Corporate Bylaws Sizes

Making a corporate bylaws document requires one to adhere to the required size regardless of the bylaws template, whether it is a simple company bylaws document, a non-profit bylaws document, or a for-profit bylaws document. Following the right format of this template guarantees that the format won’t be compromised and the document will effectively serve its intended purpose. corporate-bylaws-sizes

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Corporate Bylaws Sizes Standard

Legal Size (8.5″ × 14″)

The only standard size that should be followed when creating the document is the legal size which measures 8.5×14 inches. Legal size is frequently used for documents such as Legal contracts, and agreements, is usually longer than a standard Letter size paper and it’s the only size that this document will have to adhere to as a corporate bylaws document is a legally-binding paper.

Corporate Bylaws Sizes for Print

It’s rare nowadays that documents are drafted completely by hand, as they are now made digitally to be printed. The same can be said for a corporate bylaws document, which can either be modified from a sample editable and printable template or created totally from scratch using a blank form. The size that needs to be followed when printing this document would be the Legal size as it’s a legally-binding document, which measures 216×356 mm, and for the weight of the paper that needs to be used, 90 GSM will suffice.


Corporate Bylaws Sizes for MS Word

Microsoft Word is a handy word-processing program for users that are accustomed to the Windows ecosystem, and it can be used to create all sorts of documents including a bylaws template that can be used by small businesses or large corporations. For the size, since this can be used for legal purposes, the Legal Size paper needs to be used, which measures 21.6×35.6 cm. To select the size in this program, go to the “Page Setup” group in the “Layout” tab, click on size, and a drop-down menu should appear from which you can find the Legal Size option.


Corporate Bylaws Sizes for Apple Pages

For users who are accustomed to the Apple ecosystem, Apple Pages is the word-processing app to go to. Similar to MS Word, which is its counterpart in the Windows ecosystem, this program can be used to create different kinds of documents, such as a corporate bylaws document, which can be implemented by the company’s key personnel such as the board of directors and/or the governance committee. Similar to MS Word, the only document size that you should worry about when creating this document is the Legal Size, which measures 8.5×14 inches.


Corporate Bylaws Sizes for Google Docs

For people who are worrying about the storage space that MS Word and Apple Pages can take, Google Docs is a great alternative since creating documents using this program can be done entirely online without the need to install a dedicated program. Legal documents such as corporate bylaws documents (which vary between different states such as Florida and Texas) can also be created here, and the only document size that you need to worry about is the Legal Size which measures 216×356 mm. To set the document size, simply go to the “File” tab, click on “Page Setup”, change the “Apply” setting to “whole document”, and from there, simply select the “Legal” size between the paper size options in the drop-down menu.


Corporate Bylaws Sizes FAQs

How do you structure the corporate bylaws?

To structure the corporate bylaws document properly, you need to include the board of directors, statement of purpose, management structure, company information, shareholder and board meetings guidelines, guidelines for calling other meetings, and procedures for approving contracts and loans.

What is the font size of corporate bylaws?

A corporate bylaws document, just like any legal document, should use a font size of 12pt or 14pt for improved readability.

What are the dimensions of corporate bylaws?

The dimensions of the corporate bylaws document measure 8.5 inches in width and 14 inches in height.

What size paper is used for corporate bylaws?

The size of the paper that is used for corporate bylaws is the Legal size paper which has a measurement of 8.5×14 inches.

How do you increase the number of directors for a board?

To address this issue, simply hold a regular board meeting where the prospect of filling vacancies can be reached, wherein the board can recruit candidates, vet their credentials, vote on their candidacy and seat the one with the most votes.

How do you change the size of corporate bylaws?

To change the size of a corporate bylaws document, you can either compress the size of any logos that should appear in the document before they are being added, avoid embedding any fonts, insert logos instead of using copy/paste, and so on.

What is the size of corporate bylaws in inches?

The size of a corporate bylaws document in inches measures 8.5×14 inches.

What is the layout of corporate bylaws?

The layout for corporation bylaws should consist of the board of directors, the statement of purpose, the management structure, the company information, and the procedure for calling meetings.

What is the file size of corporate bylaws?

The file size of these types of documents is usually around 500KB-1MB.

What is the format for corporate bylaws?

In writing corporate bylaws, the proper format needs to be observed and should indicate who the association of the board of directors are, the statement of purpose of the company, the management structure of the company, the basic company information, and the guidelines that need to be followed.

How to scale the size of corporate bylaws?

To scale the size of this document when printing, press Ctrl + P to open the print dialog box, then in the zoom section, select the scale to paper size drop-down arrow, then from there, scroll and select the desired size, then once you are satisfied, hit OK.

What is the size of corporate bylaws?

The size that should be adhered to by this document is the Legal Size, which measures 216×356 mm.

What are the rules of corporate bylaws?

The rules of corporate bylaws (including club corporate bylaws) are the ones that govern how the company is going to be run, or in other words, they are the rules by which the corporation operates.