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A job description is a helpful, plain-language tool for describing a position’s tasks, duties, functions, and responsibilities. It specifies who does a certain type of work, how that work is to be accomplished, and the work’s frequency and purpose in relation to the organization’s mission and goals. job-descriptions

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Job Description Definition & Meaning

Job descriptions refer to the total of different tasks that must be completed in work and the recurrence with which those tasks are done over a set period of time.

It can also explain how success in the position is measured so that it can be referenced in performance evaluations.

What Is a Job Description?

A job description is essential when advertising for potential candidates for your firm. It helps potential employees understand their responsibilities and duties within your company. Without a clear job description, a candidate will have a tough time deciding whether or not he is a good fit for your specific job posting.

10 Types of Job Description

Advisor Job Description

An advisor job description is a document that contains all of the details of an organization’s advisor employment role. Advisors can take on many roles, such as business advisors or academic advisors. Business advisors are the ones that are responsible for planning and executing business strategies for operational efficiency, while academic advisors are the ones that help students achieve their educational goals by working closely with them.



Architect Job Description

An architect has the necessary abilities and competencies to create a well-planned building, making them indispensable in all types of construction projects. An architect job description document usually lays out the key roles and responsibilities of an architect, as well as their desired attributes. The key responsibilities that are listed in this document usually include generating feasibility reports, assessing the environmental effect, developing project ideas, estimate costs, set timeframes, and supervise building processes.



Auditor Job Description

Auditors help enterprises improve their operations’ accuracy, efficiency, or quality. An auditor job description lays out the key roles and responsibilities of an author, which include ensuring compliance with internal control procedures, verifying assets and liabilities, and completing audit work papers. This type of document should be clear and ideal if a firm wants to recruit an outstanding auditor.



Cashier Job Description

A cashier is an employee that handles payments and receipts in a store, bank, or any other business. Customers can also get help from them by explaining or recommending things, answering queries, and completing exchanges or refunds. A cashier job description document should explain the main role of a cashier, which is to help the customers in their check-out process.



Coach Job Description

A coach can undoubtedly help all team members, whether on a high school basketball team or a workplace project team. A coach job description document lays out the ideal attributes and responsibilities of a coach, such as planning, organizing, and delivering a range of activities and programs for individuals and teams. Sports coaches, for example, educate teams on their different athletic engagements’ governing rules and procedures. 



Corporate Job Description

A corporate job description explains an employee’s work duties in a corporate context and also covers the position’s experience requirements and job level. The contact information of the people who created the job description is also provided so that candidates may meet with the recruiting team to be considered for the position. It employs a lot of business jargon and is precise to attract the proper persons who grasp the job description’s concept.



Engineer Job Description

An engineer job description is a structured document that accounts for the functions of a specific engineering position for a company. Such a document helps organizations ensure the relevancy of every job application submitted by combining the paper with the relevant information for candidates. This document lays out some of the key responsibilities of an engineer, which include defining problems, researching, interpreting, and applying solutions to said problems.



Supervisor Job Description

Aside from the human resources department, businesses require individuals who engage closely with employees to acknowledge them for a job well done and remind them of their tasks when they appear to be veering off course. This duty is best performed by a supervisor who is a member of the leadership team. A supervisor job description document lays out their key roles and attributes, such as handling administrative responsibilities such as filing, creating reports, and procuring office supplies in the case of an office supervisor.



Teacher Job Description

A teacher’s job description is a document that outlines the tasks, responsibilities, abilities, and competencies required to be qualified for the profession. A teacher’s duties are establishing a thorough curriculum, scheduling daily activities, and helping students with assignments. They also work with parents and other staff members to establish a secure and enjoyable learning environment for children, especially after-school teachers.



Trainer Job Description

A trainer job description lists out the key responsibilities and ideal attributes that a company is looking for when they hire a trainer, such as evaluating employee performance, creating training programs to address skill gaps, and preparing learning materials for programs. A trainer can be a corporate trainer or a physical trainer. A corporate trainer is a professional responsible for enhancing a company’s production through imparting new skills and information to employees, while a physical trainer is responsible for creating and delivering safe and effective exercise programs for clients.



Job Description Uses, Purpose, Importance

The job description outlines the core job functions and the skills, knowledge, abilities, and other qualities required for successful job performance. Job descriptions must be updated regularly to reflect the employee’s current assigned duties. The job description is used in the recruiting, selection, training, and performance assessment processes, as well as to determine the most appropriate classification.

Highlights a Potential Employee’s Skills and Competencies

It will outline the job’s duties and responsibilities. Once written, a job description can be used to interview applicants, orient new employees, and evaluate work performance. It also specifies any technical or educational criteria that could be necessary or desirable in the work environment that you are striving to maintain.

Demonstrate a Firm Grasp of the Tasks and Responsibilities of a Specific Role

It is beneficial not only for applicants interested in the position but also for management in determining the activities required to attain organizational goals. An ideal job description defines the roles about what is expected of them by clearly identifying the task to be done in connection to the broader goals of the work unit. The role and responsibilities are useful for defining training needs and performance evaluation criteria.

Protect a Company Legally and Explain Why an Applicant Was Chosen or Not for a Position 

Job descriptions can also justify why a position is considered exempt or non-exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). By describing a position’s requirements and establishing clear performance standards, the job description will help justify your hiring decisions and minimize your organization’s exposure to costly lawsuits. The criteria in evaluating employee performance must be closely connected to the functions and responsibilities established via job analysis to be legally defensible.

Ensure Departments Understand How Job Roles and Functions Serve the Organization 

This will improve overall team engagement and remind employees of the importance of other business players. It is vital to precisely define a role through a job description to place the right and qualified person in the right place and at the right time. This helps the company and the employee understand exactly what must be delivered and how.

Lay the Groundwork for Ongoing Performance Management 

It is much easier to monitor the success of new employees and guarantees that particular benchmarks are attained when position duties and responsibilities are clearly defined. Establishing the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required for each position in your firm is critical in evaluating performance metrics. A job description defines expectations and serves as a contract between you and your employee.

Set Boundaries for Employee Duties and Responsibilities 

This guarantees that new (and current) team members are not accomplishing more than they are rewarded for. Boundaries help employees connect, allowing them to focus on their tasks and respect those in higher and lower positions. A respect barrier encourages individuals to speak out, share ideas, and provide creative solutions to issues without fear of mockery or shame.

What’s in a Job Description? Parts?

Job Title

The job title is a concise description of the work (1–4 words) that reflects the job’s content, purpose, and scope and is congruent with other job titles.

Job Purpose

The job purpose summarizes the position, degree, and scope of responsibility in three or four phrases. This is the “bird’s eye view” of the role.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

This section describes the job’s tasks and responsibilities, generally known as the fundamental functions.


How to Design a Job Description?

1. Choose a job description size.

2. Determine the most essential duties.

3. Select a job description template.

4. Organize the data concisely.

5. Add the disclaimer. 

6. Finalize.


Job Description vs. Resume

A job description (or job profile) is a document describing the job criteria and duties for a specific job post to aid hiring managers in screening hundreds of resumes and selecting competent individuals for interviews.

A resume, on the other hand, is a job application tool that summarizes a person’s professional experience, skills, and achievements in a more condensed format.

What’s the Difference Between Job Description, Job Specifications, and Role Description?

A job description outlines the duties, responsibilities, and functions of certain employment within a company that provides fundamental information about the position.

A job specification is a declaration of an individual’s credentials, personality qualities, competencies, and so on that are required to perform the job as it explains the qualifying standards for the specific post.

Role specification is similar to job specification in that it gives information about the type of applicant suited for a given position.

Job Description Sizes

Below are the common job description sizes that you can use in making this document. These are standard job description sizes.

  • US – letter (8.5×11 inches)
  • A4 size (8.27×11.69 inches)


Job Description Ideas & Examples

Job description documents are relatively easy to make, and it’s made even easier when one has a reference to look at when working on this document. Try to take a look at all of these job description ideas and examples, it can be a great help:

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Why should HR leaders care about job descriptions?

It gives a comprehensive grasp of the duties and responsibilities of a specific role which is beneficial for applicants interested in the position and management in determining the actions required to attain organizational goals.

What is the software engineer job description?

Software engineers are concerned with applying engineering concepts to software development, and their responsibilities include analyzing and modifying existing software and developing, building, and testing end-user applications to suit user requirements all using software programming languages.

What to include in a job description?

The following elements are included in a job description: job title, job purpose, job duties and responsibilities, required qualifications, preferred qualifications, and working conditions.

What happens if you don’t have a job description?

Without a proper job description, an employee will struggle to understand what is expected of him, and a manager will battle to offer an accurate and effective appraisal.

Who should access a job description?

Supervisors, managers, executives, and even employees should also access their subordinates’ descriptions.

What makes your job descriptions stand out?

Well-written job descriptions highlight the position’s influence, autonomy, and decision-making abilities as they help applicants understand the role’s boundaries and demonstrate the scope of the candidate’s skill and ingenuity.

How do I write my own job description?

Start by deciding what you want to do and determining whether a new role is required, and from there you can make a job title and make your way through.

How many duties should be listed on a job description?

Job Duties that are carefully stated and ordered can accurately portray a job’s complexity and scope, and a typical position will have three to five major duties or significant accountabilities.

What is the objective of the job description?

A job description’s objective is to accurately describe the requirements and duties of a position within an organization that is useful to determine the worth of a position to the company as well as what that position would be paid in the wider market.

How can I make a PDF job description?

Begin by opening Acrobat > Tools > Create PDF > Choose File > Next > Convert to PDF > Save.