Note Taking Sizes

Note taking sizes, whether it’s physical or digital, have wide variations. This article suggests more paper sizes for different purposes, software, and apps. note-taking-sizes

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Note Taking Sizes Standard

There are more sizes out there than the commonly known Legal and A4. Here are a few other options you can try for note taking:

Cardbook – 55 × 90 mm (2.16 × 3.54 in)

This size is closer to a notepad and is perfect for people who like to carry a travel-friendly notebook with them. It doesn’t consume too much space since it can perfectly fit in your pocket.

Passport – 90 × 125 mm (3.54 × 4.92 in)

A paper for note taking of this size is also an alternative to the cardbook. Its length is a few inches more compared to the previous size.

Pocket – 90 × 140 mm (3.54 × 5.51 in)

A pocket-sized journal for note taking is another convenient example for anyone who likes to take notes of daily interactions and thoughts but wants to have a wider area to write on closer to the size of a small book.

A6 – 105 × 148 mm (4.3 × 5.8 in)

A notebook this size would be great if you are frequently writing down short-term to-do lists. The area for pads in this size is enough to list down a few tasks achievable within the day.

B6 – 128 × 182 mm (4.3 × 5.8 in)

If you want the pages of your notes to be wider and longer (for whatever purpose they may serve you) than the aforementioned paper sizes, then a B6, with a width of 4.3 inches and a length of 5.8 inches, is what you’re looking for. It’s bigger, but it can still fit into a handbag or a small briefcase.

Regular – 110 × 210 mm (4.33 × 8.26 in)

Notebooks or journals around the world typically follow this size. This is used by students, professional workers, and even ordinary people for various purposes.

A5 – 145 × 210 mm (5.70 × 8.26 in)

Note taking on an A5 paper will not be a problem, especially if you have running thoughts that need to be written down in order to keep track of it and process them well.

A4 – (8.3 × 11.7 in)

The A4 paper size is well-known wherever you are in the world.  It can accommodate lists, a run-down of activities in an event, and even a bunch of colorful sketches because of the space it can provide.

Letter – (8.5 × 11 in)

Note taking for meetings and conferences usually uses this paper size since it’s widely used and widely sold at that. It’s more efficient to use a larger paper size for recording information and details of legal and formal assemblies since there are many to take note of.

Note Taking Sizes for Print

The common note-taking sizes for print overs are Legal (8.5 × 14 inches), Letter (8.5 × 11 inches), and A4 (8.3 × 11.7 inches). Of course, you have to take into consideration the official format (if there is any) the school or company imposes.


Note Taking Sizes MS Word

Similar to print, note taking sizes usually used with Microsoft Word also vary from Legal, Letter, and A4. The good thing about MS Word is you can adjust the paper size to however narrow or wide you want your blank pages to be.


Note Taking Sizes Apple pages

Apple Pages is another digital tool or app you can use to take down notes. The default size in Apple Pages for documents is Letter (8.5 × 11 inches) and 4 × 6 inches for photo papers.


Note Taking Sizes Google Docs

Just like the previous word processors, Google Docs also allows its users to encode and take note of important topics that can be stored online and offline. The standard paper size used in this software or app is either Letter or A4.



What is the font size of note taking?

There are no required fonts for note taking, however, using Arial for casual notes is the way to go, and Times New Roman for a more formal look.

What skills do you need for taking good notes?

In taking good notes, you must have good comprehension skills and organizational skills to produce an effective reviewer within your reach.

What are the 4 styles of note taking?

The four styles or methods of note taking are Cornell, outlining, charting, and mapping, although, there are other recognized methods such as boxing and sentence.

What size paper is best for note taking?

Relatively, the best size for note taking is letter (8.5 × 11 inches) because there is a sufficient amount of material accessible to anyone in the world.

How important is note taking in making a review?

Note taking is greatly important in making a review or reviewer because it allows you to keep various information from topics that need to be remembered or absorbed, whether it’s short-term or long-term.

What is the format of note taking?

The format of note taking is based on the method you prefer to use when outlining your main topics over your sub-topics, which follows a normal deducting system.

What is the most effective strategy for note taking?

The most effective strategy for note-taking is collecting all the information you need and writing them down in one section, then picking out the key phrases that sum up the general ideas for an easier understanding.

How to reduce the size of note taking?

To reduce the size of note taking, analyze and choose only the words or phrases from a topic that encapsulate the general idea instead of writing everything, word by word.

What style should be used in note taking?

Styles used in note taking differ depending on the individual’s preference—some people use Outlining because it’s custom in note-taking while others use the Cornell method.

How long should you be taking notes?

In a classroom setting, you should be taking notes until the teacher or professor ends their class, but if it’s a business meeting, you can stop taking notes when the key topics have already been discussed.

What size notebook is good for note taking?

The notebook size should at least be a regular size or 4.33 × 8.2 inches but a Letter-sized notebook or pad is usually good for note-taking.

What is the length of a note taking?

The length of a note taking depends on the scale of a topic r lesson being discussed—the longer the topic, the longer the note taking.

How to change the size of the note taking?

Changing the size of the note taking depends on the app or software you are using, but if you’re using Microsoft Word, just click the “layout” option above then click the “size” button, which will show various options you can choose from.

What limits the encoding effect of note taking?

The encoding effect of note-taking is limited by the accessibility of the app or software you are using which may refer to the incompatibility of the app and device.

How do you take notes on a sheet?

Basically, you choose a method of note taking and choose a layout design if you prefer being creative with your notes, then write down all the information you think you’ll need to review or remember later on.