Corporate Resolution Sizes

Corporate resolutions are valuable documents that corporations need to separate the entity of the business owner, the corporation, and the decisions from the board of directors, whether for profit (e.g., housekeeping services) or non-profit (e.g., church) organizations. A company must provide a standardized format following the various corporate resolution sizes for organizations and corporations to process the legality and validity of the document. corporate-resolution-sizes

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Corporate Resolution Sizes Standard

Letter (8.5 × 11 Inches)

The US letter paper size is the most common and average paper size for many business documents, following the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) with the code of ANSI A, supporting the measurements of 8.5 × 11 inches for width and length, respectively. Most organizations and businesses in the North Americas, especially Canada and the United States, utilize the paper size for various business transactions and documents, including corporate resolutions, construction projects, funeral invitations, job resumes, cover letters, training certificates, and employee warning notices.

Legal (8.5 × 14 Inches)

The legal paper size is commonly used for drafting and creating legal documents for court or case use, with many lawyers and attorneys encouraging their clients to utilize the paper size when transacting with government agencies. The measurements of the legal paper measure 8.5 × 14 inches, with individuals and organizations using them for various government and business transactions, including data breach settlements, court mediations, and corporate resolutions for opening or closing credit cards, acquiring waivers, borrowing or loaning money.

A4 (8.3 × 11.7 Inches)

The A4 size paper has the measurement of 8.3 × 11.7 inches or 210 × 297 mm that companies use from different countries as their standard and primary communication tool when delivering their business and legal documents between other organizations or government agencies, following ISO 216 standard paper sizes. Different companies use the A4 paper size for business and legal documents, including company bylaws, executive meeting minutes, and corporate resolutions that contain vital information about the decisions and actions under the board members’ authority regarding the operations and functions for the corporation’s best interest.

Corporate Resolution Sizes for Print

Corporate resolutions are business and legal documents that corporations use to record board meetings about pivotal decisions and actions regarding the company, affecting its operations and performance for the benefit of its shareholders. Supervisors responsible for producing copies of the corporate resolution must ensure that the document’s margins accommodate the resolution’s components, including its title, the resolution statements, and the board members’ signatures for storage purposes, in the event of taxable settlements and insolvency proceedings arise. Print these documents of standardized paper sizes, including US letter size with measurements of 8.5 × 11 inches, legal of 8.5 × 14 inches, and A4 of 8.3 × 11.7 inches.


Corporate Resolution Sizes for Microsoft Word

Corporations can choose to utilize Microsoft Word as the word processor application to create and design the corporate resolution to satisfy the requirements for legal proceedings or government applications using readable font sizes and a clear photo of the corporation’s logo on the front page of the document. Open the Microsoft Word application, start on a blank document and incorporate the elements of the corporate resolution, printing the final draft on standard paper sizes, including US letter, legal, and A4, with options of selecting folio, tabloid, A3, etc.


Corporate Resolution Sizes for Apple Pages

Mac users have a built-in word processor program in the Mac devices in the form of Apple Pages, allowing individuals to develop the document through a user-friendly interface that individuals can navigate with ease to ensure that all the vital information in the corporate resolution is available to the reader. Start drafting the resolution by selecting a blank workspace and incorporating all the necessary decisions and actions during the discussions or meetings of the board of directors, and produce a hardcopy by printing it on a US letter, legal, or A4 size paper for the standard sizes, or a folio size of 8.5 × 13 inches, executive size of 7.25 × 10.5 inches, for custom sizes.


Corporate Resolution Sizes for Google Docs

Google Docs is another word processor application accessible to any individual owning a Google Account, making it accessible to any device through a web browser and an internet connection to develop the corporate resolution document. Incorporate the essential features and components of the resolution after creating a blank document by navigating to the Google Docs app, selecting the appropriate font size and style for readability, and printing the document on the default US letter size of 8.5 × 11 inches or the limited paper sizes selection consisting of legal, A4, executive, tabloid, folio, A3, B4, etc.



What is the font size of a corporate resolution?

A corporation can use the corporate resolution as a legal document, and many lawyers and attorneys recommend using the 12-point font size for these documents.

How long is a corporate resolution good for?

Corporate resolutions exist indefinitely, beyond the lifetime of any member or owner of the corporation.

How to reduce the size of a corporate resolution?

To reduce the size of a corporate resolution, open the corporate resolution file on a word processor application, removing unnecessary information, images, and elements from the document.

What is a resolution in a corporate book?

A resolution in a corporate book is also known as a corporate resolution, and corporate resolutions are documents that record binding corporate actions by the board of directors.

What to include in a corporate resolution form?

A corporate resolution form is a blank document that allows users to incorporate various components of a corporate resolution, including the title, board members’ names, date, title, and location of the resolution, statement of resolutions, and member’s signatures.

What is a company’s corporate resolution?

A corporate resolution is a document that describes and details the corporate actions the board of directors performs on behalf of a corporation.

How do you change the size of a corporate resolution?

To change the size of a corporate resolution, open the document in a word processing program like Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs, go to Page Setup and select the paper size for the resolution.

Why must the board maintain corporate resolution records?

The board of directors must maintain records of corporate resolutions to track vital decisions, and shareholders can verify the actions of board members on their behalf.

How do you present a corporate resolution to a board of directors?

When presenting a corporate resolution to a board of directors, ensure that there is an agreement and consent of the members signing the document.

What are the processes for corporate shareholder resolutions?

The process starts with the shareholders proposing a recommendation, board members presenting a resolution through a meeting, and then voting on a decision or action.

Doe a corporate resolution need to be on letterhead?

A corporate resolution must be on company letterhead as much as possible.

What is a corporate resolution for an operating agreement?

An operating agreement is part of a corporate resolution that requires approval from board members and shareholders.

How to write a corporate resolution form?

When writing a corporate resolution form, start with a title, identify the location or jurisdiction of the resolution, incorporate the date, name the board members, list the resolutions, and affix members’ signatures.

Why does a corporate resolution need to be signed?

The board of directors must affix their signatures on the corporate resolution to hold them accountable for the decisions and actions they take.

What is the time limit for the completion of the corporate insolvency resolution process?

Corporate insolvency resolution processes must be complete within 180 days from the start date.