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Fax cover sheets are integral documentation tools that help many businesses, organizations, professionals, and other individuals in sending and receiving professional documents or personal files using a fax machine. Whether you are working in a corporate office, a daycare, or a medical office, developing a simple and well-structured fax cover sheet is important in efficiently transmitting data or confidential information to the intended recipient.   fax-cover-sheets

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Fax Cover Sheet Definition and Meaning

A fax cover sheet is a document that indicates the name and contact details of the sender and the recipient, as well as the purpose of the fax document.

Fax cover sheets are mainly used in most companies or departments where people commonly share a fax machine to communicate prompt, short and formal business correspondence in sharing data and information in a clear and concise way.

What is a Fax Cover Sheet?

A fax cover sheet also referred to as a fax cover letter, is a simple piece of paper that allows the transmission of information to numerous businesses, organizations, and individuals in a cheap way yet in a professional manner. It is beneficial when the internet signal is weak as you can use a fax machine to send information from one place to another in a very reliable and secure method. That’s why it is still used in many businesses and organizations around the world.

10 Types of Fax Cover Sheets

Finance Fax Cover Sheet

Many finance businesses and institutions use a finance fax cover sheet to relay vital information about their finances. Construct a simple layout, include the basic information of your finance business firm such as the name of the business, fax number, phone number, subject of the document, and the names of the sender and the recipient. Then, add the date, total page number, and  type a short message about your financial report. 


Education Fax Cover Sheet

Create a simple education fax cover sheet if you want to clarify the content of the syllabus for a particular academic course in your university. Indicate the name, full address, fax number phone number and email address of the university, and fill in the names of the sender and the recipient along their contact information. Simply download and use our sample education fax cover sheet template from our website like this one. 


Accounting Fax Cover Sheet

Prepare an accounting fax cover sheet to inform the other company or organization about the current status of your company revenue. Type the details of the company, contact information of the sender and the recipient and a short message regarding the accounting report. Download and customize your preferred accounting fax cover sheet template from our website right now!


Marketing Fax Cover Sheet

Make a compelling fax cover sheet for your marketing work! If you are proposing a collaboration between different companies through a joint promotional event, creating a brief and cohesive fax cover sheet helps you to clearly and quickly relay your message to your intended recipient. Browse our marketing fax cover sheet templates with fully customized, and high-quality mockup features on our website and download the template you want. 


School Fax Cover Sheet

Use a well-coordinated school fax cover sheet for the admission plans in your school. Make simple fax cover sheet for elementary schools, grade schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Visit our website and choose from our free customizable school fax cover sheet templates today!


Job Fax Cover Sheet

Create a simple and well-defined job fax cover sheet when sending your employment instructions for your newly hired employees. Download, and customize our sample job fax cover sheet templates here. Include the basic information of the sender, and the recipient, the name of the company, the level of urgency, and a brief message. 


Business Fax Cover Sheet

A business fax cover sheet is generally used by small businesses, companies and large corporations to send business-related documents to other business firms, especially for urgent matters. When preparing your business fax cover sheet, make things easy in your work while using our editable creative fax cover sheet templates. Customize the template according to your business needs and preferences. 


Personal Fax Cover Sheet

Make a quick cover sheet if you need to fax your personal document. It is convenient to use a simple and clean personal fax cover sheet template in order to identify the fax transmission details. So, we recommend that you explore our fax cover sheet collection and download your preferred template so that you are able to easily customize your fax cover sheet and fill in the basic information.


Company Fax Cover Sheet

Prepare a simple and minimalist company fax cover sheet while using our sample company fax cover sheet template below. Download the fillable and printable template and edit the components of this document. After that, type the important information of your fax document. 


Construction Fax Cover Sheet

If you are developing a fax cover sheet for an update on a current construction business proposal, you need to create a simple construction fax cover sheet. We have blank and fillable fax cover sheet templates in our website that you can easily use. So, customize your preferred program fax cover sheet template today! 


Fax Cover Sheet Uses, Purpose, Importance

A fax cover sheet provides different uses according to the purpose it serves for a business firm, organization, or individual. Similar to the function of an email message header, it specifies who is the sender and recipient of the fax document. Below is a list of the common uses, purposes, and importance of fax cover sheets.


This document is essential to clarify who is the sender and recipient of the fax. Basically, anyone can receive the document through the fax machine. So, indicating the names of the sender and the recipient allows the person who will get the document through the fax to give the document to the intended recipient.

Safety of Confidential Information

When communicating to another person through fax, the recipient will receive the message as a paper copy. By using a fax cover sheet, it provides basic information on who the fax is from and whom it is intended for. It may also display a disclaimer for confidentiality purposes which keeps the safety of private information.

Contact Accessibility

A fax cover sheet includes the contact information of the sender. If the recipient wants to contact the sender for any questions and concerns, it makes it easier for them to access the contact details of the sender and contact the sender. That’s why it is very crucial to provide the sender’s contact information in this document.

Saves Unnecessary Data Loss

Having a standard fax cover sheet allows the recipient to be informed of the total page count of the document generated by the fax machine. It saves unnecessary data loss. Plus, it includes clear instructions on what the recipient needs to do after receiving the document. 

Verification of Information

It basically verifies the information of the sender and the recipient. It significantly provides fundamental information related to work, school, or other personal matters. So, having a simple fax cover sheet is important in displaying necessary information, especially for employment verification. 

What’s in a Fax Cover Sheet? Parts?

Sender’s Information

Show the personal info or company details of the sender. Include a telephone number, email address, and fax number. This part is essential so that the fax sender can be quickly contacted if the receiver has some questions or concerns with the fax transmission.

Recipient’s Information

Note the full name of the recipient because anyone can easily receive the fax document.  Include the phone number, email address, and fax number of the recipient. This allows your document to be quickly delivered to the right recipient.

Total Page Count 

Count the number of total pages of the fax document. Then, specify the total page count in your fax cover sheet because it helps the recipient to verify how many pages of the paper are received through the fax.

Date of Transmission

Add the date you sent the fax document. It informs the recipient to know when you exactly sent your document.  

Purpose Statement

Clarify the purpose of your fax document to your recipient. Include any special instructions if necessary. Convey a short message about why you sent it and what they need to do after you sent the document.


How to Design a Fax Cover Sheet?

  1. Choose a fax cover sheet size.
  2. Think about the purpose of your fax cover sheet.
  3. Select the fax cover sheet template.
  4. Indicate the information of the sender and the recipient such as full name, email address, phone number, fax number, etc.
  5. Include the total page count and date of transmission.
  6. Define the purpose of your fax and any other special instructions.
  7. Review, edit, finalize, and download your fax cover sheet.


Fax Cover Sheet vs. Cover Sheet

A fax cover sheet is the front page of a fax document to inform the person who will receive the document about the sender and recipient of the fax document.

A cover sheet may refer to a case information sheet which is a document filed at the start of a civil lawsuit, or to an assignment cover sheet that is used by students when finishing their assignments at their university. 

What’s the Difference Between a Fax Cover Sheet, Sheets, and Book Cover?

A fax cover sheet is a single sheet of paper that is used by many businesses and organizations to disseminate basic information about the sender and the recipient of a certain document within the organization.

Sheets may refer to pieces of paper in a newspaper, periodical, occasional publication, or any other documents. 

A book cover is a protective covering of a book as it binds the pages of a book together and it is also a graphical representation that introduces the readers to the concept or theme of a book.

Fax Cover Sheet Sizes

Fax cover sheets have different standard sizes. The fax cover sheet size and format are based on the use and purpose of the business, organization, or individual. 


Fax Cover Sheet Ideas & Examples

There is a variety of ways when creating fax cover sheets. Check out the following details for more fax cover sheet ideas and document design inspiration.

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How do you make a fax cover sheet?

Choose a simple fax cover sheet template, fill in the entire sheet of the sender’s information, the name and fax number of the recipient, number of total pages, date of transmission, and short message, and include a fax disclaimer if your document contains confidential information.

Why do I need a fax cover sheet?

A fax cover sheet is a crucial document to inform the name of the sender and the receiver of the paper.

What should be included on a fax cover sheet?

A fax cover sheet should include your full name and contact details, your fax number, the purpose of your fax, the contact details of the recipient, the date and time the fax document is set, and the number of pages of your fax cover sheet.

How to generate office fax cover sheets?

Use a physical fax machine or your smartphone with the use of a fax app that enables you to generate a fax cover sheet directly from the app.

How to find a fax cover sheet template for business?

Open the MS Word, click the File tab, select New, double click on the Faxes button and search for your preferred fax cover sheet template for your business.

How to make a confidential fax cover sheet?

Use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and any Word processing software, open a fax cover sheet template, place the word “Confidential” in bold and capital letters, and you may include a fax disclaimer that states the information is confidential and exclusively for the recipient.

How to fill out a fax cover sheet easily?

Include your personal information like your and the recipient’s full name, email address, phone number, and fax number, type your short message for the receiver, indicate the level of urgency of the fax, and define the exact number of pages that your fax has.

What is a HIPAA fax cover sheet?

A HIPAA fax cover sheet is a type of fax cover sheet which contains directions on the proper handling of the documents to guarantee the security of a patient’s information, and it includes a disclaimer that indicates the viewing of information is only for authorized entities.

How do you put a logo on a fax cover sheet?

Open your fax cover sheet document in MS Word, click the Insert tab, and then, add the image of your logo.

When faxing a cover letter, what goes on the fax cover sheet?

The fax cover sheet must contain the number of pages you are sending, the name of the company, and the name of the recipient, along with your contact name, phone number, and date.