OKR Sizes

OKR sizes can vary, and you should decide the paper size you should use for creating your OKR while considering multiple factors. That said, ensure to know more about the varying dimensions you can use for generating, editing, and printing your OKR. okr-sizes

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OKR Sizes Standard

Letter  (8.5 inches × inches)

Considering how the US letter paper is the most popular paper size in the US, Canada, and some of the countries in Latin America, you can see the majority of personal, school, and business documents having dimensions of 8.5 inches × 11 inches or 216 mm × 279 mm. 

A4 (8.3 inches × 11.7 inches)

Most countries follow the ISO standard paper size which has the A-series papers, with A4 being the norm for most documents. A4 papers measure 210 mm × 297 mm or in inches 8.3 inches × 11.7 inches.

OKR Sizes for Print

Letter Size OKR- 8.5 inches × 11 inches

Most printing engines and word processors offer letter size as one of the main options for page size. That said, it is more convenient to set your dimensions to 8.5 inches × 11 inches or 216 mm × 279 mm when curating your OKR.

Legal Size OKR- 8.5 inches × 14 inches

For OKR with longer content that does not fit the letter size, the legal sheet size that measures 216 mm × 356 mm offers more space. Aside from being one of the go-to sizes for contracts and legal papers, hence the name, you can also use them for documents in the longer form.

A4 Size OKR- 8.3 inches × 11.7 inches

Considering how using A4 papers have become more of a norm than a trend in most countries, setting your sheet to have the dimensions of 210 mm × 297 mm is a smart move.

A3 Size OKR- 11.7 inches × 16.5 inches

The OKR framework is mostly used to write team goals and key results. With that in mind, using this paper size to communicate and share objectives and data about progress with team members would ensure they can see your OKR more clearly. The A3 sheet size measures 297 mm × 420 mm.


OKR Sizes for MS Word

For people who prefer to create their documents and sheets on MS Word software, it is crucial for you to know that the default size of your page is 21.59 cm × 27.94 cm. When you convert this measurement to inches, it is equivalent to 8.5 inches × 11 inches which is the letter size. Also, you can choose and input your preferred page size according to your need and purpose.


OKR Sizes for Apple Pages

Apple Pages is the most suited word processor for Apple device users, when you check its default page size, it is in letter sheet size measuring 8.5 inches × 11 inches. You can also choose other page sizes such as legal, A4, or tabloid and customize it to the dimensions you want. With this digital tool, you can create and share templates digitally which eliminates the hassle of undergoing the process manually.


OKR Sizes for Google Docs

By default, when you create a new document or use a template in Google Docs, it is the size of the US letter paper. Aside from that, to fit the content of your OKR, you can also customize it to A3, A4, and A5 sizes. You can also increase your paper size into tabloid and legal size.



How to facilitate an OKR planning workshop?

When facilitating your OKR planning workshop, you need to select the right participants, ask for ideas regarding objectives, key results, and initiatives and filter them, and finalize the OKR.

What is an OKR metric?

An OKR metric allows you to determine the numbers you should measure to track progress towards the objectives you listed.

What is the right number of OKRs in a team?

Within a quarter, a team should have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 OKRs.

What is the value of OKRs?

OKRs help businesses develop a results-centered strategy and business program while collaborating effectively with the people involved to optimize performance and provide solutions to problems.

How often should OKRs be set?

You should set your OKRs quarterly or every ninety days.

Why do companies need OKRs?

OKRs help companies focus on work that boosts results and establishes transparency to how individuals and teams contribute to company growth.

What is OKRs grading?

OKR grading is the process of assigning a grade for your OKRs regarding the duration for working towards key results, from 0.0 for no progress to 1.0 for complete.

How measurable should OKRs be?

Assign a numerical value for your key results to ensure they are easily measurable.

What is an OKR format?

The structure of your OKR should present motivational objectives and list about three to five key results for each of them.

Why OKR is a must for business success?

With an OKR, you can evaluate processes and map strengths and weaknesses of your startups or businesses to pivot strategies in the right direction to meet essential customer needs and market demands.

Should OKRs change every quarter?

Yes, you can adjust or change your OKRs quarterly depending on the results, but it is also okay to do it annually.

How many levels are in OKRs?

There are four levels in OKRs, namely the company, department, team, and individual.

Why should OKRs not be used for performance evaluation?

OKRs are more focused on fostering motivation and inspiration to improve outcomes and achieve goals, while most performance reviews and evaluations are often tied to the compensation package, which prioritizes money and status.

What is OKR measurement?

OKR measurement is the process of setting milestones, metrics, and criteria in your key results and generating a score to track progress and success.

What are the three important elements of OKRs?

The three essential elements of OKRs are objectives, key results, and initiatives.