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Policy sizes come in many options with the different businesses and organizations that need them. Assess what case or situation you may need a policy for, and the right size will come into place. policy-sizes

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Policy Sizes Standard

Letter (8.5″ × 11″)

This is one of the two standard sizes used for policies. It is used for official policy samples like education files, employee notices, and other company/workplace-related uses.

Legal (8.5″ × 14″)

These are the other two of the standard sizes of policies. As its name suggests this size is often applied to legal documents for distinction purposes. It is used for matters involving government issues like national security and immigration for example.

Policy Sizes for Print

Apart from the standard sizes, there are also other sizes used for policies in print, and these include:


Measured around 216 mm × 279 mm (8.5 × 11 inches), it is the smallest of all the sizes available for print.


With its size of 279 mm × 432 mm (11 × 17 inches), it is used on documents with less content.


Coming in the size of 432 mm × 559 mm (17 × 22 inches), it is the typical size for many policies.


With its size of 559 mm × 864 mm (22 × 33 inches), it is used to print out documents with a lot of content.


Measured around 864 mm × 1118 mm (34 × 44 inches), it is the largest among the sizes for print options.


Policy Sizes for Business

Sizes that are mentioned in the previous section of Policy Sizes for print are applied to most business-related documents. considering they fall under the International Standards Organization (ISO), they are used in a lot of places around the globe.


Policy Sizes for MS Word

When making your policy document on Microsoft Word, the recommended size to use is the legal size which is measured around 8.5 × 4 inches (or 22 × 36 cm).


Policy Sizes for Apple Pages

When creating your policy document on Apple Pages, the recommended size is measured at around 8.5″ × 13″.


Policy Sizes for Google Docs

In using Google Docs to create a policy, it is recommended you use the legal size which is 8.5 × 4 inches (or 22 × 36 cm).


Policy Sizes FAQs

What are the dimensions of policy success?

The dimensions of policy success are process, programmatic, and political.

What is the good font size of a policy?

The recommended font size for a policy is 12 points, especially for legal policy documents in particular.

What is the recommended pixel size of a policy?

The recommended pixel size of a policy is around 2550 pixels wide.

What is the ideal length of policy content?

A policy must be brief and clear, so the recommended length of the content must be around 1,500 words at most.

What are the standard policy sizes in inches?

The two standard policy sizes are 8.5″ × 11″ (US Letter) and 8.5″ × 14″ (US Legal).

What is the structure of a policy?

The structure of a policy includes the statement, the underlying values, the objectives, and the strategy to achieve said objective.

What is the printing size of a business policy?

The printing size of a business policy varies on location and type of business but they all tend to come in 17 × 22 inches.

What is the most effective size for HR Policy?

8.5 × 11 inches is the most effective size for HR policies since it provides enough space for content.

How long should a policy be?

It is recommended that policies should be a round two pages long at the very least.

How to change the policy font size on Google Docs?

To change the font size on Google Docs, move your cursor to the top side of the screen, where you can find the font size options with which to change your policy.