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Weddings are grand celebrations. They are special events enjoyed not only by the married couple but also by their respective families. The wedding ceremony and reception are not the only aspects that need meticulous preparation during the wedding. The preparations begin when the guest list is being finalized and the invitations are handed out to the guests. The preparations certainly don’t end after dinner is served during the reception.

One of the things that need to be prepared are sample wedding postcards. They are basically postcards but, instead of pictures of a tourist spot, the wedding details and the couple’s photo are the postcard’s contents. Postcards used to be one of the most effective and go-to-marketing tools, but due to the rise of technology, emails, social media, and mobile advertising have become more convenient and inexpensive as companies don’t need to spend for postage prices. Despite all that, postcards are still very effective and used by millions of companies around the globe.

Here are some of the best wedding postcards you can use if you are hosting a wedding or know someone who is getting married in the near future.

Wedding Postcard Print Template

wedding postcard print template

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Wedding Invitation Postcard

wedding invitation postcard

Save the Date Wedding Postcard


This wedding postcard is specially made for Hawaiian weddings as the map of Hawaii is the postcard’s main attraction. The blue background complements the Hawaiian map and the wedding details. If you’re from Hawaii, then you’re in luck. Don’t fret even if you’re not from Hawaii since you can still use this simple yet beautiful wedding postcard for your own wedding event. The seller will be using a silhouette of the country where you are from and make a design similar to the Hawaii map above. A number of colors can be used for this postcard and you can also edit the text to make it more your own vintage wedding invitation.

This postcard is available for download once payment has been made to the designer.

Rustic Save the Date Postcard

rustic save the date postcard

Rustic designs have been popular for the past few years. The rustic style uses nature elements (especially trees) in most of its designs which radiates a calm and relaxing feeling. Rustic designs have been used for just about every occasion and event including birthday invitations, business seminar flyers, restaurant menus, and the like. They add a relaxing effect to the design, making it the perfect fit for more casual events.

This rustic mason jar wedding postcard uses an image of a mason jar filled with lights hanging on a piece of rope. Beautifully designed flowers occupy the lower part of the borders with the wedding details found just below the bright mason jar lights. The mason jar complements the rustic wooden background well.

Colorful Wedding Postcard Design

colorful wedding postcard design

Printable Wedding Thank You Postcard



This wedding thank you card uses a beautiful photo of the couple as the main design. Weddings should focus on the couple and this is what this card magnificently portrays. The photo background resembles a vineyard and complements the couple’s image in the forefront of the photo. Despite using a single image of the couple as the main design of the postcard, the end product is still beautiful. Calligraphy font styles are used in the front and back of the postcard to add to the postcard’s design.

Modern Wedding Thank You Postcard

wedding thank you postcard

Here is another wedding postcard using a high-resolution 3D photo of the married couple. The image of the couple kissing with the sunset in the background provides a wonderful touch to this wedding postcard. Similar to the other wedding postcard above, the wedding is meant to highlight the union of the bride and groom. This postcard captures a special moment featuring the couple against a beautiful sunset. The “thank you” text is written in the center of the postcard. For your own wedding outline, have a similar photo to the design above to make your postcard more attractive and elegant.

Simple Wedding Anniversary Postcard

simple wedding anniversary postcard

Sample RSVP Postcard Template


This simple RSVP postcard uses a vintage airmail envelope design and is available in two colors: brown and white. Simplicity is always beautiful as can be seen in this wedding postcard. The message easily gets through to the guest and he/she won’t have to navigate through layers of colors and text just to read the wedding details. Use this postcard design if you are also planning to have a simple advertising postcard design or a simple wedding celebration with a few family and friends.

Thank You Wedding Photo Postcard

thank you wedding photo postcard

This beautiful thank you whimsical wedding photo postcard is certainly attractive and elegant. The groom is firmly holding his bride while kissing her and a gazebo is positioned at the center of the background for an additional design touch. Use a similar photo for your wedding by letting the couple do a similar pose and have them positioned in front of a beautiful architectural structure. Add some filters to the photo to give it a vintage feel and use calligraphy and other script style fonts for your text.

RSVP Postcard Template


This wedding postcard has an identical design to the postcard above but the laurel leaves surrounding the RSVP text are omitted. No other images and details are found in this design aside from the text. As mentioned before, simple designs tend to be very attractive and details easily catch the eyes of guests due to the minimalistic design. This wedding postcard is best used for simple weddings.

Multi-photo Wedding Thank You Postcard

multi photo wedding thank you postcard

Instead of using one photo for the postcard, why not use three photos instead? This wedding postcard design uses three different photos of the couple—one with the groom carrying the bride, another with the couple running through an avenue of trees, and the last with the couple about to kiss. A large text saying “love and thanks” are written in the center of the postcard with the names of the couple written below. The clean white background helps to make the photos and calligraphy text stand out.

Save the Date Postcard Sample


This wedding postcard design has a similar appearance to the Hawaii postcard above. The map of the country where the wedding will be held is beautifully designed and paired with a blue background template. This wedding postcard meanwhile uses a different shade of blue (turquoise) with some added effects that resemble ocean waves. And similar to the Hawaii vintage postcard, if you’re not from the country as seen in the design above, the designer will change the design depending on your location, making it more convenient.

Country Wedding Photo Postcard

wedding photo save the date postcard


Celebrate the couple’s best moment with this country whimsical wedding photo postcard. Railroads on the countryside are always nice spots for taking photos. Use this as an inspiration for your own wedding celebration and situate the couples in a similar location. If railroads are not available and the station is too crowded for you to take pictures, go to other areas where trees and plants grow in abundance. It adds to the rustic and natural feel similar to the postcard design above.

Postcards are still very effective even up to this day when technology has taken over every other aspect of our lives. Despite that, postcard design templates are still being used for different events and activities such as weddings. So use these wedding postcard designs when you’re planning your own special day.

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