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6+ Wedding Fan Designs & Templates- PSD, AI

Let’s admit it. Wedding ceremonies, especially those that are held in the least optimal places, can get long and boring pretty fast. So if you are planning a wedding and you do not want your guests to feel bored or discomfited, one way you can prevent that is by anticipating their needs and using small multi-functional tools like wedding fans that can also act as a wedding program.

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In this article, we provide different examples of printable wedding fan templates that any couple and wedding planner can use for the grand wedding ceremony they are planning. Helpful tips on how to choose a wedding fan template are also provided below so be sure to read the whole article.

Check Out These Downloadable Wedding Fan Template Below!

Blank Heart-Shaped Wedding Fan Template

Blank Wedding Fan Program Template

What are Wedding Fan Templates?

A wedding fan, by definition, is a fan-created to ease or prevent any discomfort that guests may feel during a wedding reception and ceremony events. Most wedding fans are made out of thick paper or cardstock and will also have a wooden or equally sturdy base or handle.

When used in weddings, these fans will typically have the entire wedding ceremony and reception timeline written on the fan. They may be shaped differently according to the preferences of the couple and/or their wedding planner. Most importantly, wedding fans will follow the theme or motif that the couple has chosen for their wedding.

A wedding fan templates are just like any kind of printable cards and stationery. They are created using digital patterns or ‘templates’ that will contain built-in graphic design elements, pre-made layouts, and pre-determined printing formats. When you use a digital template, you do not have to create the entire card, fan, brochure, flyer, stationery, or advertising material from scratch.

Wedding fan templates are often included in wedding template sets or packs where you will also get other wedding stationery templates designs like wedding invitations, wedding RSVP cards, and even wedding table number cards. You may also create wedding fans by hand. This is easy to do nowadays since there are blank fan templates that you can use and copy instead of creating everything by hand or by using a wedding fan template.

Custom Round Wedding Fan Template

How to Choose a Wedding Fan Template

Just like the countless other wedding stationery templates that any couple need to meticulously choose from for their weddings, you also need to choose a wedding fan template if you want to add this little detail in for your wedding reception and wedding ceremony. However, the task of choosing a wedding fan template design can quickly get tiring and overwhelming because of the variety of fan template choices available for couples who are planning their weddings. You may also see wedding bathroom sign templates.

To help you with this pre-wedding dilemma, we have compiled a short list of criteria that any wedding planner or any couple should consider when choosing their own wedding fan designs. Note that these list of factors for selecting a wedding fan template design should only serve as a guide or a suggestion. Never forget to follow your own gut instincts or personal preferences when making the final decision. Read the wedding fan template design selection guide below. You may also see printable wedding program templates.

1. Fan Template Design

One of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a wedding fan template is the template’s design itself. This is important because the fan will be used for a formal wedding event and it needs to go well or at least complement all the other wedding details. You may also see traditional wedding invitations.

To illustrate, if you are planning a traditional church wedding that follows a floral wedding theme, it would make sense to use a floral themed fan template. This allows the fan design to blend with the other floral elements that will be used on the wedding. In addition, wedding guests and the entire wedding entourage who will presumably have floral patterns or elements in their wedding outfits will not look off when they use the floral-designed wedding fan.

So when scouting for the best wedding fan template design, always keep in mind what kind of wedding theme or motif you are following for your own wedding. For every kind of wedding theme, there is a corresponding wedding fan template out there. Just be patient when looking for the best fan template that will go well for your wedding. You may also see wedding timeline templates.

2. Template Printing Cost

The next factor to consider when selecting a wedding fan template is the cost of printing out the fan templates. Using wedding fans will often accrue additional charges since the print shop may also charge for the fan’s handle or base and for double-sided printing. The latter is required since most wedding fans will double-up as a wedding program guide.

A wedding fan template will typically only cost a few dollars. However, it is the template printing that will setback most wedding planners and couples especially if they are having a big wedding and will most likely need to print out multiple fans for all the wedding guests. You may also see simple wedding invitation templates.

So if you are only having a DIY wedding or if you just do not want to spend a lot of money on wedding fans and just stick to your wedding budget, you will need to factor in the template and printing costs prior to purchasing the template itself. This way you can allocate the correct amount of money, employ other cost-saving strategies to help you cut-down on the printing costs.

Heart-Shaped Wedding Fan Template

Personalized Wedding Fan Template

How to Choose a Wedding Fan Template (continued)

1. Customization Options

When picking out a wedding fan template, one criteria to always consider is the template’s built-in customization features. This means that you need to select a wedding fan template that allows you to make the design changes you want to do. You may also see printable wedding program templates.

For example, if you want to change the color palette or the font types used on the fan template, you will need to look for a fan template that allows you to edit the template’s layers and font sizes. Most often, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop templates will offer this customization option.

Looking at a template’s customization options will also allow you to determine if you will be delegating the template personalization task to another person or not. If you do not know how to edit, you may just opt to purchase a pre-made fan template that will already be edited by its original creator.

2. Personal Editing Skills

In connection with the previous criteria in selecting a wedding fan template, you also need to factor in your knowledge of graphic design. This means that you need to assess your own editing skill level. As we have mentioned earlier, most pre-made printable wedding templates will require a little customization to be done before printing it out. This makes sure that your wedding templates, a wedding fan template to be exact, will bear the correct and updated wedding details.

When you know your own graphic design skill level, you can determine if you need to delegate the editing task, if you can do it yourself, or if you can just purchase a pre-edited wedding fan template. This also gives you more time to learn through any Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator tutorials if you want to sharpen your own graphic design skills more before you dive into editing the fan template yourself.

Carefully and truthfully determine your own editing skill level and you can make a more informed choice when choosing the final wedding fan template.

3. Fan Usability

The last factor to consider when selecting a wedding fan template is whether having a wedding fan makes sense for your wedding or not. As the wedding planner, you need to think about the sample wedding ceremony and reception venue and ask yourself if it makes sense to allow your guests the use of a fan during that particular time of the wedding.

Wedding fans are best used when a wedding is held outdoors in a sunny or warm environment. They may also be used in venues that are non-airconditioned or if a venue is expected to be packed with guests causing a slight rise in the overall room temperature. As a rule of thumb, use wedding fans if you think your wedding guests will feel hot or warm at any point in the wedding ceremony or reception.

So those are the top five factors to consider when choosing a wedding fan template. Incorporate everything that you have learned above so that you can select the best wedding fan template design.

Wedding Fan Program Template

Creative Wedding Fan Program Template

What Wedding Fan Template To Use

This article includes a total of fifteen downloadable wedding fan templates that any couple or wedding planner may use for their own wedding – enough for you to choose from. However, if you still want to see more fan template designs, make sure to search through the rest of our site as it is full of different wedding template design suggestions.

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