail cards, and other templates. In addition, you will save money and paper for printing out these wedding templates separately. Of course, the upfront cost for brochure templates and the amount of time needed to customize them will be slightly higher but they will often be worth it when you see the final material.
  • It is easy to create or customize thanks to brochure templates. If you have the necessary software programs like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator, it is relatively easy to create and edit printable wedding templates. With a pre-made brochure template like the examples we have embedded within this article, you will just need to add a few photos and text into the brochure layout template. Most templates will already come with their own themes and layouts so you do not need to worry about this aspect of the brochure.
  • Allows you to save time in creating wedding stationeries. We have emphasized earlier how wedding brochure layouts allow you to save money in creating wedding stationery. Another important benefit of using wedding brochures is that they also allow you to save time when creating different kinds of wedding card designs. Instead of making separate wedding templates for each wedding card item, your effort and time will just be focused on creating one key item (the wedding brochure). And if you use a pre-made wedding brochure template, you do not have to create everything from scratch. You free up time that would have been spent creating these wedding cards and instead use your time for more important tasks related to your wedding.

Check out the Bi-fold Wedding Photography Brochure Design shown above if you intend to have a two-page wedding brochure. This template features a professional booklet and wedding layout, and should you decide to print it out on your own, make sure to adjust your printer settings first to allow for double-sided printing.

This template is best printed out on cardstock measuring 8.38 inches by 11.93 inches. Downloading this template will allow you to access it in various file formats like Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Microsoft Word (DOC), and Microsoft Publisher (PUB).

Destination Wedding Brochure Template

destination wedding brochure template

Elegant Wedding Brochure Template

If you have sent out an elegant wedding invitation template to your guests, you may like to use the matching Elegant Wedding Brochure Template shown below.

elegant wedding brochure template

This wedding brochure template is available in an InDesign (INDD) file format. This makes it easier to edit both the graphic and text elements in the template since Adobe InDesign makes desktop publishing easier.

Use this brochure template if you prefer a square-shaped (7.5 inches by 7.5 inches) wedding brochure. This brochure template will also be best if you include a lot of wedding or engagement photos in the layout design.

Floral Square Wedding Brochure Template

floral square wedding brochure template

Gold Foil Wedding Brochure Template

Anything with the gold color or any gold foil textures on it somehow helps transform the object into something elegant and sophisticated. The Gold Foil Wedding Brochure Template shown below is an example of that. Choose this wedding brochure template if you are having a formal wedding reception and if you wish to have wedding brochures that will match the ambiance of such events.

gold foil wedding brochure template

This is a tri-fold brochure template that prints out on a standard letter-sized paper or cardstock. A 0.25-inch print bleed has also been included in this template to make sure that the template will print out correctly.

In addition to being used as a wedding brochure for couples who are about to get married, this template may also be used by professionals who work in the wedding industry like photographers and designers.

InDesign Wedding Brochure Template

indesign wedding brochure template

Nautical Destination Wedding Brochure Template

Using either nautical wedding templates or destination wedding templates? Then you may like the Nautical Destination Wedding Brochure Template pictured below.

nautical destination wedding brochure template

This brochure template allows couples to add the following information on the brochure: a welcome statement, couple trivia or facts page, list of the entire wedding party, details regarding the wedding favor bags, wedding itinerary, wedding photo information, contact information, and other useful tips for enjoying a destination wedding. Use this template to complement the destination or beach wedding invitation templates that you may already be using.

Simple Wedding Photography Brochure Template

simple wedding photography brochure template

Square Tri-fold Wedding Brochure Template

square trifold wedding brochure template

Tri-fold Wedding Brochure Template

tri fold wedding brochure template

Vintage Wedding Brochure Template

Couples who choose a vintage wedding will appreciate the Vintage Wedding Brochure Template embedded below since it works well with other vintage wedding templates.

vintage wedding brochure template

This printable bi-fold brochure template prints out on thick paper or cardstock measuring 17 inches by 11 inches with a 0.25-inch print bleed. It is also available in four vintage color variations (orange/peach, light blue, green, and grey). You may add information regarding the wedding entourage list, the wedding timeline, the thank you messages, and the wedding invitation and wedding Save the Date details.

Wedding Bi-fold Brochure Design Template

wedding bi fold brochure design template

Wedding Photography Bi-fold Brochure Template

wedding photography bi fold brochure template

Wedding Program Tri-fold Brochure Template

wedding program trifold brochure template

White Vogue Wedding Brochure Template

The White Vogue Wedding Brochure Template featured below is an example of a formal wedding brochure. Use this type of template if you are having a formal and traditional wedding.

white vogue wedding brochure template

This wedding template allows you to fill out 16 pages of pre-formatted wedding details on A4-sized paper. Each page also includes a 5 mm printing bleed. You may also choose between three brochure cover designs depending on your wedding theme.

What wedding brochure template should you use?

The collection of downloadable wedding brochures listed above are just a few template examples that you could choose from. For any kind of wedding, always remember that your wedding brochure template should always match the wedding motif or theme that you are going for. It may be difficult to find a perfect brochure template that will fit your motif. So do not be very strict when looking at different template designs. Instead, look at each brochure template as a springboard for your own wedding brochure design. Look for design elements that could be edited into a pre-made printable template. Choose a template that will give you the freedom to add, remove, or edit most of the graphic and text elements so that you will have a finished product that will truly match your own wedding theme.

When you keep these things in mind, it will be easier to find a wedding brochure template. Also, enjoy the brochure template hunting process. It is during this time that you can see different brochure designs and see what works and what does not. Maintain a critical eye in terms of design and use the knowledge you have gained during this process in making your own wedding brochure more attractive.

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