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Paystubs are very important documents in the workplace. As an employer, this document serves as part of your transparency not only to your employees but to your business as well, so you need to have smart paystub ideas. paystub-ideas

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Paystub Ideas and Examples

Creating a paystub document can be challenging considering the different formats for different types of employment and payroll structures. Whether you’re looking for a standard employee paystub template or you want to create a unique paystub design, you might need some inspiration to make your task easier. You can read on below to see some paystub ideas and examples.

Bonus Paystub Ideas and Examples

Bonuses are typical of incentive programs to encourage employees to show off their skills, excel, and perform more. Like deductions, income tax, and holiday pay, bonuses, if any, are also included on the paystub. Download this free and customizable bonus paystub template below for your payroll needs.


Request Paystub Ideas and Examples

In some circumstances, employees would request copies of their previous paystubs either because they lost their original ones or for other personal reasons like applying for a loan or mortgage. For documentation and audit report purposes, companies would require paystub request documents if their employees wish for a printed or digital copy of their recent paystubs. Take a look at this editable request paystub template to see what this document looks like.


Monthly Paystub Ideas and Examples

You can always level up your payroll game using creative paystub designs instead of the usual handmade standard black and white document. This will make your paystub document look more professional and presentable. Here’s a ready-made artistic and corporate-level looking monthly paystub template you can download below.


Self-Employed Paystub Ideas and Examples

Instead of receiving a regular salary, self-employed individuals often only receive 1099 forms from contractual work, which must be processed as part of an annual income tax return. If you are self-employed, you can use the services of a payroll firm or the small business solutions department at your bank to generate a typical pay stub. Download this self-employed paystub template to get an idea of what it looks like.


Small Business Paystub Ideas and Examples

The success of every business, no matter how large or little, depends on its dedicated staff. To keep your workforce pleased, you must pay them on schedule and fairly. This small business paystub template example below can help you create one for your employees easily.


Salary Slip Paystub Ideas and Examples

Salary slips, like paystubs, are documents that employers also provide to their workers on a monthly basis. It’s not very different from a paystub, only that it is much simpler and is often used for documenting average wages. Keep track of your workforce salary and business income using this easy-to-edit salary slip paystub template below.


Organization Paystub Ideas and Examples

Pay stubs are vital in all sorts of organizations, not only businesses because they promote open communication between employers and workers. The reason is that workers have a vested interest in knowing their true take-home pay after factoring in all of the various deductions that may have been taken out of their paychecks. Have a look at this high-quality organization pay stub template and download it for your organization’s payroll needs.


Commission Paystub Ideas and Examples

Payment under a commission-based plan is determined only by a predetermined commission rate or percentage. For example, with a 10% compensation structure, a salesperson who makes $40,000 in monthly product sales would earn $4,000. Below is an example of a commission paystub template.


Construction Paystub Ideas and Examples

When it comes to payroll, the construction industry may be particularly complex. There are several factors to consider when determining an employee’s final paycheck, such as state and federal taxes, mandatory retirement contributions, union benefits, and the number of hours worked that warrant overtime compensation. This construction paystub template may help make your construction payroll easy.


Military Paystub Ideas and Examples

Military paystubs are more commonly known as Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). This document is a bit more complex than the regular employee paystubs, as men in uniform are paid much differently. Take a look at this military paystub example below to see what makes it a unique paystub document.



What if your employer doesn’t give you a paystub?

In the event that an employer refuses to provide an employee with a paystub, the employee may be entitled to take legal action to compel the disclosure of this information.

What personal info is on a paystub?

Your name, address, and employee number.

How to Check Your Paystub and Leave Balances?

Your Leave Balances or accrued vacation time will be listed at the bottom of your direct deposit or paystub.

How to view and print paystub?

Online payroll software like Quickbooks can easily view and print your paystubs by logging in using your employee ID.

How to make a fillable paystub?

You can generate fillable paystubs easily using online paystub templates.

What are the taxes and deductions on my paystub?

Federal and state income taxes and Social Security are typical deductions shown on a paystub.

What does a paystub look like for an independent contractor?

Independent contractors don’t receive a standard paycheck or paystub, but they can still generate one using available templates online.

How to do payroll for small businesses?

Have all workers complete a W-4 form, apply for an EIN, decide on a pay cycle, figure out how much money needs to be withheld for taxes, deduct payroll taxes from each paycheck, and file tax forms & employee W-2s.

What Information is included on a paystub?

Pay date, pay period, gross wages, hours worked, pay rate, before and after-tax deductions, taxable wages, and net pay.

How do landlords verify paystubs?

Most landlords check income using these documents:  Form W-2, Proof-of-employment letter,  Form 1099 (for contractors), Checks.,  SSDIs, and 1040 form.

What should you keep on your paystubs?

A professional paystub will detail the employee’s earnings, where those earnings went after taxes, and other deductions.

Why do employees receive paystubs?

Paystubs and payslips are a reliable record of an employee’s compensation and hours worked.