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Note sizes are one of the essential aspects of creating a note document. By adhering to the right note size, there is an assurance that the note’s purpose is followed and its practicality is guaranteed. note-size

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Note Sizes Standard

When you design or create a note, keep in mind that the right format should be followed to ensure that no important details are wasted. This includes following the right size to ensure that storage of note documents is also a straightforward process. As for the standard or average sizes, these are the ones currently in use:


The first applicable size that a note document can follow is the statement size which measures 5.5×8.5 inches. In comparison to a full-size US letter document, a statement size paper is exactly half of that in its height while maintaining the same width. For this reason, a statement size paper is also known as a half-sheet.

Letter Wide

The next standard size that can be used to create a note document is a letter-wide size. It will measure 11×8.5 inches, which is exactly the same orientation as the standard letter size in the US, only that it is in landscape orientation, not the usual portrait one. This is the most common size that is in use for a wide series of documents, including a note.


The third standard size that can be used when making a note document is the A4 paper size. Its dimensions measure 8.27 inches in width and 11.69 inches in height. Notes made in this size usually serve a purpose in the office. The A4 size is part of a set of paper sizes defined by the ISO 216 standard and has a ratio of 1:1.41.

Note Sizes for Print

The process of creating note documents can be versatile in a way that they can either be handwritten or printed. When notes have to be printed, the standard sizes of Statement, (5.5×8.5 inches), Letter Wide, (11×8.5 inches), and A4 (8.27×11.69 inches) can be followed. When a statement size is used, the template can be placed twice inside a standard letter size paper since it only takes up half the space. As for the weight of the paper to be used, 80 gsm is the most preferred.

Note Sizes for Business

Another purpose of a note document that is worth noting is for business use. Businesses utilizing different note documents can follow the A4 size, which measures 210×297 mm. This is the most common paper size used in business documents, including a note.


Note Sizes for MS Word

MS Word is one of the various desktop or phone programs where you can create different documents, no matter what the version is. This includes creating a note document, and for the sizes to be followed, you can still adhere to the standard ones which are the statement (140×216 mm), the letter wide (280×216 mm), and the A4 (210×297 mm). To select your preferred size, go to the page layout tab, and click the size command in which a drop-down menu will appear, in which you can select the preset page sizes for the note document you’re creating.


Note Sizes for Apple Pages

If you’re an avid user of the Apple ecosystem, then the most preferred document-making app would be a more recent edition of Apple Pages. When creating note documents in this app, the sizes that should be noted are still the standard ones, which are the statement (5.5×8.5 inches), the letter wide (11×8.5 inches), and the A4 size (8.27×11.69 inches). Using this program can be advantageous since it has a very easy page layout and saving the document is automatically done as you work, which can be a very big time saver when working with text documents such as a note.


Note Sizes for Google Docs

Should you prefer to make a note document completely online without having to install programs on your computer that may eat away your storage capacity, then Google Docs can be a great choice. When selecting the size options from their version of a page formatting toolbar, it can get overwhelming as there are lots of options, but don’t worry, the 3 standard sizes are the only ones you need to keep in mind. These are the statement (13.97×21.59 cm), the letter wide (27.94×21.59 cm), and the A4 (21.0×29.7 cm).



What size is a note?

A note can have three different standard bond paper sizes, which are the statement (5.5 by 8.5 inches), the letter wide (11 by 8.5 inches), and A4 (8.27 by 11.69 inches).

How long does a credit note last?

A credit note (and its copy) is usually required to last for a minimum duration of six years.

What is the standard size of a delivery note?

Delivery notes have 2 standard DIN sizes, which are the internal (225 by 122 mm) and the external (235 by 132 mm).

How do you record a note payable?

To record a note payable, there are important elements that need to be kept in mind to guide you in making it accurately, such as the issuer/maker, the payee, the principal/face value, the term of the note, the issue date, the interest rate, and the maturity date.

What is the size of a music note?

The size of a music note document that is largely used at music schools is 8.27 by 11.69 inches.

What is the dimension of a note?

The dimensions of a note vary depending on the size being adhered to, for example, the statement note size measures 5.5 inches in height and 8.5 inches in width, while the A4 measures 8.27 inches in width and 11.69 inches in height.

How to reduce the size of a note?

To reduce the size of a note, go to the page layout tab, click the size command in which a drop-down menu will appear, and from there, select the note page size that’s smaller than what is currently there.

What are the names of the style of the notes?

The names of the styles of note-taking are linear notes and pattern notes.

What is the limit of a promissory note?

The limit of a promissory note varies depending on the area where one lives in, as it can vary from 3 years all the way to 15 years.

How do you do Cornell notes on Word?

To make Cornell notes in MS Word, first, click “View” on the MS Word ribbon and adjust it so that you can view the entire page in one window, then click the Insert tab, then click on “table”, use the pencil tool to draw your own table, draw the table and divide it into three cells, with the right one being significantly larger than the left and bottom slot.

What are notes in study?

Notes in the study refer to notes that are progressively made as the topic or the term goes on.

What is the font size of a note?

The ideal font size of a note is 12pt or 14pt.

What is the style of a note-taker?

The styles that a note-taker can do when taking notes is the Cornell method, the outline method, the sentence method, and the charting method.

What shape is a musical note?

There are four shapes for a musical note, which are the right triangle, an oval, a rectangle, and a diamond.

How many beats is a whole note?

A whole note has 4 musical beats.