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Mission statements set out the well-meaning intention of an individual or organization following the impact hoped to be achieved. They encourage better decision-making and help mission-driven companies reach their goals fast. mission-statements

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Mission Statement Definition & Meaning

A mission statement is an action-oriented proclamation of an organizational purpose for which a company hopes to serve its customers.

It bespeaks the type of business that a company is in, as well as the reason for its existence and the purpose it wishes to serve.

What Is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a short formal description of the aims and values of an organization. It is an action-based statement that outlines the objectives that give rise to the establishment of the company and what it does. It also embodies corporate strategies from which employees are empowered to achieve more.

10 Types of Mission Statement

Business Mission Statement

Empower your business cohorts with a powerful business mission statement. This will not only help them understand the impetus of your commercial undertaking but also where you are heading. It will help open their eyes to the opportunities right in front of them, especially if your impressive market leadership has already been evidenced.


College Mission Statement

Enrich your academic and personal growth with a network of like-minded people who have the same passion as you. Open yourself to a realm of wondrous possibilities and discover more of who you are. Bring in that leader-in-me attitude as you write your own mission statement, and in case you have no idea yet, this college student mission statement is an excellent way to begin with.


Student Mission Statement

Immerse yourself in more mature and serious classroom discussions as you embark on a new and exciting life after high school. But before stepping out the corridors of your dearest alma mater, make sure to arm yourself with a goal-oriented student mission statement. Your school student personal mission statement is key to your big new milestone.


Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement enables you to establish your actual values and goals in life. It helps characterize the things that truly matter in your personal and professional journey while helping you to make easier and smarter decisions. Get creative in curating yours using this well-structured student personal mission statement.


Restaurant Mission Statement

Spread the word about your mouthwatering delights and give everyone a reason to keep coming back. Convey your thoughtful thoughts on making every customer delighted and satisfied through a well-delivered restaurant mission statement paired with a well-meaning vision, for that matter. Then, let them know that your existence is fuelled by a passion for keeping their stomachs happy and their mouths deeply thrilled all the time.


School Mission Statement

Enabling students to reach their dreams, no matter how big they can be, is an achievement of every teacher and the school where it all happens. Educating students at all levels and helping them become responsible and ethical members of society is not always easy. However, your determination as an institution has never failed to embrace all stumbling blocks and walk them over successfully the way you have managed to keep all that has been written in your school mission statement, right?


Marketing Mission Statement

Generate new leads and foster a community of happy brand evangelists as you take your marketing efforts to the next level. Consider this professionally written marketing mission statement sample to be more resonant to your target audience. But unlike the sales pitch, do not inundate them with superfluous information, and instead, go straight to your actual mission.


Food Mission Statement

Keep everyone excited with your bellyful kitchen creations and daily offerings. Give them that profound dining experience articulated in your food mission statement and let them devour every bit of what has been promised. But if you have not started it yet, this small food business mission statement example is a huge help.


Fashion Mission Statement

Relive the grace and glamor of your youth and give the world what your creative mind can offer. Let your unique work of artwork like magic for everyone as you continue to emblaze the fashion world with a new collection. Attract new investors as well with a noteworthy fashion retail mission statement, delineating what exactly sets you apart from anyone else around.


Nonprofit Mission Statement

Bring forward your humanitarian goals and attract more volunteers and benefactors by putting together a well-intentioned nonprofit mission statement. Just clearly communicate the values you deliver and the succinct encapsulation of your purpose. You can check on this community nonprofit mission statement to get inspiration.


Mission Statement Uses, Purpose, Importance

Quick Definition of Company Goals, Values, and Culture

A mission statement expresses a succinct rationale of how and why the company exists. It facilitates employees’ understanding of the values and behavior they are expected to demonstrate, as well as organizational priorities that need to be accomplished within an expected time in the future. It also educates customers about the implications of its product or service offerings.

Guide to the Future

Mission statements set a path for the future. They propel company growth and guide the organization in building its legacy and fortune. Hence, it plays a critical role in important business decision-making.

Employee or Personal Guide

Mission statements help individuals think about their actions as to whether or not these have a direct impact on the company’s goals or their personal lives. These influence team cohesiveness as they penetrate into every organizational level. Decisions that are totally aligned with the mission statement bring a massive change in the business while assuring the company toward the fulfillment of its overall future goals.

Attract Customers and Investors

On the one hand, a mission statement is a powerful tool that showcases the overarching vision of the company that benefits its target audience. On the other hand, it gives investors’ a definite idea of the company and its purpose, making it a favorable place to invest in. A positive direction gives both consumers and investors the assurance of fair trade.

What’s in a Mission Statement? Parts?


A mission statement communicates the reason why the company is brought into existence. It puts across what goes beyond its profit-making intention, thus, illustrating how a certain product or service can positively impact the lives of those people the company intends to serve.


The core company values serve as the guiding light in running the business successfully. They epitomize the culture, stance, and motivation of the business, thereby, helping the company grow and evolve without derailing from the important things that matter in the organization.


Company culture appertains to the behaviors and attitudes of a company that employees are expected to conform to. It is demonstrated by the way employees interact with one another following the decisions they make and the values they uphold.


The company goal is the endpoint of its business target which can be short-term or long-term. It can take many forms and it serves as a driving force of the organization in the direction of its objectives.


How to Design a Mission Statement?

1. Choose a mission statement size.
2. Decide the purpose of your mission statement.
3. Select the mission statement templates that best suit your need.
4. Write a short and concise description of the company’s mission.
5. Focus on the values, goals, and inspiration.
6. Think long-term.

You can also refer to this article below.

How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Business


Mission Statement vs Vision Statement

A mission statement highlights the objectives of an individual or organization and how these objectives are desired to be accomplished.

A vision statement puts forward the aspirations of an individual or organization and what direction is hoped to be taken.

What’s the Difference Between Mission Statement, Value Statement, and Statement?

A mission statement tells about the purpose of an individual or organization.

A value statement is a message that relates to the core principles that direct a company to its culture.

A statement is a formal declaration or assertion on a certain subject matter that typically set forth facts.

Mission Statement Sizes

While mission statements come in a wide range of types and dimensions, the following are the most common mission statement sizes employed across the board.


Mission Statement Ideas & Examples

A mission statement is an important personal and commercial tool that helps an individual or a company navigate the future effectively. Here are some practical mission statement ideas and examples you can get inspiration from.

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How to write an impressive personal mission statement?

An impressive personal mission statement articulates your most important goals, what you are passionate about, and the positive impact you want to leave in someone’s life.

What is a good mission statement for a small business?

A good small business mission statement must concisely outline the purpose and focus of the company, written in no more than one paragraph.

How to create a mission statement and why startups need one?

A startup company needs to provide its shareholders, as well as customers and employees, a rundown of its objectives and beliefs which are reflected in a mission statement, detailing the purpose, values, and action-oriented goals, written in a single paragraph with no more than 100 words.

What is a company mission statement?

A company mission statement elucidates the values, ethics, goals, culture, and impetus of how and why the company was established.

Why is a mission statement important for your business?

A mission statement presents an ideal vision of what the company should be like in the future, thus, giving its shareholder a profound perspective on its growth.

How to write vision and mission statements for your brand?

Highly effective vision and mission statements must have a five-to-ten-year projection on a success-driven direction, aligned with the goals and values of the brand, and are written using a clear and concise language choice in the present tense.

What is nonprofit mission statement?

A nonprofit mission statement demonstrates a succinct introduction of the key intentions and purpose of an organization, with details on how it can fulfill envisioned impacts and the things it values most.

What is a mission statement for a student?

A student mission statement puts forward the personal and academic goals of a student, often written to pursue higher education and build a network of like-minded individuals that can help open new possibilities and unlock skills and passions they are best suited to.

How do you develop a family mission statement?

A family mission statement should be created in the presence of every family member where they can discuss the core values, goals, and ideas of the family, and must be agreed on before writing out the mission statement.

Why does a restaurant need a mission statement?

A mission statement delineates the restaurant’s goals, visions, and values that critically embody the brand’s identity.