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A case study plays a critical role in the professional industry, especially in courses or fields such as medical evaluation, business, and education. Due to its deeper information, researchers can obtain more knowledge and develop more ideas by conducting case studies.  case-study

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Case Study Definition & Meaning

A case study is an intensive type of research that is more detailed and demonstrative regarding its topic and provides comprehensive data.

Case studies can help students, teachers, and other professionals solve problems and build new understanding and methods of a specific investigation by providing outlines and insights.

What Is a Case Study?

Thesis, essay, and analysis are often referred to as case studies. However, a case study focuses more on the inside-out information of the topic to provide concrete evidence and findings to the audience. In the same sense, professionals or researchers usually put case studies in a library after studying them to spread these sets of information and improve knowledge.

10 Types Of Case Study

Financial Case Study

The financial case study talks about financial behavior and system. It helps the business industry improve methods and knowledge in financial management. That way, they can enhance their financial control.


Psychology Case Study

A psychology case study is a part of social science. It studies human behavior, which enhances the comprehension of how the human mind works of a child, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. The study of psychology helps medical experts how to treat and improve mental health.


Design Case Study

Since fashion is always a trend, it is important to study and analyze designs to catch more customers. A design case study helps designers and fashion companies determine compatible designs and colors. That way, they can ensure sales and profit improvements. 


Media Case Study

A media case study or social media case study is connected to the business. Executing social media case study analyzes the system and results of online marketing using social media. It determines the pros and cons, which is beneficial to the company. 


B2B Case Study

A B2B case study plays a significant role in the business industry. It tells the customer’s story regarding their experience with a company’s products and services. That is why a B2B case study is a way of marketing strategy. 


Event Case Study

There are various types of events. These events require research and evaluation to know innovative methods and smart processes to achieve the event’s objectives. For this reason, an event case study is advantageous to event managers. 


Construction Case Study

A construction case study can talk about a particular building, construction event, individual, or group. It demonstrates the object’s elements and issues and finds solutions. As a result, building infrastructure and construction management are enhanced. 


Project Case Study

A project case study explains the critical elements of a particular project. That way, project managers will obtain new ideas on how to execute the project better. Case studies might helps them spend and plan effectively. 


Sales Case Study

A sales case study is the research regarding sales techniques and behaviors. This case study benefits the professional industry, leading them to improve methods in reaching sales goals. It also provides data about the market’s demands and expectations. 


Business Case Study

A business case study delivers a deeper meaning to the business industry. It factors out the advantages and disadvantages of business activities, allowing them to enrich methodologies, forecasting, and planning.


Case Study Uses, Purpose, Importance

A case study aids multiple industries in studying and learning specific objects or matters that impact their company or organization. Developing case studies not only helps the researchers but also to curious readers that have the same interests as the researchers. It has a significant role in the professional industry as it enhances learning and perspectives.

Improve Knowledge

As we all know, a case study is an intensive research that provides pulverized data to the readers. It helps them widen their perspective and knowledge about a specific topic.

Provide Deeper Details

Unlike short stories, a case study is expressive and informative. It assists researchers in gaining in-depth data, leading them to elaborate and expand their research more.

Enhance Plans

Since a case study presents detailed and in-length information, it allows researchers to generate accurate and effective plans for dealing with a particular issue. As a result, methods and processes are boosted and enhanced.

Identify Key Issues

Case studies talk about a particular issue– an issue researchers need to break down into impressive details. For this reason, it aids researchers and readers in identifying the key issues and generating appropriate solutions.

Present Analysis

Case studies present analysis, allowing you to create procedures and processes you need to do to solve the problem. The analysis enables in determining the cause and effect, giving you reasons for the whats’ and whys’ results.

Provide Solution

A case study started with a problem. A case study’s purpose is to research and observe the target to analyze and obtain possible solutions to solve the problem. Such a method helps people see various methods that could be relevant and compatible with other connected issues. 

What’s in a Case Study? Parts?


The title is one of the most important parts of a document. It allows readers to understand and obtain hints on what should be the topic.

Researchers’ name

It is crucial to show the researchers’ names to give credit to the case study report. That way, people will know who did the research and will mention their names when using the case study data for school projects and other professional documentation.


The analysis is the aspect consisting of the cause and effect relationship of the target. It provides insights, allowing readers to brainstorm and generate their perspectives regarding the case study. 


A case study exists to solve particular problems. Problems are a critical part of the case study to exhibit the root and source of the issue, allowing researchers to find solutions. 

Contact Details

In the business world, contact details play a critical role as it improves the legitimacy quality. It helps readers to contact the creators to inquire about their output. 


How to Design a Case Study

1. Select your Case Study Size.

2. Determine the purpose of your case study.

3. Select the Case Study Template.

4. Insert your logo or company icon.

5. Add clipart or visual presentation images.

6. Proofread the content

7. Save and download your file.


Case Study vs. Research

A case study is a deeper and expanded research that is longer and takes more time to finish and analyze.

A research paper is a type of research shorter than a case study meaning it has limited factors and information compared to case studies.

What’s the Difference Between Case Study, Project, and Experiment?

A case study is an intensive research paper that delivers and presents more data or information regarding the topic, providing a professional architecture of the format and content by observing targets.

A project does not only focus on writing and information; it also includes the presentation and infographics of a particular subject.

Experient is more on the demonstration, report, and testing results of a specific object or specimen, it is more on affecting the specimen to gain data.

Case Study Sizes

Multiple industries generate documents from time to time. Every company prefers various dimensions of case study sizes, which will demonstrate their business more.


Case Study Ideas & Examples

Format and designs are crucial in case studies to exhibit professionalism and quality. Case study ideas and examples are critical to helping you design your layout and decide your format.

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Why do you use a case study in research?

Most research chooses topics such as social science methodology, law, and history, which requires a case study to provide deep and detailed information, leading students to obtain chasmic knowledge and understanding of this topic.

How does the case study work?

A case study is in-depth research that investigates and observes a patient, group, or event and produces an analysis of the sample sizes’ every aspect.

What should be included in the case study?

A case study should include a clear headline, APA (American Psychological Association) format, state problem, consequences, analysis, describe the solution, and present results and benefits.

How do you present a case study?

Presenting a case study requires elaboration and going deeper into the issue, providing cause and effect, presenting pros and cons, people who should be involved in various areas of the case study, and the overall process and method to reach specific objectives.

What makes a good case study?

A good case study shows comprehensive and lucid content, delivers a quality lesson, and a folder of valuable information, ensuring you also use good material such as a professional poster.

What are the steps of a case study?

Choose a case, develop a theoretical framework, collect data, describe and analyze the case, generate analysis, develop a solution, and draw conclusions.

How do you summarize the case study?

Read and examine the case, highlight and take note of relevant aspects of the case, uncover possible solutions, and select the best solution.

What is the Case Study House Program?

A case study house program is a real estate showing post-war living, presenting affordable simple designs with mid-century modernism house products.

How does a customer case study help you with sales?

A customer case study is a research study regarding customer behavior, giving entrepreneurs ideas to attract customers and predict future trends.

What qualifies students to write a case study?

For students to write case studies, it is important to know the relevant information and how to explain and showcase problems and analyses to the audience effectively and efficiently.

Why is a case study crucial to the professional industry?

A case study demonstrates and explains a particular object or a topic, leading the professional industry to gain more data to improve methods, processes, and even financial flow.

How important is a psychology case study?

Multiple suffers from mental health, leading experts to execute case study to acquire deeper data regarding human behavior to understand human minds more and provide the appropriate treatment and medicine.

Is a case study required in education?

During school, teachers give projects to students such as case studies to improve young students’ minds and understanding, leading them to enhance perspective and obtain insights that will help them in various circumstances.

What are the types of case studies?

Descriptive case studies, explanatory case studies, exploratory case reports, intrinsic case studies, instrumental case studies, and collective case reports.