Living Will Ideas

A living will is a practical document that encourages preparation and planning, especially for emergencies and end-of-life scenarios. These living will ideas can help you draft your own living in no time!

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Living Ideas and Examples

A living will ought to contain a number of key sections. It is important not just to know what sections to put in your living will, but to understand the implications of each section. And depending on what state you hail from or reside in, you must see to it that your living will is legally sound and compliant with local state laws.

Maine Living Will Ideas and Examples

The New England state of Maine legally recognizes the importance of living wills. A living will is otherwise known as an advance health care directive, intended to help people in an end-of-life situation to choose their actions or options in taking care of their medical activities, facilities, or tests. You can use the template below as a reference guide as you draft your own Maine living will.


Louisiana Living Will Ideas and Examples

In the southern state of Louisiana, a living will is seen as a formal declaration of one’s desire or preferences pertaining to life-preserving treatment and care. Anyone of legal age can draft a living will document. But the purpose of a Louisiana living will is fulfilled only when the individual is terminally ill, rendered incapacitated, or is nearing death.


Guardianship Living Will Ideas and Examples

When it comes to guardianship, a living will can contain detailed instructions and conditions on which person can best step in when a patient or individual can no longer make sound decisions or care for himself or herself. This is where the power of attorney section is critical. In a guardianship living will, the declarant can use the power of attorney to have their designated guardian or legal representative make important decisions for them.


Medical Directive Living Will Ideas and Examples

A living will is often referred to as advance healthcare or medical directive. What this essentially means is that the document lays out specific instructions or conditions regarding a person’s medical decisions, especially pertaining to life-sustaining treatments, surgery, to other medical diagnostic activities. The example below is an editable medical directive living will that comes with a predetermined set of terms and conditions.


Nebraska Living Will Ideas and Examples

A Nebraska living will is especially useful for end-of-life situations. If you are a resident of the State of Nebraska and you can present or produce a legal living will, your doctor will be able to know how to handle your medical care (e.g., blood transfusions, dialysis, chemotherapy, surgery, etc.). In addition to declaring your desired medical care, it is likewise important to prepare a power of attorney component in your living will.


Illinois Living Will Ideas and Examples

In the State of Illinois, a living will is commonly known as an advanced healthcare directive. Like any legal living will, the document must contain the signatures of two witnesses. The witness line is a vital section of an Illinois living will because it further certifies and authenticates the document.


Hawaii Living Will Ideas and Examples

The island State of Hawaii recognizes a living will as an advance medical directive form. An advance medical directive document formally declares your medical wishes if you are unable to verbalize your preferences due to terminal illness or incapacitation. A Hawaii living will usually contain specific directives regarding life support, pain management, organ donation, and end-of-life care.


New Mexico Living Will Ideas and Examples

In the State of New Mexico, a living will is a legal document that is sometimes referred to as a declaration. If a person is incapacitated or unable to speak for himself or herself, a living will inform doctors and family members about their medical wishes or directives. On a side note, a New Mexico living will do not need to be notarized to be considered a legal document.


Florida Living Will Ideas and Examples

In the sunny southern state of Florida, a living will is commonly called an advance medical directive. This advance directive is a legally binding document that expresses a person’s medical preferences when it comes to end-of-life scenarios. And although its purpose is different from a last will and testament, the State still recognizes the authority of a Florida living will.


New Jersey Living Will Ideas and Examples

A New Jersey living will is a legal document in the State of New Jersey that outlines specific instructions regarding the administration of medical treatment and palliative care. The individual has the right to accept or refuse drugs, medication, and treatment that artificially prolong life. If the person is suffering from a terminal illness and is near death, the attending physician or healthcare provider is normally bound by law to respect their medical decisions or wishes.



How do you get a living will form?

Your state can provide you with a living will form but usually, the easiest way to obtain a form is by downloading one online or using a ready-made template.

When does a living will go into effect?

A living will goes normally goes into effect when the doctor can attest that the patient is either incapacitated or is facing an end-of-life situation.

What is living will in medical ethics?

A living will in relation to medical ethics tackles the controversial and often tricky area of euthanasia and assisted death.

Why do doctors ask if you have a living will?

Doctors ask if a person has a living will so they will be informed of the latter’s medical treatment preferences or wishes, should he or she have any.

What are the cons of a living will?

In a general sense, the most significant con of a living will is its limited scope.

What is a California living will?

In the State of California, a California living will is also called a California advance directive, which is a legal document that outlines a person’s medical care preferences, especially pertaining to end-of-life scenarios.

What are the requirements of a living will?

A typical living will document requires a detailed description of one’s desired medical care treatment and a power of attorney section.

Do all hospitals accept a living will?

Generally, hospitals and healthcare providers are bound to respect a legal living will, however, there may be special situations wherein this may not always be the case.

What is the people’s opinion about living well?

People are not required to create a living will, it is largely an optional and personal decision.

How is a living will different from a will?

A last will takes effect when the individual has already passed, whereas, a living will can be carried out while the person is still alive.

Where should I keep my living will?

You should keep your living will in a safe and secure place.

What are the benefits of a living will?

Preparation, clarity, and peace of mind for yourself and your family are some of the key benefits of having a living will.

How do I know if my living will is still valid?

Make sure your living will document is properly signed and authenticated by authorized witnesses.

Does my living will meet my state’s current legal requirements?

It is best to always check with your state’s local laws and ordinances first regarding a living will requirements.