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Reports enable organizations to provide vital details and data about industry-related topics, issues, and matters. Designing a variety of report ideas and examples helps individuals to develop future forecasts and trends, create marketing plans, guide budget planning procedures, and produce accurate and viable decisions. report-ideas

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Report Ideas and Examples

Different institutions make use of reports to gather the necessary information to provide fact-based and accurate solutions and responses to specific problems. Specific reports cater to the needs and functions of an individual, group, or organization. A diverse collection of report ideas and examples are available below to help people create factual and well-researched reports.

Recruitment Report Ideas and Examples

A company uses a recruitment report to show the progress or status of the process of recruiting new hires and applicants into the corporate world. The human resources department utilizes recruitment reports to track employee progress daily, weekly, monthly, and annually, using performance indexes and grade systems. This document also determines whether an applicant can proceed to the next step in the recruitment process that involves the interview, training, and onboarding procedures.


Student Report Ideas and Examples

Elementary schools, universities, and colleges make use of student reports to communicate the grade, progress, and performance of students during classroom interactions, projects, and other school-related activities, including assignment completion. Teachers, professors, and instructors create the document weekly, monthly, and quarterly to inform and show parents and school administrators about individual or group performances. Educational institutions can use school boards to post these files and store them in file folders later on for documentation.


Survey Report Ideas and Examples

Organizations, groups, and individuals perform surveys to collect data about a particular topic or subject to better understand cultures, situations, and points of view. After collating the information from the survey, performing data analysis, and producing the final results, researchers can share the result of their findings. A survey report covers information about the survey outcome and displays a visual representation of data through infographics, tables, charts, or graphs.


Technical Report Ideas and Examples

A technical report is a formal document that conveys scientific or technical information in a clear, objective, and factual manner. This paper enables readers to understand different fields of research and areas of expertise, including agriculture, history, engineering, and sciences. Technical reports require researchers to collate facts and data and review past reports to produce high-quality and accurate paper works.


Event Report Ideas and Examples

Event reports contain diverse success metrics and other data to represent the performance of various events, including art exhibitions, game studio tours, biography writing workshops, and multimedia slide presentations for educational purposes. Individuals can generate this reports through digital word processors, listing the event date, time, location, and other information, including products sold, vendors, and audience demographics. Using a report layout can help event organizers to develop comprehensive event reports.


Corporate Report Ideas and Examples

Corporate reports are comprehensive documents that provide relevant information to stakeholders, investors, and other relevant entities about company activities and overall financial performance for annual operations. Corporate reports show the decline or increase in revenue, company projects, profitability, product concepts and introduction, and all other activities for an annual year. The format of the corporate report must have well-researched data, figures, and analyses to conceptualize a business plan.


Workplace Report Ideas and Examples

Companies use workplace reports to communicate between departments and employees, showing similarities to a memo, with having the data, sender and recipient names, and subject line. These reports also contain the same format as other reports by having a purpose statement in the introduction, discussions, conclusions, and recommendations. The content of the workplace report must be objective, clear, concise, and fact-based.


Investor Report Ideas and Examples

Investor reports are unique documents by funding managers that have a crucial role in communicating recent successes, state of finances, portfolio performance, and other relevant information that contributes to annual reports and meetings. These reports help investors in decision-making processes that lead to action maps, including trading, selling, and buying stocks on the market. Private companies have the option of producing the report only when investors request an in-depth analysis annually or bi-annually.


Executive Report Ideas and Examples

Executive and management teams are responsible for developing and producing executive reports to communicate with team members and senior management executives. Executive reports require managers to think outside the box when it comes to presenting data and facts, ensuring that the information is digestible, clear, concise, and accurate. Using a combination of colors for emphasis and using readable fonts help communicate data effectively.


Field Report Ideas and Examples

The purpose of creating a field report in the field of social sciences is to record observations about people, cultures, places, and events, analyzing the information to identify and group similar themes about a topic or subject. The content of this report stems from the observational data from the researcher. Businesses use these reports to track and analyze the overall organizational progress.



What is a good font for a report?

Most business documents use Serif fonts for their reports.

Which spacing is used throughout a report?

Businesses use a 1.5 line spacing for the reports as a standard.

What are the contents of a report?

The contents of a report include a table of contents, executive summary, introduction, discussion, conclusion, recommendations, references, and appendices.

What is a market size report?

A market size report contains a market analysis that talks about information regarding total sales revenue, forecasted number of customers, and possible sales volume.

What is table of contents in report writing?

A table of contents is an organized list that contains the headings and subheadings of the various sections of the report.

What do you mean by building report?

A building report is a document comprising a detailed property survey through a licensed property surveyor.

What is the outline of a report?

A report outline is an ordered list containing the main topics and ideas of the report.

Who prepares the audit report?

An internal auditor or an external independent auditor prepares the audit report of an organization.

What data should HR report on?

An HR report contains information and data about human resource metrics, including turnover rates, costs-per-hire, time tracking, training and development, and recruitment.

What is the purpose of a marketing report?

The purpose of creating a marketing report is to understand if the marketing strategies a company implements are effective for the growth and development of the organization and how the business can further benefit from them.

Which key is used to print a report?

The keys to press to print a report is Ctrl + P for Microsoft Word and Google Docs, and ⌘ + P for Apple Pages.

What is a conclusion in report writing?

An individual writes the conclusion to reinforce the primary message of the report.