Creative Brief Sizes

Based on the kind of work you are engaging in, your creative brief size will vary. Here are the sizes various companies use for their team’s projects.

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Creative Brief Sizes Standard

A4 (8.3 × 11.7 inches)

As it is the standard international printer paper, most creative briefs are printed on A4 size paper. Quite appropriate as well since it is used for essays and reports in which creative briefs are essential.

Letter (8.5 × 11 inches)

Since letter sizes are used for most office documents and corporate purposes, creative briefs are often presented in this size. with its larger space, it can help users go into details of the outlines for creative projects.

Creative Brief Sizes for Print

As mentioned above, sizes A4 and Letter are the common choices when printing out a creative brief. Whether it’s for a marketing client briefing or a logo design for an agency, those sizes are ideal for the work.

creative brief sizes for print

Creative brief Sizes for MS Word

Creative briefs on Word documents may differ based on what types of briefs are used and for what purposes. It is economic to make use of the Letter and A4 sizes, 8.5 × 11 inches and 8.3 × 11.7 inches, respectively.

creative brief sizes for ms word

Creative brief Sizes for Apple Pages

When working on Creative brief sizes on Apple Pages, you are free to use any size you wish. While the sizes 8.5 × 11 inches (Letter) and 8.3 × 11.7 inches (A4) are recommended, you may use any size that fits your business.

creative brief sizes for apple pages

Creative brief Sizes for Google Docs

Creative brief sizes in Google Docs vary depending on the kind of business and the needs of the client. In the end, just like those made with Microsoft Word, the same sizes 8.5 × 11 inches (Letter) and 8.3 × 11.7 inches (A4) apply.

creative brief sizes for google docs


How big is a creative brief?

A creative brief is typically either an A4 or Letter size.

How many pages are in a creative brief?

Creative briefs tend to be around one to two pages.

What is the size of an ideal creative brief?

The ideal size for a creative brief would be 8.5 x 11 inches.

What are the dimensions of a creative brief?

A creative brief’s dimensions are length and width.

What is the recommended resolution of a creative brief?

The recommended resolution for a creative brief would be 1500 px × 600 px.

What is the measure of a creative brief?

Aside from the dimensions, a creative brief is measured by its word count and the amount of content it has for a project’s strategies.

How to change the size of a creative brief?

You can change the size of a creative brief using editing software when printing your document.

What size is creative brief in pixels?

The typical size of a creative brief is 1500 px × 600 px.

What is the font size of a creative brief?

Like most documents, the font size is around 12 points for a creative brief.

How to print a creative brief in perfect resolution?

You can set your creative brief file to around 1800 px × 600 px to print it in a perfect resolution.

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