Paystub, pay slip, and paycheck stub are all terms and expressions for the same thing and the same concept. When employees get their paychecks, the paystub is the document that explains the specifics of each pay period’s payment to the employee. pay-stubs

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Paystub Definition & Meaning

Paystubs are documents that employers provide to their employees or constituents to detail their earnings, deductions, and final paycheck totals.

Paystubs can be printed out and given to employees in physical form, or they can be made available online or emailed to them to verify that their wages have been deposited into their bank accounts via direct deposit.

What is a Paystub?

Paystubs are documents issued to represent workers’ compensation and their paychecks that detail the total amount of pay and the deductions made for things like taxes, insurance, and other mandatory expenses. This document shows pay period data and yearly totals in two separate columns. Paystubs may also include accrued sick and vacation time for the year if provided by the company.

10 Types of Paystub

Employee Paystub

An employee paystub is the most known and used type of paystub as they are generally part of an employee’s paycheck. Here’s an example of a standard employee paystub you can download. It is easy to edit, and you can either print them or go electronic and paperless.


Company Paystub

company paystub is usually issued by agencies or firms that employ workers assigned to different companies that are their clients. Unlike the usual employee paystub, this type of document indicates a company name handled by different employees. See what makes this paystub unique by downloading this free template below.


Business Paystub

As a business owner, a business paystub conveys the computation of each payout your business makes. To maintain accurate records, it’s best practice to itemize your employees’ salaries with each payment. Paystubs allow employees to have the ability to double-check the accuracy of their paychecks while also providing employers with a record of employee time and compensation.


Corporate Paystub

Paystubs are extremely important to corporations that pay large taxes and comply with stricter government labor policies and regulations. They are essential in keeping track of pay which is a significant part of their audit books and financial management. Download this professional corporate paystub template you can use for your payroll.


Incentive Paystub

Employee incentive programs serve three main purposes: recruitment, engagement, and retention. By definition, incentives are the financial or non-financial perks offered to employees who exhibit desirable conduct, and these should also be included in the paystub. Download this customizable incentive paystub for your employees who excel.


Packing Paystub

Paycheck stubs include important information that should be reviewed regularly by everyone who gets a paycheck from an employer. They should be clear, easy to read, and, more importantly, contain all the necessary payroll information. Take advantage of this free creative packing paystub and be a real payroll stud.


Wage Paystub

Whether you are paid weekly, bimonthly, twice monthly, or monthly, the amount for the current pay period will always be listed first on your paystub. For employees that work by the hour, you should expect to see the total number of hours you worked and your hourly rate for the pay period shown. Get this wage paystub for free to see how an hourly wage paystub is drafted.


Real Estate Paystub

Commissions as a percentage of the sale price of a property are the standard method by which real estate agents are compensated for their services. Nevertheless, it is also essential that they are provided with a comprehensive report on how much commission they earned along with their basic hourly pay. Here’s an example of a real estate paystub you can easily customize.


Pay Check Paystub

Both salaried and non-salaried workers should be paid for the hours they put in each pay period, regardless of whether they are considered exempt or not. However, if your workers get a check or direct deposit, they will only see their net salary and may be curious about the calculation process. This is why, as an employer, you need a paycheck paystub template that is not only presentable but also accurate such as this example below.


Statement Paystub

Some employee earnings require more elaborate details, especially when their salaries and wages include a long list of mandatory deductions such as medical insurance, taxes, allowances, and social security contributions, among many others. You can check out this fillable and printable statement paystub and make your payroll work easier. With this free paystub generator, you no longer need to worry about complex Microsoft Excel formats.


Paystub Uses, Purpose, Importance

Paycheck stubs are an integral part of the payroll system since they demonstrate formalized mutual understanding of compensation terms. It’s risky not to generate paystubs and provide them to your employees as this would result in dissatisfied employees. Keep reading to learn about general reasons why Paystubs are necessary.

Maintain an accurate record of your staff

Paystubs are an excellent method of documenting and tracking employee compensation. Paystubs are useful for keeping tabs on your workforce, as they contain their earnings, deductions, and other advantages.

Paycheck stubs simplify tax preparation

Paystubs make it easy to retain precise records of employee wages throughout the year, which you should do anyway. When it comes time to file taxes, you’ll want to have this data on hand.

Ensure growth of your business

Paystubs aren’t just for big companies as they are an important part of every business’s image, no matter how big or little. As an independent worker or business owner, paystubs allow you to systematically analyze and keep track of your company’s growth and development.

What’s in a Paystub? Parts?

Gross wages

An employee’s salary will begin with their gross wages. Gross wages are the amount owed to an employee before any deductions or taxes are made.

Employee taxes

Workers do not get to keep 100% of their gross earnings. Taxes deducted from the employee’s paycheck are broken out on the paystub in a detailed manner.


If you own a small business, the payroll deductions shown on a paystub will change as needed to reflect your staff’s benefits. A worker’s contributions might include health insurance or retirement savings.

Employer contributions

It’s possible that some of the things included on a worker’s paystub are not subtracted from their gross salary. Typical examples of this include employer contributions.

Employer taxes

Moreover, employers must pay payroll taxes on their workers’ behalf. Put the current and yearly totals for these taxes in their area on the paystub.

Net pay

Take-home pay (more commonly known as “net pay”) is the amount of an employee’s paycheck after all deductions and taxes have been withheld. Once taxes and deductions have been considered, you may include the employee’s nontaxable income.


How to Design a Paystub?

1. Choose a Paystub Size.

2. Decide the best Paystub Ideas & Examples.

3. Select the Paystub Templates that best suit your payroll needs.

4. Enter employee and company information.

5. Input accrued employee salaries and wages, including taxes, contributions, and other deductions.


Paystub vs. Payslip

There is not much difference between a paystub and a payslip, but in essence, a paystub is the portion of a pay slip that describes the employee’s compensation and any deductions, such as taxes, that have been withheld.

A payslip outlines an employee’s gross compensation and any deductions for taxes and insurance.

What’s the Difference Between Paystub, Payroll, and Statement

A paystub, or check stub, is either a section of a paycheck or a standalone document that describes an employee’s payment.

Payroll refers to the administrative tasks involved in calculating and disbursing employee wages, whether by direct deposit into a bank account or a paper check.

A statement is a consolidated financial statement that includes all revenue and expenses for a given accounting period on a single sheet of paper.

Paystub Sizes

The size of a paystub may differ depending on the employer. Standardized sizes and their equivalent inch dimensions are listed below.


Paystub Ideas and Examples

The following paystub ideas and examples can help you build a professional-looking paystub quickly and easily. It doesn’t matter what kind of company you work for or what type of business you are running, you could find them to be useful.

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How do I get my pay stubs if I have a direct deposit?

If your employer uses direct deposit, they can produce and send or hand you a paystub.

How do I make a pay stub for my employee?

The variety of online paystub templates makes it easy to find a format you like and quickly generate a personalized pay check.

Why do employees need to read their pay stubs?

An employee’s pay stub should be checked for several reasons, the most essential of which is accuracy.

How do you show pay stubs when self-employed?

Payroll providers and banks’ small business solutions divisions can help self-employed people create standard paystubs.

What is included in a paystub?

Typically, a paystub will provide the following details: pay date, pay period, gross wages, hours worked, pay rate, pre-tax and post-tax deductions, taxable wages, and net pay.

How to make sense of your pay stub?

Although there is some variation in the content of pay stubs in the United States, most will include information on your gross pay, taxes, and any deductions or withholdings.

How to file taxes with the last paystub?

In order to submit income taxes, you must need Form 4852 and your most recent pay stub.

How do I adjust the pay stub template on my paychecks?

Layout Modifications brings up a menu of available paycheck formats.

How do I generate professional paystubs?

Make sure that the document contains all necessary payment information, as well as company and employee detail.

How do paystubs actually work?

Payroll information for the current pay period and the entire year is detailed.