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Whether you came from a royal family or just a normal family, family trees are essential to easily track and visualize the connections between one family member to another, and from one generation to the next. In this article, learn the straights and turns of creating your family tree. family-trees

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Family Tree Definition & Meaning

A family tree is a chart showing family relationships and connections.

Family Tree is used for school projects, genealogy, tracing family history, and other special reasons.

What Is a Family Tree?

A family tree is a diagram that outlines the relationships and generations of a family. This chart is used to discover one’s own family, understand the values, principles, and genetics they shared, and strengthen the connections. Among the common names of a family tree are genealogy, ancestry, family heritage, and a pedigree chart.

10 Types of Family Tree

3 Generation

Three-generation family tree details a three-generation relationship and connection of a family. This chart includes grandparents, parents, and children. This type of family tree is used for tracking a smaller portion of a bigger family tree.


7 Generation

Seven-generation family tree outlines a multigenerational relationship and linkages of a family. This chart is handy for larger families and those who wish to trace back their roots from their great great great grandparents. The seven-generation type of family tree is quite challenging to fill in but fulfilling to finish.


5 Generation

Five-generation family tree shows five-generation of a family. This includes tracing the family history from the present to five generations back. The five-generation family tree helps identify rights to properties and inheritance.



A reunion family tree is a fun and simple visual presentation of your family. This documents, stores, and gatekeeps family records and information. This type of family tree is great to see during reunions, social events, and family gatherings.



Photographs are moments themselves. A photo family tree is a handy diagram that shows different family members, their names, and their images. This is an efficient and memorable way to create a family tree.



A kid-friendly family tree helps introduces family members and family history to young kids. This type of family tree is usually colorful, fun, and creative to get the children’s attention. A kid-friendly family tree shows children the importance of family connection.



Genealogy is the study of family and kinship. This type uses important documents, historical records, and the likes to come up with substantial family tree information. Genealogy is used in many different disciplines, such as history and medicine.



Inversed family tree shows the diagram in reverse order. This type starts with a person in the past and then build-up to the present. Inversed family tree is a common chart used to track family history.



Cousins are the children of your uncles and aunties. A cousin family tree shows the different cousins from each side and each generation. This is helpful to ensure family relationships and establish bonds with one another.



Remembering the dead is important, especially in tracing a family tree. Deceased members of the family are still remembered for their service and love for the living. A dead family tree shows the deceased family members and their linkages.


Family Tree Uses, Purpose, Importance

A family tree is more than just a mere requirement in school. This diagram is common to be presented colorfully and creatively; however, this chart outlines the most important connection in human history—family. Find out more about its uses, purpose, and importance below.

Legal Rights

While a family tree is easily created for school projects and requirements, this chart plays a big part in legal matters. This diagram establishes the right to inheritance and property. In a monarchy, a family tree is important to define the succession to the throne.

Family Relationship

A family tree determines family connection. This helps in identifying linkages in the family history, such as knowing one’s ancestors and family heritage and helps understand different genetic situations.


Family relationships and connections must be translated into records for legal and future purposes. A family tree is among the common documentation of family history.


A family tree allows discovery. This diagram is a fun and easy way to introduce young kids or the new generation to their families. This will act as a research tool for them to understand where they came from.


A family tree helps you discover yourself. This gives you a sense of identity and belongingness. A family tree also helps you understand family traditions, beliefs, principles, and future medical situations.

What’s in a Family Tree? Parts?


This is the given name of a family member. Name is used to identify who are they, and where to link them. Name can be your ancestors, grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and extended families.


Although optional, a photo can make a family tree better. A picture or image of the family member will help in easily identifying the person and properly putting them into their post.


The two common and useful dates in a family tree are birth dates and marriage dates. Birth dates are placed to identify the position in the family, whether the eldest, middle or youngest. The marriage dates are placed in cases of multiple marriages.


A graph is nothing without connectors. Connectors can be an arrow or simple lines of your choice.


How to Design a Family Tree?

  1. Choose a family tree size
  2. Decide your preferred family tree ideas and examples
  3. Select a family tree template
  4. Search for a free family tree generator software
  5. Fill in family information and details
  6. Secure a soft or hard copy of your family tree


Family Tree Vs. Genealogy

A family tree is a diagram outlining family connections from different generations

Genealogy is the study of family, their origin, history, genetics, and lineages.

What’s the Difference Between Family Tree, Historiography, and Genogram?

A family tree is simply a visual representation of the different relationships and connections of a family in different generations.

Historiography is the writing in history; this also means the study of historical writing.

A genogram is a diagram detailing the family’s genetics, hereditary patterns, and other family health factors.

Family Tree Sizes

People often secure a copy of their family trees for research and future purposes. The copies can be printed on posters, special stationery paper, and other materials of the same kind following the standard sizes:

  • US letter – 8.5 inches × 11 inches
  • A4 sizes –  8.27 inches × 11.69 inches
  • Stationery- 8 inches × 10 inches 


Family Tree Ideas & Examples

Family Tree Ideas and examples come in handy for those who want to create their diagram.

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How to make a family tree on Google Docs?

Making a family tree in Google Docs offers you two options: search for a template maker software and download it to Google Docs, or build your family tree from scratch using the design elements in this software.

Who goes first on a family tree?

Depending on the type and kind of family tree you are making, the first on the chart can be you or your great grandparents or grandparents or parents and gradually building from there.

What is the family tree for class 2?

The family tree for class 2 shows different family members in different generations and their linkages.

What is a family tree diagram?

A family tree diagram is a visual presentation of the connection and relationship of a family.

How do I draw a family tree?

You can start by getting your preferred material, then write the first generation, second generation, and so on, and then connect them using linking characters like arrows or vertical lines or horizontal lines or diagonal lines.

What Is a Paternal Family Tree?

A paternal family tree is a diagram detailing the relationship and connection of your father’s side or, in other words, a family tree father side edition.

How do you start a family tree?

Start a family tree by identifying what generation you want to start, choose your material, start creating and filling in the information, and build from there.

What is the oldest family tree?

The oldest family tree is that of a 5,700-year-old tomb from Costwold, UK.

How to understand relationships in your family tree?

Identifying the relationship in your family tree is pretty simple; all you have to do is trace the arrows and lines from where you are looking, and understand them by side of the family and by generation.

What is Family Tree Forensics?

Family tree forensics is the use of family linkages, genetics, and family tree data for criminal investigation purposes.

Where to create family tree?

There are different family tree makers and generators software available on the internet or manually make a family tree on design software, word-processing software, or traditional pen and paper.

Where do you place your family tree?

Other families prefer to display their family trees in their houses as decors, some gatekeep them on their document files, and others are given to their legal officers for gatekeeping.

What is a simple family tree?

A simple family tree is a buzz-free diagram with a minimalist design and tackles a smaller group in the whole family history.

What is the best family tree site for free?

You may choose from the wide variety of family tree templates at that you can download for free.

Does Excel have a family tree template?

Excel has built-in charts and graphs that you can use for family trees; simply go to insert, then charts.

Is there a free template for family tree?

Yes, there are a lot of free family tree templates available on the internet.

What information is needed for a family tree?

A family tree needs the name of the family member, a photo, birth date, and marriage date if married.

Is a photo necessary for the family tree?

Photos are optional for family trees, but a photo will instantly jazz up your diagram and will make identifying easier.

What is the best website for family trees?

There are different family tree generators, design software, and family tree makers available online; among the best ones is

What are orders of a family tree?

A family tree can be arranged depending on your needs and wants; the common arrangement includes great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, and children.

Why is family tree important?

A family tree traces back your family history; this also identifies linkages and relationships and defines different principles and characteristics of the family.