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When making a proposal document, it is important that the appropriate sizes should be adhered to. If you’re planning to write a proposal, it’s best that you know which size will suit the type of proposal, its specific purpose, and the extent of the content. proposal-sizes

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Proposal Sizes Standard

Whether it is a business proposal, a student research proposal, or any other type, one should take note of what the right document sizes are. Here are the standard ones that are currently in use:


The first standard proposal document size is the letter size, which measures 8.5×11 inches, or 215.9×279.4 mm. This is one of the most frequently used paper sizes, especially in the US. This is commonly used when students write a research proposal during their class or when an evaluation plan is in a proposal.


Another standard proposal document size is the legal size, which measures 8.5×14 inches or 21.59×35.56 cm. Since proposals are considered to be formal documents, the legal document size can also be adhered to along with the letter size. Typically, this is more frequently used when a proposal is to be used in a legal setting.

Proposal Sizes for Print

Proposals being printed can follow the two standard sizes which are the letter (8.5×11 inches) or legal (8.5×14 inches) size, depending on their purpose. Prior to being printed, the documents should follow the correct format as well. For example, a research proposal should follow the appropriate margins (1 inch on all sides), should adhere to the correct font size (12 pt.), and should be double-spaced.


Proposal Sizes for Business

Business proposals outline the services that a company offers plus the reason why they are the best fit for a project, and they are considered to be legal documents once the negotiation process is over and they are signed. For this particular reason, the legal size is best used, which measures 8.5×14 inches. By being a legal document, business proposals prevent disputes and help prevent any lack of clarity between the parties involved. It is also important that the right size should be followed or else this may be an embarrassing reason to get your proposal rejected.


Proposal Sizes for MS Word

Proposals can be created in different word-processing applications, and one such example is MS Word. When you open the app and select the page size, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed by the plenty of page size options that are present. But since a proposal is frequently used in a formal setting, you only need to worry about 2 sizes, which, again, are the letter size (21.59×27.94 cm) and the legal size (21.59×35.56 cm). Just make sure that when you make one, be sure to follow the right margins, the right spacing, and the right font text and size to avoid any troubles.


Proposal Sizes for Apple Pages

In the Apple operating system, Apple Pages is also one type of word-processing app that can be used to write a proposal. Similar to MS Word, there are only 2 sizes that you need to worry about, and they are the letter size (8.5×11 inches) and legal size (8.5×14 inches). To select your paper size in the Apple Pages app, go to the Documents tab, click the pop-up menu in the sidebar that shows the current paper size, and from there, you can select an option. If you want to adhere to the letter size, then choose the US Letter option, and if you want to adhere to the legal size, choose the US Legal option.


Proposal Sizes for Google Docs

Google Docs is also another viable option when you want to create a proposal document. When you compare this app to the previous two, this can be handy if you want your draft to be always automatically saved online. Similar to MS Word, when you initially set up the document, you may get overwhelmed by the number of different page options that are available. Luckily you only need to choose between two, which are the letter (215.9×279.4 mm) and the legal (215.9×355.6 mm). To select the appropriate page size, go to the File tab, select Page Setup from the drop-down menu, and you should find the Paper Size dialog box easily so you can choose between these sizes.


Proposal Sizes FAQs

What is the font size for a proposal?

The font size for a proposal largely depends on the purpose, but the suggested ones are 12pt for the main body text, 16pt for the main heading, and 13pt for the subheading.

What margin spacing should be used for a proposal?

The margin spacing that should be used when creating a proposal should be one inch on all sides of the document.

How many pages is a good proposal?

The optimal number of pages that a proposal should follow needs to be at an average of 3 pages, which can already be considered an achievement should it get approved.

How to create a perfect size proposal in Word?

To create a perfect size proposal in MS Word, select the appropriate size to be used first, which can be a letter or legal, then add the sections that you deem to be necessary, then follow the average page numbers of 3 pages.

How to calculate the size of a proposal?

To calculate the size of a proposal, perform an analysis on what purpose it will actually take and what sections are going to be needed since this can be the main determining factor of the size of the proposal that is to be made.

What is the paper size for grant proposal?

The paper size that should be followed when creating a grant proposal should be the letter size, which is 8.5×11 inches, and should be strictly followed since the grant sponsors can have the power to reject your grant proposal, which will leave your project without a grant.

What are the dimensions of a proposal template?

The dimensions of a proposal template depend on the size that is to be followed, since a Letter paper size measures 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches long, while the Legal paper size measures 8.5 inches wide and 14 inches long.

What is the perfect resolution for a proposal?

The best resolution for a proposal is 816×1056 px for standard letter sizes while it measures 816×1344 px for legal size.

How big should a proposal be?

The minimum size of a proposal document should be 2000 words, which can increase but should not exceed 7000 words.

What is the suitable length of a project proposal?

A project proposal is around 2 pages maximum with an appendix going on to the third page.