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7+ Welcome Signage Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Whether it’s in an office, a shop, an institution, or your own house, visitors should be warmly welcomed—even your enemies. You can either greet them with warm cookies the moment they step in your door or with just a simple welcome signage. A welcome signage is commonly seen in any business establishment. It makes the visitors, whether they be clients and partners, feel like you are pleased to see them, even if sometimes your gut tells that you feel the complete opposite. If it could speak, you probably already have an earful of insulting remarks right now. You may also see digital directories signage templates.

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Joking aside, a welcome signage does more than just greeting the guests, which we will discuss later on. With regards to the design of the welcome signage, it depends on how you want the aesthetic to be. You can go for something simplistic or go for one that screams elegance and class. But if you still haven’t decided which direction you are going to take the design to, we can help you with that with our collection of welcome signage designs and templates. These are all accessible online, so it would be convenient for you to download and purchase them. If you want to know more about them, then let’s proceed immediately to the list.

Free Welcome Sign Digital Signage Template

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Wedding Welcome Signage Template

Simple Welcome Signage Template

Who Uses a Welcome Signage?

It’s unlikely that you haven’t encountered a welcome signage in most of the businesses today. We have listed a few examples of businesses that use a welcome signage.

  • Café – With the recent proliferation of cafés, it is hard to miss that each one of them has a welcome signage outside, whether attached to the door, wall, or easel. In Asian countries, milk tea is a famous type of refreshment that has gained massive popularity. Its fast-rising popularity has caused businesses to venture into cafés and to make the customers anticipate what experience is waiting for them inside, they create gimmicks with the welcome signage. You may also see loyalty program digital signage templates.
  • Offices – Corporate and small business use a welcome signage to greet applicants, clients, and partners alike. Usually, a welcome signage is placed inside the receiving area of the building or office.
  • Banks – Waiting for your turn to process something in a bank can be excruciatingly painful. Have you seen the current priority number that’s being accommodated? Yes, it’s still at 54 and you are at 97. You can either go for a short (or long) break outside and estimate the time to come back, entertain yourself using your phone, or read the contents of the welcome signage. Welcome signage doesn’ only contain the word “Welcome” in them. Sometimes, they contain information about the company’s or institution’s history, its various products and services, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). You may also see easter digital signage templates.
  • Schools – A welcome signage in a school is placed at the gate entrance or at the front door. Usually, it only contains the word “Welcome” in it as further details are shown or elaborated in the principal’s office or during the orientation of it’s the start of the school year. You may also see employee recognition digital signage template.
  • Hotels – With the expected top-notch services of a hotel, it is expected that they put out a welcome signage to show their hospitality and politeness to the guests. Normally, a welcome signage in a hotel contains photos of the different room accommodations and facilities that the hotel can offer. Also, they put on extra details of the nearby attractions should the guests want to visit them.
  • Medical offices – Welcome signage in a medical office contains health tips for the patients so they would have ideas on how to take better care of themselves. Also, you can include some facts to confirm some superstitions with regards to health. You may also see free company digital signage templates.
  • Gyms – In the welcome signage of a gym, offers and promos usually occupy the layout. It’s a great way of promoting your gym especially if you are still a budding business.

Watercolor Floral Welcome Signage Template

Wedding Easel Welcome Signage Template

Reasons to Use a Welcome Signage

There are various ways to grow your company organically and at the same time enhance your customer and employee experience. Aside from being cost-effective, there are other reasons why you should use a welcome signage for your business.

1.  Introduce Visitors to Company and Services/Products

You can either occupy the entire layout of the signage with words of welcome or you can fill it up with bits of information. You can start with a brief history of your company and a short description of what products and services you can offer to your customers. And, if you have facilities that you can let visitors try, you can include pictures of them so they would have an idea of what they are allowed to experience. You may also see door sign template.

2. Improve Social Media Engagement

Aside from photos of your company’s products and services and facilities, you can also include photos of your company’s social media posts. This can be either a screenshot of the social media page or just photos that you uploaded there. This will subtly encourage those who read the welcome signage to visit your social media sites or company website.

3. Upsell Services and Products

It is difficult to guarantee consistency and also upselling at all opportunities even with the help of properly training the employees to services and products. Sometimes, to help upsell customers, they just need a subtle reminder from photos of your products and services. With that said, a welcome signage can effectively help in promoting your products and services from the get-go. You may also see safety sign template.

4. Share New Promotions

Aside from your current products and services, you can also freely include a promotion of your new ones in the welcome signage. Make sure that they are highlighted so the customers will easily notice them. Put in a brief description of the products and services to entice customers to try them. You may also see security sign templates.

5. Reduce Perception of Waiting Time

You can create an engaging design for the welcome signage so the customers who are waiting for their turn to accommodated can entertain themselves by reading the content. Photos are perfect elements to catch their attention and accompany it with brief descriptions. Also, you can include some funny annotations to drive their boredom away. You may also see garage sale sign templates.

Burgundy Welcome Signage Template

Navy Floral Welcome Signage Template

Gold Welcome Signage Template

Tips for Purchasing Welcome Signage Templates

The internet is full of deceitful offers that would cost you not just your money but also your personal details. No matter how careful you are, there are still traps lying around disguised as a pretty compelling ad. You have to protect yourself from all the annoying scams. But how? What are the indications that site that you are visiting and templates you are buying are a bomb filled with viruses? We will discuss all of the safety concerns with the following tips for purchasing templates:

1. Stay away from ads!

Although not every ad that you see on the Internet is harmful, it would still be wise to stay away from them especially if they are swarming the whole layout with their unwanted presence. The most common ads are those that have an extremely tempting offer. As much as you want to click them, don’t. If you want to keep yourself safe from harm, stay away from ads. They may not all be harmful, but it’s best to be cautious. You may also see Christmas signage templates.

2. Assess the website’s design

Beauty is subjective, so you can’t really be sure that the poorly-designed website is full of crap or not. But, if you think about it carefully, all the legit websites are beautifully and professionally designed. Let your eyes be the judge and listen to your gut. If your eyes approve of what they and your gut tell that it is safe, then go and visit the website. Otherwise, quickly press that Ctrl or Command + Q buttons on your keyboard. You may also see business sign templates.

3. Check if it is secure

How do you check if the website is secure? Simple. You just have to look at the side of the URL box if there is a word “Secure” in green color. If it’s there, then the website is definitely safe. But why does it indicate safety? A secure website uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol that protects the data that are going in and out of the website. Think of SSL as a tunnel that connects the website to the server. When the data is transferred, it goes through that tunnel which acts as the protective layer against attacks from the outside. So, when you purchase something from the website, your personal details are safe unless it is revealed manually and illegally utilized by the owners. You may also see wedding bathroom sign templates.

4. Don’t overspend!

Get what you need and stop yourself from overspending. There are other things that you need your money for, so you have to control yourself from looking at other products. To do so, you can exit from the website or close the tab once you already have what you need. Your wants can be satiated later if everything’s done. You may also see no food or drinks sign templates.

5. Choose what’s affordable

Just because it’s affordable, it doesn’t mean that its quality is below average. There are templates that may indeed be cheaper than the others but if you take a look at them closely, their design quality is standard and is sometimes beyond that. So, go through those pages of templates to look for great treasure finds. You may also see free coupon code signage template.

Have you chosen the perfect template?

Choosing the perfect template might be proven to be a more difficult task than what you imagined, especially when shown with amazingly beautiful and creative designs. If you are still confused as to which template to use, just think of the design that would be best suited for your business. You are choosing for a welcome signage, so it is best that it would be matched and appropriate for the type of business that you are promoting. If your business outlet has a certain theme to it, then you can choose the template that would have a similar design concept. Also, don’t skip on the cheap ones. They might be better than those of the premium category.

We hope we have helped you in choosing the perfect template for your welcome signage. There are a variety of choices to select from, so make sure that you have gone through each of them before purchasing the final one. We wish you all the best! You may also see new location digital signage templates.

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