Articles of Incorporation Sizes

Articles of Incorporation sizes only have a few options compared to other kinds of documents that allow variations of sizes for printing or filing. This article will sum up everything about the sizes used for this type of legal document. articles-of-incorporation-sizes

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Articles of Incorporation Standard Sizes

Being a legal document, the document sizes of Articles of Incorporation is limited. Among the small array of options to choose from, the following standard sizes are applicable to the said document:


Most legal documents are composed on letter-sized paper with a known dimension of 8.5 × 11 inches. However, this size is not as frequently suggested for Articles of Incorporation. Still, some states allow the usage of this size for Articles of Incorporation resulting in businessmen interested in filing these documents to ask for specific requirements per particular state.


A legal size paper is also used for legal documents with rather longer contents which Articles of Incorporation can be categorized under. It is more practical in that sense, logistically and environmentally. A legal size is 8.5 inches wide and 14 inches long.


Noticeably, the A4 paper size is commonly used for physical copies of Articles of Incorporation in most states. Although Letter and Legal are the most recognizable sizes for regular documents, for this particular document, A4 is more preferred. The said size has a dimension of 8.3 × 11.7 inches.

Articles of Incorporation for Print

Although there are still those who prefer filing physical copies of the Articles for Incorporation, the majority prefer to process this document online. Most states also recommend its digital forms be filled out by business owners. This makes it easier for both the Secretary of State and the people filing for the Articles of Incorporation.


Articles of Incorporation for Microsoft Word

With most processes for legal documents going digital, computer software, especially those that are accessible online, become more preferred. This makes Microsoft Word convenient for people, particularly those who are more comfortable with the Microsoft Word processor. Articles of Incorporation can be drafted in this software with various paper sizes available including the standard sizes for these kinds of documents (Letter, Legal, and A4).


Articles of Incorporation for Apple Pages

Apple Pages is another option for making a draft of Articles of Incorporation besides Microsoft Word. The app or software offers the same convenience as a user-friendly program. Apple Pages also have a variety of paper sizes one can choose from although its default size is 8.5 × 11 inches.


Articles of Incorporation for Google Docs

Google Docs is a software that makes itself available online; this means that it can be accessed without having it installed on an electronic device. This has similar features as the two previous word-processors and a default paper size of 8.5 × 11 inches as well. It is a convenient tool to draft Articles of Incorporation.



What is the structure of an Articles of Incorporation?

The structure of an Articles of Incorporation is basically a form—an outline of specific and important information of a company and its shareholders.

What is the font size of Articles of Incorporation?

The standard font size for any legal document, including the Articles of Incorporation, is a 12-point size.

What are the requirements for filing Articles of Incorporation

The requirements for filing Articles of Incorporation include the name of the company, the names and addresses of its board of directors, the type of company, and the duration of company.

What is the format for Articles of Incorporation?

The format for Articles of Incorporation is typically a one-page document that presents essential sections and information about the company and the owners.

What is considered an Articles of Incorporation?

A document can be considered an Articles of Incorporation if it states the purpose of the form, which is to incorporate a particular company or organization and include information about the business and its owners.

How to reduce the size of Articles of Incorporation?

To reduce the sheet size of your Articles of Incorporation, go to the page setup window or option of whichever word processor you are using, and from there, choose the right size you want.

What information is usually contained in the Articles of Incorporation?

The information usually contained in the Articles of Incorporation is the document’s title, the name of the association, the type of business, the purpose of incorporation, the stock shares, and the personal information of the board of directors.

How long does it take to write Articles of Incorporation?

It does not usually take long to write Articles of Incorporation, especially because most processes are already online and the forms are usually digital.

What are Articles of Incorporation documents for organization?

Articles of Incorporation is an important document that an organization must have particularly because this allows them to enjoy benefits that an unincorporated business does not.

What is the model for Articles of Incorporation?

Articles of Organization may be considered as a model of articles of incorporation since the latter is similar to the former, however, articles of organization are commonly filed for a limited liability company or LLC.

How to change the size of the Articles of Incorporation?

To change the size of the Articles of Incorporation, just go to the page setup of the word-processor you are using and customize the size of the document however you prefer it.

What documents are needed for Articles of Incorporation?

The general documents needed for Articles of Incorporation include personal information of the association or organization, its owners, and the board of directors or shareholders.

How long is an Articles of Incorporation good for?

Articles of Incorporation provide a company the benefit of existing perpetually, which makes the document effective indefinitely as well, however, some states require articles of incorporation to be amended once every few years.

What is the paper size for Articles of Incorporation?

The frequently used paper size for Articles of Incorporation is A4.

What are the Articles of Incorporation limits?

The Articles of Incorporation establish the existence of an incorporated business or association, wherein the owners can enjoy the benefits ensured by the document and nothing more outside of its regulations.