Mission Statement Sizes

Mission statements are a driving force of an organization that helps set the business or a good cause in high gear toward the attainment of a goal. They can be personal or professional, but either way requires proper formatting and a sensible observation of the right mission statement sizes. mission-statement-sizes1

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Mission Statement Sizes Standard

A mission statement is a powerful tool that directs an organization toward the completion of an overall goal. It serves as a keynote of a corporate strategy that helps shape the future of the company but, of course, needs to be set to its proper size to make it more effective, following these standard mission statement sizes.

Letter (8.5 × 11)

The US letter size measures 8.5 × 11 inches or approximately 215.9 × 279.4 mm. This paper size is categorized as standard across the American borders, including Canada and some areas in South America such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Chile, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

A4 (8.3 × 11.7)

The A4 size is around 8.3 × 11.7 inches or 21.0 × 29.7 cm is pretty much the standard size used in many parts of the world except the US, Canada, and some parts of Central and South America. A fundamental aspect of your mission statement size that you need to consider, therefore, has to do with your location.

Mission Statement Sizes for Print

The weight of your mission statement offsets your sincerity in pursuing your current enterprise. Before you get this in print, you need to be sure it captures your “Why” in the business, your intended audience, and the image or the symbol you want your business to convey, then print it on 8.5 × 11 inches paper size once you have all these sorted out.


Mission Statement Sizes for MS Word

Microsoft Word offers a wide variety of formatting options that makes your mission statement look more professional even on a PowerPoint presentation. However, the platform has a default format on US Letter, hence, 8.5 × 11 inches while the orientation is either set on portrait or landscape.


Mission Statement Sizes for Apple Pages

Apple Pages has a default standard paper size of 8.5 × 11 inches for any document. Nonetheless, you always have the option to modify the paper size to make your mission statement more appropriate looking.


Mission Statement Sizes for Google Docs

The standard mission statement size for Google Docs is 8.5 × 11 inches. But if you want to use legal paper that measures 8.5 × 14 inches to make it match your other documents, you can modify the paper size by following these simple steps: first, you need to go to the toolbar, click “File”, go to “Page Setup”, select “Pages”, go the setting intended to be changed, make the necessary changes (the paper size, in particular), then click “OK”.



Does company size affect mission statement content?

No matter the size of the company, the mission statement content should be kept in the right format (at least two to three paragraphs in a single sentence of about 100 words) and must include the purpose, values, and goals.

What is the perfect resolution of a mission statement?

300 pixels per inch (PPI) is the most recommended resolution even for a mission statement as it brings perfect color with guaranteed high-quality print.

What is the size of a mission statement in inches?

A mission statement created on a US Letter paper has a standard size of 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height.

What size is a business mission statement?

A business mission statement follows the standard length of about 100 words, whether it is created in a US letter or A4 paper as seen in many mission statement examples.

What is the font size of a mission statement?

The excellent font size for a mission statement is 12 points, especially if it is treated as a document.

How to print A4 size mission statement in MS Word?

When printing a business or marketing mission statement in MS Word, go to “File”, click on the “Print” menu, select the paper size “A4” in the “Paper Size” drop-down arrow, then preview the resized documents before you finally hit the “Print” button.

How to increase the size of mission statement?

To modify the size of a mission statement layout, you need to first select the text, go to the “Format” menu and click on “Document”, then go to the “Page Setup”, click on “Paper Size” where you can choose the paper size you want in the pop-up menu, click “OK”, select “Apply”, click again the selected text, and click “OK”.

What is the layout of a mission statement?

The typical layout or structure of a mission statement includes the purpose, values, and goals of the company.

What is the pixel size of a mission statement?

By default, 12 point font size is about 16 pixels.

What are the dimensions of a mission statement?

A mission statement takes the standard length of about a 100-word one-paragraph statement but is directed to three dimensions, encompassing a formal statement, dynamic practices, and a source of motivation.

What is the standard margin size for a mission statement?

The top margin, as well as the bottom and right side of the page, should be at 1 inch while the left side can vary between 1 inch or 1.25 inches.

What is the size of a student mission statement?

A student mission statement should have a minimum of two to three sentences as long as it does not exceed 100 words.

How long should a mission statement be?

A mission statement should not go beyond 100 words.

What is the size of the mission statement in Google Docs?

The default paper size in Google Docs is US Letter.

How to print the mission statement in perfect size in Apple Pages?

Go to the “File” menu, select “Print”, click on the “Show Details” button so you can get to your print options, select the size you think is perfect for your mission statement, and click “OK”.