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6+ Wedding Signage Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Organizing doesn’t stop until the event ends and this can be said true especially for big events such as weddings. A wedding takes a lot of preparation to make and you have to be mindful of every minute detail before it can achieve perfection. During the event, things can get amazingly chaotic as the guests start swarming inside the venue for the wedding ceremony and the reception that follows after. At this time, some (if not all) of the guests need assistance in where they should be seated or where they should put their gifts. To save yourself the time and effort to personally assist them or have someone do it in your stead, you can put signages instead.

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A wedding signage can be anything such as a welcome sign, seating chart, food menu, or directions. Although signages are often large in size, their dimensions can be adjusted accordingly after considering the space needed to put them up. A signage’s design can be similar to that of the wedding, but you can do some alterations to make every signage distinct and more noticeable.

If you are still unsure as to what design you are going to use for the signage, you can take a look at our curated list of beautiful and creative wedding signage designs and templates. Each of them caters to a certain theme, so you don’t have to worry about the variety of choices. With that said, let us not wait further and dive directly into the list, shall we?

Vibrant Bloom Wedding Signage Template

Different Uses of a Wedding Signage

There are a few uses for a wedding signage that you need to know about, and these are the following:

1. Welcome sign

The welcome sign the most common wedding signage. This is placed at the entrance of the venue of the ceremony and reception. Usually, this signage is large. If you compare it to an article, the welcome sign is likened to the title where people would know what the article is all about. The welcome sign has the names of the couple in a different font style and a font size larger than the rest. Doing so will make it stand out and easier for the people to read.

2. Restroom

The venue will be swarming with guests and you or any assistant will be often asked for directions to where the restroom is. So instead of answering them yourself, you can put a signage that will direct every guest to where they can calm their bladder or stomach. To make it more fun, you can put up signages with arrows drawn on them that will lead to the restroom. You may also see digital directories signage templates.

3. Guestbook

A lot of things happen during the wedding and reception and guests will almost certainly forget signing the guestbook. Instead of telling going to every guest to tell them to sign the guestbook, you can put up a signage with a huge “Guestbook” written on it instead. It would also be ideal to set up the table for the guestbook near the entrance of the reception so people will be able to notice it immediately especially with the large signage. You may also see loyalty program digital signage templates.

4. Capture Photos

Even before social media came into existence, people have always been fond of taking pictures. With social media being rampantly used in the recent years, photography has turned from a luxury to something that everybody commonly does. People have different social media accounts and they normally post on all of them. So, encourage them to take pictures in the wedding ceremony and reception. These are precious moments and they need to be immortalized through your camera’s lenses. Also, you can include a hashtag just for the sake of it.

5. Seating Chart

Formal events such as a wedding use seating charts to seat the guests. This is a practical move as it will save you time from personally assist guests to their seats. In the seating chart, you can choose to create a list of guests per table and let the guests pick as to which chair they are going to seat or you can assign them a certain seat for a specific guest. The latter will require more effort as you need to do your research to know who seats beside who.

Radiant Bloom Wedding Signage Template

Elegant Gold Wedding Signage Template

Alabaster Floral Wedding Signage Template

6. Warning for Unplugged Ceremony

If you are going for a solemn and intimate ceremony, you may want to warn the guests ahead. An unplugged ceremony requires all the phones or any gadget to be turned off or switched to silent mode to prevent any interruption. To make sure that the guests will be able to read the sign, make it as huge as possible. An ideal location for the signage would be at the entrance of the church or wherever the ceremony will be held at. You may also see easter digital signage templates.

7. Special Drinks

Weddings usually have buffets instead of having menus for the people to choose from. And, since the guests will most likely choose the regular drinks and are oblivious about the special drinks, advertise the latter by listing them on a signage. Guests will surely love taking a few shots or sips of the special drinks other than soft drinks and water. You may also see free company digital signage templates.

8. Cards and Gifts

Most of the guests will be bringing in cards and gifts and more often than not, they will immediately ask where to put their gifts once they finish signing the guestbook. So, put up a huge signage for the gifts and direct the guests towards it. With regards to cards, it would be best that the guests will keep it and have them personally give their cards to the couple. You may also see Christmas signage templates.

9. Photo Booth

Photo booths are common in events as they add entertainment that the guests can spend their time in posing for the camera. The photo booth may be easy to spot, but you can still put up a signage to be more thorough in organizing it. Also, you can include a list of costumes that the guest can try on or include the number of shots that the guests can take at a time. You may also see free coupon code signage template.

10. Program

Instead of printing individual program cards for the wedding reception and ceremony, you can use a signage instead and list all of them on it. This will save you resources that you can use for other purposes. And, with today’s modern smartphones, the guests can use them to take a picture of the program so they can take a look at it there instead. Since they are most of the time looking and scrolling through their phones, it’s a very practical move if we say so ourselves. They can even share it everyone else by sending it via Bluetooth or posting it on their social media accounts.

Abundant Foliage Wedding Signage Template

Whimsical Calligraphy Wedding Signage Template

Bar Menu Wedding Signage Template

What’s next? Edit and save!

These templates can be easily downloaded with just a single click or tap of a button. But what are you going to do once the template has been downloaded? Edit and customize, of course! Your computer has a default photo editing application, like Paint for Microsoft and Preview for Mac. These are easy-to-use apps with features enough for basic edits.

But, if you want to have more powerful editing tools, you can head over to Gimp or Adobe Photoshop. You can open the downloaded template with any of these software programs. Don’t worry about the compatibility of the template and the photo editor because the templates that we have listed include various file formats in the package.

Customize the template to your heart’s content. Put your personal touch, so your wedding signage will have a distinct look. One caveat here: don’t override the original file. Save a separate file for your edits. You might be needing the template for future use, so it’s better that you keep a file that’s free of changes. You can create multiple modified templates for one original template. It’s a practical move that you need to make into a habit. You may also see new location digital signage templates.

Have you found the right wedding signage template?

The templates for the wedding signage are all designed with elements related to weddings. They usually have floral themes, but there are also designs that cater to minimalistic styles and even a chalkboard concept. But, whatever design you choose, make sure that you put your personal touch to make it personalized and distinct. And, to make things even better, you can add cute images and icons depending on what the signage is for. You may also see employee recognition digital signage template.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the right design for your wedding signage template and we wish you all the best for your wedding. Congratulations and may you live a happy and long-lasting married life!

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