Articles of Incorporation Ideas

Articles of Incorporation may be similar across all states, but they have a few differences from one another. Learn more about the Articles of Incorporation in other states with this series of ideas and examples. articles-of-incorporation-ideas

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Delaware Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

Delaware Articles of Incorporation sample forms are provided by the state’s Division of Corporations to help constituents create their own. The content of this document, when filed with the Delaware Secretary of State, is still the common requirement. However, the state charges $89 to process the articles plus $9 for extra pages.


Connecticut Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

Connecticut Articles of Incorporation should include the number of directors along with the name of the corporation, incorporators, and registered agent. Unlike some states, the law in Connecticut does not require the owner of a business to specify the purpose of the corporation. Besides the required filing fee, the Secretary of State of Connecticut also requires corporations to pay state and federal taxes.


Colorado Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

Colorado Articles of Incorporation are also a requirement when starting a corporation. Business owners can also have the convenience of filing it online with the Secretary of State according to the state’s regulation on corporations. Moreover, Colorado requires corporations to pay a filing fee worth $50.


California Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

Filing California Articles of Incorporation, with the Secretary of State, can be done online or in person like in most states. According to Forbes, when only one class of shares is involved, the California Form ART-GS is used. Furthermore, the state of California charges $100 for the filing process of this document.


Articles of Incorporation Worksheet Ideas and Examples

Articles of Incorporation worksheet serves as a guide if one plans to file the said document. This helps in assessing or organizing the information that needs to be included in the document. And, since the Articles of Incorporation worksheets are not legal documents, it does not need any signatures or notarization.


Arkansas Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

Arkansas Articles of Incorporation can be filed via the Corporations Online Filing System which, according to the official website of state, uses a new technology that allows users to fill up forms online. These Articles of Incorporation and other documents, such as amendments and dissolution, are processed and completed within two business days. Some of the details that the state of Arkansas does not require when filing for Articles of Incorporation are the following: age of incorporators and personal information (name and address) of directors.


Arizona Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

Filing for Arizona Articles of Incorporation costs $60 and an additional $35 for expedited processing. In this state, a cover sheet must be included when submitting any kind of document. The day the Articles for Incorporation are delivered to the Arizona Corporation Commission will be the day the corporation is formed.



Alaska Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

The Alaska Articles of Incorporation include common requirements imposed by most states, but they allow Article 6 for optional revisions. Complete and correct applications submitted to the state’s Division of Corporations will take ten to fifteen business days to process, which is their standard processing time. Here, filing for Articles of Incorporation costs $250.


Alabama Articles of Incorporation Ideas and Examples

Alabama Articles of Incorporation must include the name and address of one or more directors, who should be at least nineteen (19) years old. When filing this document in Alabama, an attorney is not required. But, the Secretary of State charges $100 to file these documents.


Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofit Organization Ideas and Examples

Articles of Incorporation for Nonprofit Organizations are required in some states to publish a notice of the intention to file the said documents. At the same time, legal affidavits that prove the newspaper publishing must be obtained and kept for corporate records. Most state fees cost from $50-$400 and can take up to four weeks to be fully processed.




What are Articles of Incorporation for a Business?

Articles of Incorporation for a Business are critical since business owners cannot proceed to incorporation without them.

What are a company’s Articles of Incorporation?

A company’s Articles of Incorporation include the most important information about a business or organization and its incorporators.

Why do we need Articles of Incorporation?

You need Articles of Incorporation to establish your business and acquire benefits that your whole company could enjoy.

How many incorporators are needed in Articles of Incorporation?

The number of incorporators that are included in the Articles of Incorporation varies depending on what state you are filing these documents in, but most states require at least one incorporator.

What is the initial purpose of Articles of Incorporation?

The initial purpose of Articles of Incorporation is to make the creation or existence of a corporation legal.

How do you write an Articles of Incorporation for a nonprofit?

You write Articles of Incorporation for a nonprofit organization just like how you write articles for profit corporations.

What should your Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation include?

Nonprofit Articles of Incorporation include the corporate’s name and address, the director’s name and address, and the name of the registered agent.

What are the qualities of an Articles of Incorporation?

Simplicity, directness, and informativeness can be considered qualities of a good Articles of Incorporation.

What are the characteristics of an Articles of Incorporation?

Articles of Incorporation are documents that basically state or present company information which is sectioned as “articles.”

Why should you prefer Articles of Incorporation?

There is a discussion about whether Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation are better, however, if you want your company to exist perpetually and acquire tax cuts, then you should file for Articles of Incorporation.

What is the concept of Articles of Incorporation?

The concept of Articles of Incorporation is basically a legally binding document required by states if business owners wish to incorporate.

How do you write a Business Articles of Incorporation?

Generally, you just input all the information of your association or company that is required to complete the documents, however, it is advisable to check the official website of the state you are filing these documents in to avoid violations of some sort.